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African Development Bank Launches Coding Platform For Kids

African Development Bank recently launched the Coding for Employment platform in partnership with Microsoft. The online tool will be used to provide digital skills to African youths all over the continent. The platform was launched at the 2019 African Economic Conference in Egypt and one of the major aims is to scale it up across […]

{Press Release} Building A New Zimbabwe”, A Flagship Report Launched By The African Development Bank

Harare, Zimbabwe, 15 November 2018 – The African Development Bank (AfDB) has launched a flagship economic report on Zimbabwe, titled: “Building a new Zimbabwe: Targeted policies for growth and job creation” which aims to support renewal and transformation of the country. Prepared by the Bank Group’s Economic Governance and Knowledge Management Vice-Presidency, the report was presented […]

African Development Bank Could Go With You To Korea Just For Writing Your Dream Of Africa

Every year the African Development Bank (AfDB) holds what they call their annual meetings to bring together business, governments, civil society, academia and media people to discuss and debate on African development issues and to discuss the performance of the AfDB itself. This year’s annual meeting will be held in Busan Korea from 22 to […]