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My Experience With Data Services Out Of Harare Over The Holidays

Have you ever experienced something so spectacular your breath is literally taken away? However as you enjoy the marvel you kind of pause for a moment and the wonder is replaced by despair and anger. Despair and anger because in that moment you realize that you will have to go back to your ordinary and […]

LTE coverage in Zimbabwe triples in 12 months as Econet & NetOne invest in broadband coverage

Between October 2015 and October 2016, the number of LTE base stations across Zimbabwe increased by 343% as Econet and NetOne, the country’s largest and second-largest mobile network operators expanded their mobile broadband coverage.

100,000 new connections registered for LTE as Econet outpaces NetOne in its national rollout

is moved the total of active LTE connections to 124,179 up from a previous 26,185 connections. That’s almost 100,000 new LTE subscribers in 3 months. This increase is easily explained by the aggressive investment and promotion of LTE services from the two networks that have committed to 4G/LTE investments; Econet and NetOne.

Telecel to introduce LTE in 2016, downplays the service’s immediate relevance in Zim

According to Angeline Vere, the CEO of Telecel, the operator has been piloting LTE in parts of Zimbabwe and will be activating it in the first part of 2016. However, she pointed out that the service isn’t immediately relevant in Zimbabwe because of a limited smartphone penetration.

NetOne takes lead on national LTE rollout, now has 45 active base stations

State-owned Mobile Operator, NetOne has taken the lead in LTE rollout with 45 base stations active throughout Zimbabwe and another 15 set for activation in the short term. What is the operator’s strategy and will it be any better than what Econet has tried?

What does Zimbabwe’s insignificant smartphone penetration mean?

The smartphone penetration rate in Zimbabwe is approximately 15% which actually means that about 85% of all mobile communication in Zimbabwe is largely through dumb phones (mbudzi) and feature phones. These are some humbling statistics in terms of what it actually means for developments in broadband.

Forbes 30 under 30, Liquid VoIP, EcoCash, Twenty Third Century Systems: Podcast

Here’s our weekly podcast which touched on the latest to happen in tech in the past week like the 2 Zimbabwean techies on Forbes Africa’s list, the new mobile operator that a local consortium wants to set up and EcoCash Diaspora in South Africa.

4th mobile operator on the cards as Shingi Munyeza consortium plans LTE network

A group of local investors that include former Telecel Zimbabwe CEO Francis Mawindi and former African Sun CEO, Dr Shingi Munyeza is set to launch a 4G/LTE network by the end of the year. This is meant to provide competition to existing players like Econet, NetOne and Telecel, while also entering the Pay TV services arena.

NetOne’s bold $200 million ambitions: How will the mobile operator meet this target?

  “Ambition should be made of sterner stuff.” That ought to be etched on every business manager’s wall, especially before setting targets and making projections. All industry captains have to keep in mind the fact that whatever goals are set need to be met with an equal amount of elbow grease. Which is true, even for […]

Where are we now with LTE in Zimbabwe?

4G/LTE always gets people in telecoms excited, and for good reason. Faster connections and efficient networks are everything. Even though it has been singled out globally as the mobile tech advancement that should come front and centre in a mobile world that will be all about better mobile internet, the uptake of 4G on the local front is […]