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Microsoft’s Model Suggests 8 Steps For Businesses To Successfully Implement AI

Microsoft developed the AI 360° model to help companies trying to adopt artificial intelligence get the most out of the technology. The model was designed with 3 primary uses in mind: As a strategic model for guiding investment in AI To support digital transformation planning To identify where AI is currently being implemented in your […]

Microsoft’s Sketch2Code Turns Whiteboard Sketches Into Code

I’m not a coder so I’m not entirely in-the-know when it comes to coder workflows but what I do know is that a significant portion of guys and girls who code value their whiteboard. That’s where a portion of the magic happens apparently. According to Microsoft what happens on the whiteboard needs to get translated […]

Applications For 2020 Facebook AI Residency Program Open

Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Residency Program is a one-year research training position designed to give participants hands-on experience with artificial intelligence research while working in Facebook AI. The program will pair you with an AI Researcher and Engineer who will both guide your project. With the team, you will pick a research problem of mutual […]

Finland Offers Its National AI Course Globally & Free

I mean we’ve heard it all. Everyone’s saying it. AI is going to take over the world and you need to have some understanding of it if you want to ensure you’re safe when jobs get lost because of the impacts of AI and blah blah blah… If you’re interested in learning about AI for […]

Mission 2030: Achieving Innovation Led Economic Growth

It’s high time we articulate a proper path for the future of this country and decide where we want to be competitively. Government needs to figure out ways it can deliver innovation-led economic growth that is both sustainable and equitable. But first and foremost we have to abandon this old idea that the government should […]

Algorithms That Detect Hate Speech On Social Media Could Be Biased Against Black People

What happens when Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t so ethical? These are questions that have been asked before but we haven’t necessarily had to answer those questions until now… Two recent studies have shown that AI trained to identify hate-speech contains racial biases. One study showed that leading AI models used to process hate speech are […]

Local “Artificial Intelligence For Business” Course To Be Held In September

Information technology and software services company Softclick Investments is hosting an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business course from the 24th of September to 26 October at Batanai Gardens. The course is supposed to provide “practical, comprehensive training that enables participants to immediately and effectively partake in enterprise AI projects.” Who is the course for? The […]

CashBot Promises To Save You As Much As 62% On EcoCash Charges

If you go to the Google Play Store and search for CashBot you’ll be met with a pretty humble description that doesn’t fully explain the impact of this application. The store description reads: The CashBot app allows you to save money when transacting on Mobile Money in Zimbabwe. Our algorithms find the optimum amounts you […]

African Data Science Platform Hosting US$8 000 Competition In Partnership With Microsoft

We’ve written about Zindi before, the platform puts up AI/Data science problems that they pay African’s for solving. It’s quite the platform and if you’re an AI professional (or fanatic), it’s something you need to closely follow. The platform has partnered with Microsoft and Wazihub to advance the use of tech for agricultural resilience and […]

Strive Masiyiwa Says Don’t Listen To Nonsense About AI Taking People’s Jobs

You may know of a popular fella by the name Strive Masiyiwa, he’s done some pretty significant things in telecoms both inside and out of Zimbabwe. Recently, Mr Masiyiwa took to his Facebook and reflected on the impact that software and subsequently programming and AI have had on our lives over the past few years. […]

AI Expo Africa Launches Grand AI Art Challenge

In recent years, art-creating AI has pushed the boundaries of how we define art. This Grand AI Art competition challenges the African AI & Data Science community on Zindi to create original artwork and music track(s) using artificial intelligence (AI).  The challenge is to create an original piece of artwork or music that leverages AI. […]

Udacity & Google Offering Free AI Tensorflow Course

A few days ago, we wrote about Google’s Free Udacity course on Kotlin (Android’s new development language of choice). If you’re not a developer and you’re more interested in Artificial Intelligence, then Google’s free Tensorflow Course on Udacity might be more to your tastes. Introduction to Tensorflow is a 2-month course meant to help AI […]

Standard Bank Closing 91 Branches, The Robots Are Here To Take Our Jobs!

Dramatic title aside, automation has been a very touchy subject over the past few years and recent developments at Standard Bank SA won’t do anything to halt people’s animosity towards the digital transition the world is going through right now. The bank has announced that they will be closing off 91 branches and this is […]

How Dubai Is Utilising AI For Police Work: Predictive Policing

For most of us, computerised law enforcement sounds like something of dystopian sci-fi. With technology advancement, many of the law enforcement agencies are already using algorithms to fight crime. A set of algorithms are designed to figure out where and when the crimes are likely to happen. This is called Predictive Policing. Preventing crime often […]

Google Translate Is Getting Much Better At Translating Shona

Most of Google’s technologies have always been awesome but if you speak a language that’s not as popular as the likes of French, Spanish, Hindi and a bunch of other “significant” languages then you may feel a tad bit left out. We’ve all seen hilarious translations of English to Shona on Google and apart from […]

The Potential Of Artificial Intelligence In The Retail Market

With the advancement of scientific technologies, we have come across a various scientific contribution in recent times. This scientific approach has surely influenced human nature and with recent studies show that the decisions we make are influenced by the technology around us. A strong example of this is the retail industry and the latest integration of […]

How Foot Analytics Can Help Retailers In Developing Countries Understand Customer Behavior

Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the most common buzzwords that are often thrown around even by some novices in the tech industry just to sound smart or to evade having to explain the things they don’t even understand themselves [ I hope it’s not the case with me here 🙂 ]. Nevertheless, […]

AI Can Have A Dark Side Too: Heard Of Deepfake Videos?

When people think of harmful Artificial Intelligence, we usually think of the Rise of the Machines revolutions where robots get so intelligent they take over everything. The honest truth is there are many other ways AI can be harmful and if you’ve heard about Deepfakes then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. What are […]

[Updated] Are We Having A Bot Revolution In Zim? Here’s A List Of Some Of The Cool Chatbots We’ve Come Across

The AI revolution isn’t playing a big role yet in Zim but we are starting to see artificial intelligence get used and there have been a few chatbots (as we learned at WordCamp Harare last week) being deployed locally and let’s take a look at some of these bots and what they do… Batsi Steward […]

So You Want To Learn AI And You Don’t Know Where To Start?

I’m probably sure you have seen or read a jillion articles that have a similar title to this one. So what makes this one different? I know what I’m talking about! Not only that, it will give you a direction if you decide to start learning AI; and if you want links to tutorials, we […]

This Platform Pays Africans For Solving African Problems Using Data Science

We’ve heard the craze surrounding big data, AI and data science as a whole, but we haven’t seen is the effects of data science being felt in Africa the same way other continents are embracing the tech… Zindi is a startup looking to change that and I believe their initiative will go a long way […]

Econet Introduces Digital Health Assistant To Help You Identify Illnesses Earlier

At the end of May, Econet released their financial results and included in the results was a sneak peek of products to come soon. Among the products promised was a car insurance service and a digital health assistant that would identify the symptoms of sickness. The health platform came about as a partnership with German […]

Nedbank SA Has A Humanoid Robot On Staff, Hope It Comes To Zim As MBCA Rebrands To Nedbank

Nedbank SA has just invested in a new humanoid robot that will interact with people at their digital branch in Sandton. Pepper was purchased from a Japanese Corporation, Softbank and according to Fabio Machone, Nedbank’s Integrated Channel Officer, they invested between R400 000 – R500 000. Nedbank proudly states that this is the first humanoid robot to […]

Google Teaching Machine Learning and AI For FREE

Google is now offering an Introductory course on Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) for free on its new Learn With AI site. Google hopes the site will be a hub of information for AI and ML. The site is intended to be a resource for everyone from beginners to advanced researchers. Google claims the site […]

Facebook set out to curb suicide using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Over the years, our socialisation skills and tendencies have changed. As we have all witnessed in this age, social has been translated to digital and no doubt the internet is playing a significant role in all that. Now you can literally follow through people’s lives through social media. You can know where they traveled to, […]

Will VR-tourism really replace the traditional physical tourism???

In as much as Virtual Reality will disrupt the tourism industry, I don’t believe it will do so as much as exclaim it will. I think we are still clouded by the ‘excitement’ of VR so much that we can’t help but think it’s better than anything we’ve experienced. Besides, humans have always been fascinated […]

Should potential job losses from automation and artificial intelligence worry you?

As technology advances, the mixed feelings are getting real. The excitement of progress and man’s self-satisfaction is coming at the expense of things like “ethics” and jobs. I’ve been following some conversation on this matter, but because ethics have become extremely subjective, let me talk about jobs briefly instead. We’ll talk about issues revolving around […]

Instagram takes a more ‘intelligent’ step in trying to combat the use of offensive language on its platform

Image credit: Pixabay In this internet age, thanks to social media (well, and other platforms), people have somehow gained the confidence to exercise their right to ‘freedom of speech’. I could be wrong though because people might have always exercised that right, only that now the internet has made it easier for us to access […]

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning – Why should you care?

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In the tech space, these terms have been used a lot and sometimes interchangeably without understanding what they mean. So what is all the fuss about? Before we get to why you should care, let us first clear up the confusion of what each is all about and […]

Say hello to the Techzim bot. Go ahead, greet her!

So we now have a Facebook Messenger bot. She’s been live 2 weeks now actually so if you’ve tried to contact us via our FB page, chances are you communicated with a bot. First things first, before we introduce her – while she can respond to some of your random questions, she’s not a let’s-talk-about-anything bot. Her primary purpose is […]