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ZTE and MTN partner to launch indoor 5G router in South Africa

ZTE Corporation has launched its first 5G router (CPE MC801 A) in South Africa. This launch comes in collaboration with MTN, the router will support the latest Wi-Fi 6 and will allow multiple users to use it simultaneously. ZTE’s 5G router supports NSA (Non-standalone) & SA (standalone) 5G networks which are in line with 4G […]

MTN launches 5G in 3 South African provinces

MTN SA has deployed and launched its new 5G network in 3 South African provinces, i.e Gauteng, Western Cape and Free State. Before you get all hyped, the majority of the 5G being deployed will be the slower lower band 5G. We explained the differences between the existing 5G standards before, so check that out […]

UK Gives Into Pressure & Limits Huawei’s Role In 5G Network

In January, the UK announced that they would allow Huawei to build out parts of their 5G network. Before this announcement was made, the USA had warned that UK adopting Huawei’s technology as part of their roll-out would compromise the US-UK relationship since the US regards Huawei as a security threat. At the time it […]

US Might Work With Huawei On 5G Network After All

Whilst US-China relations are still not patched up it seems the USA is softening its stance on a Huawei-enabled 5G rollout. After repeatedly urging other countries such as the UK, and France not to use Huawei equipment as they roll out their 5G network, the US Department of Commerce is ready to sign off on […]

Zim Telecoms Regulator Dismisses 5G-Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

The Director-General of POTRAZ Dr Gift Machengete has become one of the many voices urging consumers to dismiss claims that 5G is the reason behind Coronavirus spread. Machengete’s message dismisses 5G as a conspiracy theory and warns Zimbabweans planning on vandalizing network infrastructure that they will be jailed for a minimum of ten years. The […]

[Video] No. Corona Virus Is Not A Cover For 5G

A message has been circulating on WhatsApp claiming that there is a relation between COVID_19 and 5G. Some even go on to say COVID-19 is a cover-up for 5G health issues. In this video we take a look at what is fact and what is not. Sources: WHO COVID-19ITU 5GWHO Wireless Communication Health Effects Quick […]

Coronavirus, 5G And Misinformation

We’ve talked about fake news a number of times and as with anything topical, there is a lot of misinformation emerging when it comes to the Coronavirus. Interestingly, one of the more fascinating theories that is gaining ground is that the virus is caused by 5G. Yuhp, the network infrastructure. It seems the theory has […]

Huawei Allowed To Build UKs 5G Network Despite American Threats

The UK has finally made its decision regarding whether or not Huawei will be a part of its 5G network and it seems the decision will definitely increase tensions between the US and the UK. Huawei will be allowed to build non-core elements of UK’s 5G network. Whilst high-risk vendors such as Huawei and ZTE […]

US Tells Britain If You Let Huawei In, We Are Out

The United States wants to use Britain’s anxiety regarding post-Brexit trade partnerships as a way to influence the country to cut ties with telecoms company Huawei. The telecommunications company which Britain allowed to be part of their 5G network roll-out, is accused of being unsafe by the USA and with US Secretary of State suggesting […]

[Video] Not All 5G Is The Same

2019 is when 5G became accessible to the masses with introduction of midrange offerings that were 5G enabled. But there isn’t 1 standard for 5G as you shall see in this video. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code […]

Samsung Sold 54% Of 5G Devices In 2019

Whilst 5G isn’t a widespread technology by any means yet it seems the appetite for 5G compatible phones is already pretty high – Samsung managed to sell 6.7 million 5G enabled smartphones in 2019. This figure is over 50% higher than the 4 million units Samsung expected to sell. In total Samsung launched 6 devices […]

SA’s Data-Only Network Rain Launches First Commercial 5G Network In Africa

[Image Source:] Rain a South African mobile network operator is the first African telecoms operator to launch a 5G network with their 5G wireless home broadband service. Rain’s offering right now consists of a single uncapped package for R1000/month in select areas within Jo-burg and Pretoria at the time of launch. During this year […]

Indian Telcos Having Cold Feet Over Huawei Because Of Security Concerns

[Image Source: New Era Tech] Reliance Jio, Bhati Airtel and Vodafone Idea are all said to be considering passing on Huawei in the core elements of their 5G network in order to “hedge risks against any future ban on Chinese equipment manufacturers in India”. The Core network (aka backbone in some instances) usually offers Aggregation, […]

UK Changes Stance On Safety Of Huawei’s 5G Equipment

In February Huawei got some good press after the UK announced they wouldn’t be banning use of 5G equipment from the Chinese company as they felt they could limit the risks of using Huawei’s equipment. It seems the UK is now shifting the goal posts slightly as a report by the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation […]

5G Is Going To Disrupt Many Industries, Here Are Some Of Them

As you may know by now, 5G is the next-gen (or is now the current gen?) of wireless tech which is expected to offer new consumer and business with near real-time connectivity. For the last decade (half a decade for us in Zim) the rest of the world has enjoyed 4G connection and with these […]

Researchers Discover 4G & 5G Security Flaws That Can Reveal Your Location

A group of university researchers have found three major security flaws in 4G and 5G technology which could allow hackers to access your location, intercepting phone calls and targeted phishing attacks. What’s most alarming about these flaws is that the can be exploited using radio equipment worth $200. Not RTGS$ but actual US dollars. How […]

Press Release: Huawei Releases The “Simplified 5G” Deployment Strategy

Image: Peter Zhou, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Wireless Solution [Hong Kong, China, February 21, 2019] Huawei released the “Simplified 5G” deployment strategy at the pre-MWC 2019 briefing in London. Huawei believes that network simplification, automation, and business simplification will become the development direction of mobile networks in the future. We are in a new historical […]

American Network Provider Lies To Customers With Fake 5G Network Icons

5G is on the horizon and with that being the case, network providers all over the world are trying their level best to be the first ones out of the gate with the new technology. Some networks are in fact trying so hard that they are slightly bending the truth and misleading customers as to […]

Is 5G Relevant For Africa Yet?

With global 5G rollout gathering momentum, the question of whether Africa is ready for the transition to 4G’s successor is dependent on various factors that could cause a delay in the integration of 5G in the continent. Back in January, South African mobile operator MTN and Ericsson announced Africa’s first 5G technology and applications trial. […]

Podcast On AfricaCom 2018 Covering Artificial Intelligence, A Smart Feature Phone, Startups And 5G

From 13 – 15 November, AfricaCom 2018 was held at the Cape Town International Convention Center. What did the 21st edition of Africa’s largest telecoms conference have in store for delegates? Here are some of our highlights from the event covering artificial intelligence, a smart feature phone, startup funding and 5G in Africa. Quick NetOne, […]

Here Is The Most Topical Technology So Far At AfricaCom 2018

One thing that’s topical here at AfricaCom is the incoming 5th Generation network (5G). 5G is primed to offer greatly increased bandwidth, dramatically faster download speeds, and instant response. But 5G is much more because it rewrites the rules on how mobile connectivity is delivered. Where is 5G coming from and where it is going? […]

[Press Release] AfricaCom 2018: Telcos Creating Value In New, Unprecedented Ways

London, 3 September 2018 – Whether your focus is on 5G, policy and regulatory frameworks that are going to enable communications, ICT investment, new revenue streams or accelerating the spread of digital connectivity throughout sub-Saharan Africa, AfricaCom 2018 – 13 to 15 November at the CTICC in Cape Town, South Africa – will be the place to be […]

Supa Mandiwanzira Is Right; We Are Not Yet Ready For 5G And We Won’t Be Anytime Soon

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ended a week ago and one of the major focuses this year was 5G. The fifth generation of broadband cellular network technology, succeeding 4G is expected to launch in the US by the end of this year. Europe, Japan, South Korea will adopt the technology in 2019 and China in 2020. MTN […]

The First 5G Trial In Africa Hits 20Gbps, 1000x Faster Than Econet’s 4G

MTN South Africa conducted a 5G technology and applications trial at its head office in Johannesburg in partnership with Ericsson. 5G refers to fifth generation mobile networks or wireless networks.  The two companies are collaborating on the rollout of 5G technologies in South Africa. The trial, which was part of their 5G demonstration as well as […]

How I Taught my 6-year old Daughter about 5G and Self-Driving Cars

This story first appeared on GC Diaries blog (reshared with permission) I was driving my family to church last Sunday morning when, like in most boardrooms today,  my daughter and I struck a conversation about 5G. It went like this: Eliecia: Daddy, what would it be like if the car could drive itself so you […]

Desperate for good news, NetOne fantasizes about 5G?

NetOne’s CEO Reward Kangai has been quoted talking about the network’s plans to have a 5G network. It’s way too early to be talking about it, seeing that it’s not yet a reality and we haven’t even gotten to 4G throughout Zimbabwe. There are a lot of other things Netone should focus on, like maximising on OTT services, instead of selling this fantasy.

From devices to Africa’s internet, this stood out from Mobile World Congress 2015

The best and loudest in mobile tech wrapped things up last night at the Mobile World Congress 2015 as the mega expo came to an end. The latest in tech was unveiled, hinted at, flashed and discussed in this past week and we got a feel of what the world of mobile will be buzzing about this […]

Broadlands narrowing in on 5G?

Going over reports from the ICT global conference held in Harare last week, we came across something that made us stop. It’s a report published by “The Zimbabwean” that basically says Broadlands Networks is preparing to launch a 5G network. Here’s an extract from the report: