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EcoCash Reduces Minimum Airtime You Can Buy To $2 – Feeling The Coronavirus Pinch?

EcoCash has reduced the minimum amount you’ll need to buy airtime on the mobile money platform from $4 down to $2. Econet users have been getting messages urging them to get the lower denomination airtime via EcoCash; Need airtime for voice calls? Get Econet airtime from as low as $2 on EcoCash today. Simply dial […]

EcoCash Minimum Airtime Purchase Increased

It appears the minimum airtime purchase you can make on EcoCash might be getting a 150% increase from $2 to $5. That’s currently the message popping up when users try to buy airtime for anything less than $5: There is a bit of confusion on whether these are permanent changes or if they are tied […]

EcoCash Subscribers Panic After Absence Of Option To Buy Airtime

As we all know, EcoCash was undergoing 24-hour maintenance from Saturday 9 PM (it ended up stretching to this morning). When EcoCash started working again last night a number of people who use the mobile money platform complained that the upgrade wasn’t good enough since the option to buy airtime was absent at the time. […]

Win $50 Airtime For Your Father Or Any Father You Admire

To celebrate Father’s Day, Techzim Market is giving away airtime to fathers voted for by our community. You know a father who deserves it? Of course you do. Here’s how to win some airtime for them: Just send the message: Father Send it to Techzim Market WhatsApp number 0719696102 You can do this by clicking […]

Buying NetOne, Telecel And Other Airtime On WhatsApp Is Now Too Easy

Update: We have changed the WhatsApp number to 0717684274 Too easy? Yes. Here’s all you need to do: Send one word: Airtime to Techzim Market WhatsApp number 0718049280 The Techzim Market bot will reply to you with instructions on how to buy airtime of any network using EcoCash. Follow the instructions which are simply to […]

MTN Copies Techzim, Launches It’s Own WhatsApp Airtime Service 😉

Weeks ago Techzim launched it’s own WhatsApp airtime service where you can easily buy airtime from within the comforts of WhatsApp. Well, MTN could not just help themselves and in a fit of jealousy, they too launched their own WhatsApp bot-shamelessly calling it the world’s first. We are not going to make this a race […]

You Can Now Buy All Your Airtime On WhatsApp In Just 3 Easy Steps!

Update: We have changed the WhatsApp number to 0717684274 Another one from your friendly neighborhood Techzim Marketplace. The scope of the marketplace has bee extended to Facebook and WhatsApp. To buy your airtime on WhatsApp just do the following easy steps. Send one word: Airtime to Techzim Market WhatsApp number 0718049280. You can do this […]

Airtime Yese On Techzim: Stop Being Cheated By Tuckshops And Vendors

So it would appear my colleague covered this a while back but I did not pay much attention to it until it happened to me. So about a week ago my Telecel Mega Bundles expired and I wanted to renew them as I use them for WhatsApp, especially WhatsApp calling something I cannot do with […]

Use EcoCash to buy NetOne and Telecel Airtime – Here’s How

Did you know that you can now buy any airtime on Techzim using EcoCash? As part of our marketplace, we’re launching airtime as a test. EcoCash is the convenient payment method not just for payments in Supermarkets and even at informal markets – but now online too! Here are the steps Go to Select […]

Street Vendors Now Selling Airtime At A Premium

There is this, US dollars and basic commodities being sold at a premium, narrative in Zimbabwe right now. You may not be in the know that premiums are no longer exclusive to those things only. Airtime is now being sold at a premium too. A good number of street vendors have started to sell airtime […]

How To Transfer Airtime On Any Network

I am pretty sure that we constantly need to transfer airtime to other people. So what do you do in the event that the airtime you want to send is not in your mobile money wallet (i.e EcoCash, TeleCash and OneMoney) but in fact in your balance? Well it’s a pretty simple process and after […]

A Local Survey Platform Is Rewarding Participants For Simply Answering Questions

On Facebook you may have come across an advert by a page called Questia Zimbabwe – Winning Opinions. Most probably you have never really paid any attention to it. This was probably a wrong turn on your part. You may have just overlooked some cool prizes if you chose not to pay any attention to […]

Instapay to be down for 3 days due to a systems upgrade

In case you missed this: Dear Valued Client, As part of our commitment to providing better and more efficient services, we are pleased to inform you that we are upgrading Instapay. Due to this scheduled system upgrade the service will be down from 31 October to 2 November 2017. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience […]

M-vendr monthly transactions now over 3 million. Launches cross border token remittance services

M-vendr, the Zimbabwean founded fintech startup that was accepted into 500 Startups recently just revealed to us their monthly transactions on their Point of Sale token retailing platform has risen to 3 million from about 30,000 around this time last year. Michael Charangwa, the founder, says they are looking to grow even faster with the launch of a new cross […]

Here’s what the new airtime tax means if you’re a Telecel subscriber

Remember the new airtime tax that the Zimbabwean government announced last month. Operators, starting with Telecel today, are saying how they will factor it into their pricing, and predictably, that tax is being passed on to the subscribers. A statement the operator posted today reads: Please not that due to the recent 5% levy on airtime Telecel will […]

Zim government introduces 5% tax on mobile airtime

An announcement made today by Zimbabwean minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa, says the government will, from 15 September onwards now charge mobile operators 5% excise duty tax on airtime. Effectively this likely increase the cost of making a phone call in Zimbabwe. The announcement was made as part of the government’s 2014 Mid-Year Fiscal Policy Review Statement (which you […]

Local company, Money Tel, introduces airtime Multi-level marketing service

All along we thought Multi-level marketing (MLM) was just for nutritional supplements and skin care products like those from Forever Living. How wrong we were!

It’s all about the PR, Buddie!

Last night, I was taken aback by the way that Econet Wireless was handling, or rather not handling, its very serious service delivery crisis. Since Saturday evening, subscribers have been expressing frustration and anger at the strange and unexplained disappearance of their airtime. From the people I have spoken to, people who had topped up their accounts with as much as $5 found, upon trying to make calls, that their balances were down to $0.

Start-up solves Zimbabwe’s change problem with a mobile airtime solution

Since the adoption of the mixed hard currencies monetary regime in Zimbabwe at the end of 2009, the one problem that has refused to go away is that of change. Retailers just don’t have enough change to give shoppers. It’s the same situation with commuter bus operators, street vendors and just about anyone that sells goods.

Econet freezes the accounts of subscribers who “stole” airtime

At about 4PM on Thursday I got a call from a friend with the news was that he and a couple of his workmates were able to recharge their Econet Buddie lines for free using some leaked recharge codes. He confirmed that he had managed credit his mobile phone with US$ 50 worth of airtime.