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5 Awesome Chinese Phones You Can Get For Under $200

If you really want it you can get Chinese phones for as little as $20 but you will hate yourself in the process unless you are one of those people with no self-respect. We have been over this, the very cheap phones always come at a cost. On the other hand there are overly expensive […]

Xiaomi Mijia 4K Camera Unboxing And First Impressions

So just over a month ago I bought my very first action camera. It has been almost two weeks since I received it in record time. During that time I have been cutting my teeth as an amateur photographer and busy enjoying Easter. Now that the holiday is over I am here to satisfy the […]

The World’s Biggest Sale Is Upon Us Again – 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

The last time Techzim wrote about AliExpress was exactly a year ago when the annual 11.11 Sale was on. Boy, what 12 months in Zimbabwe can do to you… Back then, it wasn’t so hard to click around on AliExpress’ website, add a bunch of stuff to your shopping cart and then whip out your […]

How To Buy Goods On Amazon From Zimbabwe…

In the Techzim WhatsApp groups almost on a daily basis someone asks where they can buy the cheapest cellphones or tablets. My usual response to this is AliExpress, where I’ve written numerous posts on how someone can go about it. There are a few minor setbacks with buying using this model though: your package takes between 6-8 […]

Here’s how to make your current TV a smart TV

Here’s how to make your current TV a smart TV.

Now That You’ve Bought From AliExpress, What Should You Expect?

Touted as the world’s biggest sale (whether online or not) Singles Day came and almost $18 billion dollars later, went, Zimbabweans also got in on the fun. Sure Zimbabweans may make up an insignificant figure from that large amount above, but AliExpress was used last week to get a number of products for many. Some of you […]

6 Products I’m Considering Buying This (AliExpress) 11.11 Sale…

The clock is ticking and looking like it’s just hours left before this years Massive 11.11 Sale begins. Here’s hoping you’ve done your precautionary bit and are now just watching the clock. In order for you to be in on the fun, I’d suggest that you prepare, prepare, prepare. Once the Sale starts be sure you […]

What To Take Into Consideration When Buying From AliExpress This Massive 11.11 Sale

So you have made a decision to get in on the fun this Friday and shop online (albeit in China). It may be your first time, or if you are a seasoned online-shopper like myself, there are still a few pointers to take into consideration in order for you to get the best experience all […]

The World’s Biggest Sale Is Just 4 Days Away!!!

Those of you who follow deals that take place near you will be happy to know that the world’s biggest online store, AliExpress, will be having its annual 11.11 Sale that they and their sister company pushed US$14 billion last year. Not too different from all other sales, essentially shoppers will get massive discounts on products that […]

Here’s why Zimbabweans are buying their IT consumables on AliExpress

One of its subsidiaries, AliExpress, has also managed to create this impression in Zimbabwe. The online retail service has offered bargain hunting Zimbabweans and resellers an avenue for picking up competitive deals on products that traditionally have high markups in other import markets like South Africa.

Here are some great Black Friday deals Zimbabweans can participate in

Thanks to the internet, traditions once restricted to just a few countries are now relevant to more people anywhere in the world! Nothing says this more than the excitement around Black Friday amoung techies even here in Harare. People are expecting deals and some tech shops are flowing with it. So we thought we’d post the few Black Friday deals we […]