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Tag: Addiction

Google’s New Experimental Apps Will Make You Less Addicted To Your Phone

Google recently released a number of new apps under the “wellness experiments” banner and the 3 apps are supposed to improve our relationship with our phones. They’re supposed to make our phones less addictive. I installed 2 of the apps and they’re pretty interesting. Post box helps you minimize distractions, by holding your notifications until […]

Autoplaying Online Videos Might Soon Be Banned In The US

Outside of publishers and advertisers, it’s not exactly clear who likes autoplaying videos. Consumers of web pages don’t seem to like them that much but somehow they’ve stuck around for a couple of years now. This could soon change if a bill proposed in Congress gets passed. The Smart (Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology) Act […]

Google’s Digital Wellbeing Feature Is A Great Way To See Which Apps Are Taking Up Your Time

Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature got a lot of slack when it started rolling out. Many doubted it’s effectiveness (myself included) but now, having used the application I can safely say it’s genuinely useful. On Sunday I updated my phone to the latest version of Android (Android 9 P for the uninitiated) and later on that […]

Facebook notifications are addictive, and meaningless

I once read an interesting book by Charles Duhigg which explores how habits and addictions are formed. First there is the cue, which triggers an action, which results in a reward. Unfortunately, it appears the fine software engineers at Facebook have read the same research as Mr Duhigg, if not his book. Observe yourself next […]