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Tag: Acquisition

NSSA speaks on Telecel deal: It’s about the cashflow & mobile money for pensions

In an update released yesterday by Zimbabwe’s social security firm, NSSA, the chairman, Robin Vela said they had found Telecel too attractive an investment to pass over given the “nature of the entity”. The chairman said “there are some opportunities whose timing required immediate consideration” and Telecel had been one of them. “The cashflow generation capacity of Telecel Zimbabwe […]

No BBM this week as BlackBerry struggles with leaked version.. Acquisition!

Now three days after the promised launch date, BlackBerry has come out to say its facing serious challenges launching BBM on Android and iPhones. A A challenge serious enough the company has ruled out launching this week. “This will take some time and I do not anticipate launching this week” said the head of BBM […]

Techzim Interviews: ZOL CEO David Behr on acquisition by Liquid

We had the opportunity to speak to ZOL CEO, David Behr on his company’s recent acquisition by the Liquid Telecommunications Group. In the interview he talks about why they sold to Liquid, what this means for ZOL going forward in terms of independence of the ISP and service delivery to customers. Below is a transcript of the interview.