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Amazon Honeycode, a web and mobile app builder with no code

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched Amazon Honeycode. A platform, in beta, that allows almost anyone in a business to build a custom web or mobile app without having any prior coding knowledge. “Most teams rely on their IT Departments for new apps. Many IT departments don’t have the staff or capacity to build all […]

Old Mutual SA Adopting AWS Cloud Services

Old Mutual has struck a deal with Amazon Web Services which will see the financial services group move a significant portion of its IT workload to the cloud. Components being moved to the cloud will include; Digital customer platforms core insurance applications product administration systems Old Mutual will migrate over a thousand applications to AWS […]

Google To Add Blockchain Technology To Its Cloud Platform To Lure Developers

Google is now integrating blockchain technology with its cloud services platform by announcing a new partnership that will deliver blockchain technology to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Its latest partnership with Digital Asset Holdings LLC will see the startup’s blockchain platform and developer tools made available on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). In its blog post, Google said […]

Amazon’s latest tool for thrifty developers & lean startups is a $5 virtual private server

One example is Amazon Lightsail the new virtual private server (VPS) line that is designed to give users the option to set up a VPS in the cloud for as little as $5.

Here’s my email server recipe

Startups often have to come up with workarounds for every cost centre that could potentially derail their efforts. Email servers are one such area when it comes to the setup of decent tech. Here is a recipe or guide for setting up an email server that makes it easy for anyone to understand.

We need an accessible cloud in Zimbabwe

I don’t know when it began, but it has been going on for a while now in the boutiques and other indigenous clothes stores. As soon as you enter the store you notice that all the clothes have no price tags. A creepy guy or lady follows you around as you go around the racks. […]

Startup Weekend Harare returns

In May this year, the first ever Zimbabwean edition of the Startup Weekend was held at Hypercube in Harare. The good news for those interested in being part of it is that the tech entrepreneurship event is headed this way again, with this edition set to run from the 21st to the 23rd of November […]

A storm brewing in the clouds

At the moment one is hard pressed to come up with any drawbacks for the cloud. That is assuming one can come up with an accepted definition of the cloud since it is, much like the Hindu elephant, a different thing for everyone: Virtual Private Servers for some, cloud storage for others and Software as a service among other things. It has been a revelation, a Panacea and not counting Richard Stallman, it has not received much disapproval from the upper echelons of the IT world. But, I shudder to say, to some extent Stallman has a point.