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[Update] ZimLive Now Accepts Donations – Local Media Companies Continue Search For Perfect Business Model

If you’re an avid ZimLive reader you would have noticed that the online publication accepts donations by now. Similar to The Guardian which places a plea for donation at the end of each article, ZimLive is asking its readers to spare what they can to help improve the quality of content they output. Why donations? […]

Off-Facebook Activity Tool Allows You To Stop Sharing Data With Facebook

I’m pretty sure many of you didn’t know that Facebook can see your web activity. Because it can, in some instances you might buy something online, and those details are shared with Facebook and then you see an advert of something similar whilst scrolling through Facebook. Creepy… Anyway, Facebook has a new tool called Off-Facebook […]

Twitter No Longer Accepting Ads From State Media Outlets

Twitter recently updated its advertising policy and one of the most topical changes is the tech giant’s decision to no longer accept adverts from state media news entities: Today, we are updating our advertising policies with respect to state media. Going forward, we will not accept advertising from state-controlled news media entities. Any affected accounts […]

WhatsApp Adds “Share To Facebook” Option

WhatsApp has added a “Share to Facebook” function that I’m finding a bit baffling (in its current form) if I’m 100% honest with you. The feature allows you to long press on a message and share the message to Facebook. It’s not exactly clear to me what the point of this is but it’s already […]

Ads Coming To WhatsApp Statuses In 2020

When Facebook bought WhatsApp for 19 billion back in 2014 a lot of people were baffled as to why Facebook would spend so much money on an app that had no business model. Though WhatsApp didn’t have a clear business model, they had a bucket load of users and it seems like Facebook might reap […]

Online Adverts Can Be Annoying, We Are Making Them Better For You, Help Us

First things first: no we are not removing adverts on Techzim, not yet anyway. However we do agree that ads can be annoying and we want to make the experience better for you on Techzim. Why are ads annoying? One (but not the only) reason why ads are annoying is that a number of times […]

Adspace Wants To Simplify How People Advertise Their Products/Services And They Have A Great Tool

Adspace has set their sights on a goal. They set out to make the process of looking for an advertisement service provider through to launching an actual campaign much easier. With this in mind, they are now providing an “automated advertisement channel”. Their service is already available in 3 countries and they plan to expand to […]

This Search Engine Plants Trees For Searches You Perform While Browsing

At Techzim we rarely get a chance to speak about global warming or deforestation, or all the potential catastrophes that might befall us, as this rarely ties in with what we actually focus on. I was glad when I stumbled upon Ecosia; a search engine that plants trees based on searches that you perform using […]

Facebook Caught Collecting Data Again; This Will Not End Well

Cambridge Analytica scandal was a huge deal and though Facebook apologised and promised reforms and repentance, they keep getting caught with their pants down. 14 million private posts went public without the users consent. It was also revealed that Facebook had been sharing personal user information with Chinese smartphone users; and if you know anything […]

Google Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Apps On The Play Store

When Facebook announced that they would be allowing cryptocurrency advertisements back on Facebook, I thought Google would follow suit and bring back the ads to Google ads as well. My thinking at the  time was, “Google and Facebook are rivals when it comes to advertising. Google will probably follow suit so that Facebook doesn’t take […]

Facebook Hits U-Turn On Cryptocurrency Ads

In January this year, Facebook banned cryptocurrency and ICO adverts on its platform. At the time Facebook cited that “there are many companies who are advertising binary options, ICOs and cryptocurrencies that are not currently operating in good faith.” At that time Facebook had said they would revisit the policy and I guess Facebook’s has […]

Facebook Might Offer An Ad-Free Experience In The Future: Would You Pay For Facebook?

You are probably aware of the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal that has been clouding Facebook over the past few weeks. The scandal has had massive effects which we will talk about in this article but most interestingly, Facebook has been looking at whether they can offer an ad-free version of their social network. If someday […]

National Rugby Team Going Digital: To Stream On Facebook And YouTube

The Zimbabwe Rugby Union will be launching a YouTube channel for the national rugby team, AKA, the sables. Sables TV is being launched just in time for supporters to follow the Rugby World Cup qualifying campaign that’s starting in June. What exactly will they be streaming? The channels will be showcasing rugby related things including: […]

Adverts are coming to Facebook Messenger

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that they will be rolling out advertisements globally to their mobile messaging application – Messenger. The feature was already available but only in Australia and Thailand as it is still in its testing phase. After getting good feedback, the company has decided to roll out the update to everyone using […]

Zimbabwe’s stock image problem… or what ZOL, OneFusion, EcoCash & Telecel have in common…

The lack of appeal that litters a lot of the marketing campaigns in Zimbabwe is all thanks to a shocking trend that seems to have become the norm. This trend is the use of stock images which is now so rampant in marketing campaigns it is just embarrassing, to say the least. Stock images are […]

Advertising industry relaunches Standards Authority. About self regulation and a cure for Prejudice

On Monday I attended the re-launch of the Advertising Standards Authority. It was great for me to attend for four chief reasons: (1) A lady called Odette van der Haar  (2) I learnt a lot about self regulation within an industry (3) Attending cured me of a prejudice I had (4) The food of course. […]

Zimbabwe ads industry reintroduces Advertising Standards Authority

This week we received information that the local advertising industry is finally reintroducing a self-regulating association. Called the Advertising Standards Authority of Zimbabwe (ASAZIM), it was active until the late 90s when it became somewhat dormant. The concept of ASA is quite standard globally. Its role is to ensure, among other things, ethics in advertising. Stuff that […]

WhatsApp to “sell” your phone number to Facebook for advertising

A move long suspected WhatsApp would make after the acquisition by Facebook was to start sharing its data with Facebook so users could be targeted with ads. When it was acquired, both Facebook and WhatsApp however said this would not happen. WhatsApp’s long held negative views on advertising, and strong views on the importance of privacy seemed to be the […]

6 ways to monetize your website without a sea of ads

After realising the unfavourable effects of ads on user experience and data consumption, I found it necessary to investigate alternative ways an online publication can monetize their website. Yes, it is possible to let go of Google AdSense (pay per click), banners and pop-ups and go ad-free. The ad-free diet doesn’t have to be full blown, […]

Google joins ad fight, looks to punish websites with invasive pop up ads

image credit: Google recently announced that it will be punishing mobile websites that have interstitial ads as of January, 2017. Interstitial ads are ads that show or “pop-up” while the actual web page is downloading or in the background. image credit: Google plans to punish the websites practicing this form of advertising by […]

TelOne and ZOL go at each via adverts… which one is cleverer? (Update)

It’s always entertaining when companies cleverly use adverts to diss & make fun of each other, the ads by ZOL and TelOne in the past weeks (and today) were a welcome refreshment from daily Zim doom and gloom. ZOL started it with these billboards in the past week or so:   And yesterday, TelOne hit back with this: […]

Facebook will rule messaging with WhatsApp acquisition. Google has lost

So it’s finally happened. Facebook is acquiring WhatsApp. And it’s for a staggering $16 billion dollars. That means one thing only; Facebook is officially the king of messaging leaving rivals; – the big one being Google – in the dust. And it’s not just messaging. They have become the king of apps too generally. Facebook […]

Twitter creating ‘pictureful’ advertising real estate with Facebook-like design?

So it’s quite interesting that Twitter is testing out another new design for their web client. Also very interesting that they are looking to make Twitter look more like the dominant social connections networks, Facebook and Google+. But even more interesting is why they’d want to departure so boldly from the Twitter one column news […]

Here’s an article every Zimbabwean marketer must read. Why spend more offline?

Print media is not going away any time soon, but the writing is on the wall, where the future of publishing is. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop where local marketing expert, Benjamin Juru, was presenting on the shift to digital media for local (hell, global) marketers. He spoke about the numbers […]

With 200,000 local users, should local firms be looking to advertise on Linkedin?

Just yesterday we got a call from an associate asking how he could advertise on Linkedin. Our initial reaction was why would someone in Zimbabwe want to advertise on Linkedin when Facebook offers a wider audience. Infact, we initially we thought it was not even possible to advertise on Linkedin from Zimbabwe. Linkedin is the […]

Facebook opens up: Now you can target Zimbabwe on Facebook

If you have tried to target Zimbabweans with Facebook ads in the past, (because social is king of audience numbers right now, and Facebook is right there at the top) you probably found, much to your disappointment, that Facebook wouldn’t let it.

Apps giveaway: What’s uncool about this ZOL advert?

Every now and again, people encounter strange stuff and are kind enough to send us a tip or ask us to investigate further. A kind reader did exactly that with the ZOL advert above that’s been running in the newspapers for at least 2 days now. There’s something quite uncool about this ad. Hint: it’s the kind of thing that will keep potential customers away.

Our Christmas give-away to Zimbabwean startups: 1 month free advertising

For a while now we’ve been thinking about how we can provide some startup friendly advertising opportunities on Techzim. We get roughly an average of 6,000 page views a day and we know that could help a Zimbabwean mobile or web startup company get word out there about their great new service. But we also have to pay bills here so we can’t exactly invite startups to free advertising party.

Unsurprisingly, newspaper readership in Zimbabwe keeps declining

It’s not surprising really. The writing appeared on the wall years ago. And the translation handed down just as far back. While physical newspapers will not die anytime soon, the consumer of news is moving on. To the internet. Today, local daily newspapers The Herald and The Daily News published the results of the Zimbabwe […]

Seizing an opportunity: Telecel’s response to the Econet & NetOne fight

So what do you do when you two business rivals start fighting? No, you don’t sit back and watch! You seize the opportunity! You explain to the market why it’s a smart idea for them to just ditch your two rivals and join your network! Gotta give it to them! thanks KSPD. Quick NetOne, Econet, […]