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Econet reduces the price of its Home Power Station to $99

Econet has lowered the price of the current model of the ZESA Busting Home Power Station from its current price of $163 to $99. A $64 discount on any item deserves some notice, but also raises questions.

Here’s an F for you, ZESA. Give way to private players please

The national power authority, ZESA, has failed to deliver on its mandate as the one source of power for the majority of Zimbabweans. The poor service delivery and lack of consistent supply is enough to prove that. Perhaps it is now time to consider players from the private sector and to engage them seriously.

Solar Power for Dummies Part 7: Inverters

  This is the latest post in our series on building a solar power solution for the home. So for the past couple of weeks or so we have looked at panels, batteries, wires, and the charge controller. By this time, you would have learned three things: building a good solar system requires patience a […]

Solar Power for Dummies Part 6: Regulators

This is the latest article in the series “Solar Power for Dummies.” As we said in the previous article, the components we have looked at so far are good enough to build a rudimentary solar system, a very crude one that is in many ways dangerous both to you and to itself. One way to […]

How to beat ZESA and still enjoy your DStv PVR

So a while ago I decided to invest in a DStv PVR 2P decoder as part of my mid year resolutions. I am still trying to find a reason why the Explora is worth that shocking price; the “DStv advert dude” is yet to convince me. After a lot of consideration I decided to opt for […]

ZESA increases load shedding: what arrangements should you make now?

For anyone expecting some sort of load shedding relief think again. The power challenges we are facing right now aren’t going away anytime soon (no surprise there). ZESA came out and said that the situation is unfortunately going to get worse. In an article published in yesterday’s Sunday Mail, ZESA’s spokesman Fullard Gwasira attributed this to […]

Why are there so many powercuts? ZESA explains

If you are frustrated by the 18 hour blackouts we have been living with lately you might have been pleased to note that today the country’s power regulator, ZESA Holdings issued a statement clarifying the extreme powercuts. The explanations are what most people have come to accept as the usual reasons for our power woes: […]