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TelOne Announces New Broadband Tariffs Coming Into Effect In November

TelOne –like ZOL– is revising their broadband packages this coming month. It seems all players in the industry from mobile providers to residential and office providers have decided to change their packages in one go. TelOne’s residential packages are now priced as follows: SME broadband packages are nor priced as follows: Finally, public wifi pricing […]

TelOne Apologises For Service Disruption

TelOne subscribers in parts of Harare have been experiencing intermittent connection problems and TelOne has come out and acknowledged the issues. They have also promised a fix soon. TelOne apologies for the downtime currently being experience for both voice and internet servicesin Borrowdale, Highlands and parts of Avondale due to a technical glitch. Our Engineers […]

Villagers Dig Up TelOne Fibre Cables Out Of Curiosity

When you hear that cabling has been dug, you usually suspect that there has been a case of theft. For TelOne ,however, some of their fibre optic cables along the Harare-Beitbridge Highway were dug up by villagers. It turns out the cables were not stolen but actually dug up by curious villagers. TelOne’s Head of […]

Telone Granted Broadcasting License

As easy as 123, the state-owned telecommunications company, Telone has been awarded a Video On Demand (VOD) broadcasting license by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). Video on demand (VOD) is an interactive TV technology that allows subscribers to view programming in real time or download programs and view them later. The VOD license is […]

The number of fixed telephone lines has increased, why?

So according to the POTRAZ Q2 report, active fixed telephone lines increased by 3.7% from 257,626 to 267,034. And since TelOne is a monopoly (literally) in this field, it follows that we can use it to explain these changes. Active fixed telephone lines as far as POTRAZ is concerned, are those that have been used […]

TelOne to alert customers of their internet usage through SMS notifications

During my first month of using home wifi, I wasn’t well versed on what activities would exhaust my data. I was just told “don’t download” and likewise I avoided it as much as I could. My wifi also had a lot of downtime, so much that I grew weary of calling my ISP to fix […]

ZOL ‘reduces’ fibre prices. Introduces cheaper Night Owl browsing #FibroniksFast

If you have tried to buy ZOL fibre you’ve probably made your market comparisons and found that the $29 for 15GB a month was probably not the best deal on the market. Not the best deal ofcourse assuming there was another provider that had fibre installed on your street. Or maybe even that maybe fibre just wasn’t affordable enough for you yet. […]

ADSL and Fiber internet subscription growth down by up to 48%, impact of Zimbabwe’s economic conditions?

Recently we wrote on ZOL chasing TelOne’s ADSL market in its quest for growth & dominance. This has been characterized by the very public ad war between the two companies which we feel is slowly becoming an eyesore. Nonetheless, thanks to POTRAZ’s recently released 2016 Q2 Sectoral report we have been able to ascertain the state of Zimbabwe’s ADSL and […]

Exclusive: Techzim Interviews TelOne Chairman, Charles Shamu. TelOne plans, LTE, Infrastructure sharing

Recently we had the opportunity to interview the TelOne chairman, Charles Shamu. We spoke about TelOne’s ADSL business, the fibre, it’s subscribers, the issue of infrastructure sharing and TelOne’s plans to enter the mobile data market this year. Below is the interview: Soul Kabweza: We notice the emphasis now on Fibre at the expense of […]

TelOne seeks relevance in mobile, eyes converged services launch in 2017

However, TelOne won’t be eyeing the same market as NetOne. According to Mutasa, as a unified service provider, their concern will be to offer mobile services to TelOne fixed services subscribers. This means the option for an LTE mobile service that is tied to an existing TelOne account that a subscriber can access when they are mobile.

Here’s a comparison of Zimbabwean internet packages

With a lot of people seeking a full comparison of what their money can get them we created a page that offers a comparison of Zimbabwean internet services. The options are listed according to the service provider as well as the type of internet (3G, ADSL, Fibre, VSAT, WiMAX).

TelOne doubles ADSL data caps. Closes billing system data leakage hole

Starting this month, TelOne has doubled the amount of data on its capped ADSL packages, making their internet even cheaper for subscribers looking for home internet. The new rates are as follows:

I fear infrastructure sharing …

Here’s an opinion on why the Infrastructure Sharing arrangement that is being rolled out for Zimbabwean Telecoms should be feared, or at the very least, accepted with caution.

2015 is all about broadband: How TelOne is positioning itself as an internet company

An article published today by the Source has qouted TelOne’s managing director, Chipo Mtasa, highlighting an anticipated growth revenue of 4% in 2015 for the fixed telecoms operator. Mtasa referenced the plans TelOne has which are focused on network expansion while improving client services systems and expanding broadband connectivity. There was also mention of expanding […]

TelOne introduces ADSL prepaid scratch cards

TelOne, Zimbabwe’s sole fixed line operator, has just announced the introduction of physical prepaid recharge cards for their ADSL broadband service. The recharge cards come in $25, $45, $85 and $160 denominations which have data caps of 10GB, 25GB, 50GB and unlimited data respectively. We expected the different cards to have uniform speeds but a contact at the company tells us this […]

TelOne removes ADSL internet speed expectations for home users

If you are a TelOne ADSL home user you may want to know that TelOne doesn’t want you to associate your internet package with any expected speed anymore. On the company’s website, the home packages are now showing without the download/upload speed indication. Essentially, whatever speed you’re getting, that’s just it. See website screenshot above. On why they are […]

TelOne reduces ADSL prices and adjusts data caps

State telecoms subsidiary TelOne recently reduced its ADSL prices and adjusted the data packages to offer a more appealing suite of internet services. Effective from the 8th of July 2014 the basic package with a 10 GB data cap now goes for $25 down from $31. The second package, called Silver, has been reduced to […]

A different TelOne? Is Chipo Mutasa succeeding with TelOne turn-around?

Back in 2011 I told a tale of TelOne taking a long painful 3 months and 21 days after application just to install ADSL at my home. And even then, it seemed, my ranting about it may have helped. If you have needed ADSL over the past year, you probably noticed the situation has changed […]

TelOne announces $80 million outstanding bill cancellation

TelOne, the country’s sole fixed line operator, announced today that they have cancelled debts of residential customers amounting $80 million. Each customer will have a total of $257.82 credited to their account. The debt cancellation follows similar moves by other parastatals – ZESA (national power company) and come city councils – in recent months. In […]

Here’s why your TelOne ADSL service has been very slow lately

Over the past couple of days users of TelOne’s ADSL broadband service have complained that the internet’s been very slow, erratic and, in some cases no internet at all to speak of. We contacted TelOne to establish what the problem is and the company says they (well, their partner in Mozambique) suffered a service failure and they had to reroute internet traffic to some not so good routes.

Review: The Econet 3G mobile Wi-Fi device

Close to two weeks ago, we received a test unit of the Econet Huawei mobile Wi-Fi device for review. Being a small operation ourselves, we decided to start using it as our primary office connection since then so that we speak about the reliability, stability, speed and other things from a point of actually having needed to rely on it.

TelOne appoints Chipo Mtasa new Managing Director

Information reaching us suggests that TelOne is about to announce the appointment of Chipo Mtasa as new managing director of the company. Mtasa will take over from acting MD, Hampton Mhlanga who, according to our sources, will resume his substantive post of Technical Director of the fixed line operator and internet provider.

TelOne ADSL subscribers angry over abrupt disconnections

Irate ADSL subscribers around the country have been contacting us to express their anger with TelOne over ADSL internet disconnections that started about 3 weeks ago. The disconnections are part of the TelOne’s migration to a prepaid platform that we first wrote about here on 2 November.

Here are some details about TelOne’s new billing system #AfricaCom

About 2 weeks ago, we wrote about TelOne’s switching from the uncapped but throttled model of billing to a prepaid capped one for the ADSL product. The previous model was not something of their choosing; the circumstance that forced it on them was the lack of a proper billing system to measure data allocation and capping.

TelOne switches ADSL service to prepaid, enforces data capping

If you’re a TelOne ADSL customer, then you probably know that TelOne wasn’t enforcing your ADSL package data cap. That is, say you were paying for the US $30 Basic package that has a data cap of 10GB, it was really unlimited; you could literally use 1TB of data if you wanted, without an issue. Well, that honeymoon […]

TelOne introduces SHDSL service

TelOne, Zimbabwe’s sole fixed lined telephone operator, yesterday announced the introduction of an SHDSL service. SHDSL, short for Single-pair High-speed Digital Subscriber Line, is a variant of the DSL technology which, so far, TelOne had only offered via ADSL. The essential difference between SHDSL and ADSL is the bandwidth capacity allocated to upstream (from the […]

Current ADSL coverage in Zimbabwe (listing of cities and towns)

Along with the announcement of the availability of backhaul fibre connectivity, posted by TelOne today the company also posted an update on the locations in Zimbabwe that can now access ADSL services. The update also has the rollout plan for cities and towns that that don’t have the service yet. We separated it from the […]

TelOne increases ADSL subscribers to 8,600 in 6 months

In December last year, TelOne revealed that it had only connected some 2,600 subscribers to the ADSL since it launched the service earlier in the year. The growth has been slow. And a report yesterday shows things are still moving a bit too slowly in the ADSL division of the state owned fixed line operator. […]

TelOne rolls out ADSL Internet in Mutare, Marondera and Gweru

TelOne Acting MD, Lawrence Nkala, revealed in an article posted by the Sunday News this week that TelOne has expanded ADSL services to more cities and towns successfully. The new locations that now have ADSL internet are Mutare, Marondera and Gweru. This is addition to Harare and Bulawayo, the capital city and second largest respectively, that have had ADSL since last year. TelOne is also reportedly working to introduce the internet service in Norton, Chegutu, Kadoma, Kwekwe and Victoria Falls.

How much the price of internet connectivity can reduce in one year

A year ago, US $50 per month unlimited broadband was only offered by one internet provider, the state owned PowerTel. Many would argue doesn’t really ‘need’ to make money. It wasn’t the best internet in town, largely because of congestion issues, but PowerTel afforded many small businesses and middle income earners an opportunity to have their own internet connection for the first time. The rest of the providers had prices north of $100 for any type broadband, forget unlimited.