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eVOD no longer accepts Zimbabwe numbers, here is how you can still sign up

About two weeks ago eMedia, the guys behind eTV channels and OpenView HD launched their own streaming platform eVOD. The platform has both free and premium tiers. During the early days, all you needed was a South African IP address. You could sign up using your Zimbabwean phone number. This is no longer possible. Now […]

Black Panther comics are free now on ComiXology

Amazon-owned Comixology has made some Black Panther titles free to download. The sale went unannounced and Comixology is offering single issue Black Panther comics for free. This promotion comes a week after the passing of Chadwick Boseman, the actor who played King T’Challa in the 2018 Marvel blockbuster Black Panther. Boseman battled colon cancer for […]

Big Tech needs regulation and why you should care

Four of the biggest tech companies in the world were dragged before American Congress recently to testify on abuse of their power with regards to anti-trust. Well this sounds American so why should any of us care when we have our own problems at home? I will give you a tip, you can become geo-independent […]

Amazon fined for dealing with sanctioned countries including Zimbabwe

On the 8th of July, the US Department of Treasury issued a statement to the effect that the Office of Foreign Assets Control had reached a settlement with Amazon. Amazon agreed to pay US$134 523 “for apparent violations of multiple OFAC sanctions programs”. What exactly did Amazon do? Amazon unintentionally delivered goods to sanctioned people […]

Amazon Honeycode, a web and mobile app builder with no code

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched Amazon Honeycode. A platform, in beta, that allows almost anyone in a business to build a custom web or mobile app without having any prior coding knowledge. “Most teams rely on their IT Departments for new apps. Many IT departments don’t have the staff or capacity to build all […]

Amazon To Add 3 000 New Jobs in South Africa.

In a report by Business Insider, Amazon has announced that it is hiring 3 000 customer service and technical support personnel in South Africa. “We are thrilled with the talent in South Africa, and we are excited to add 3,000 skilled jobs this year in customer service, and to help keep people working during this […]

YouTube & Other Streaming Services Reduce Picture Quality To Avoid Overloading The Internet

COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) has hit the globe pretty hard and because a significant portion of the global population is now working from home or has stopped working entirely, the strain that has been put on the internet is pretty significant. The European Union recently asked video streaming platforms to dial down on video quality in […]

Amazon To Start Showing Premier League Games This Week

If you follow the English Premier League (EPL) with bated breath you’ll know that there are some fixtures this week. What you may not know is that Amazon will be exclusively streaming the midweek EPL fixtures to Amazon Prime subscribers. Amazon only paid (an unknown amount) for 20 games per season for the next 2 […]

US Man Arrested For Keeping TV Sent To Him By Mistake

It’s a moral dilemma we have all faced at some point. Someone drops their precious bond notes in front of you. Would you warn them or even better, pick them up and hand them back. Or would you wait for them to move on before picking those up and shoving them into your pocket and […]

France To Introduce A Digital Tax On New Year Targeting Companies Like Google, Facebook

France is going for the jugular against tech companies as it contemplates introducing a digital tax from the first of January, 2019. The digital tax, which is being introduced to ensure that a fair share of taxes is paid by all companies, will target foreign tech giants that earn global revenues exceeding $853 million. Finance Minister Bruno […]

South Africa To Tax Netflix & Other “Electronic Services”

Taxation of digital services seems to be the something that’s on the mind of many governments right now. The UK government wants to tax Facebook. Our very own Honourable Mthuli Ncube is also thinking about taxing Netflix and from 2019, South Africa will be following suit. The tax will impact services that are supplied from […]

This $25 Smart Camera Is The Perfect Product If You Want Experiment With Smart Home Tech

Nowadays EVERYTHING is smart and the fact that EVERYTHING is smart poses a problem for people who are looking to start experimenting with new technologies. There’s a sceptism that consumers now have when it comes to some ‘smart’ technologies and when consumers are sold $110 smart flip-flops that notify them of discounts, you can’t blame […]

Apple Is Now Valued At One Trillion And They Are The First American Company To Reach That Milestone

Well, that was quick! In March we talked about the race between Apple, Amazon, Google and newcomer Microsoft to become the first US-based company valued at a trillion dollars. Four months have passed by swiftly and it seems Amazon, Google and Microsoft are now competing for second place as Apple have completed the race. It […]

Google Invests Half A Billion In China’s Second Biggest eCommerce Platform

Google has invested $550 million in which happens to be the second largest eCommerce platform in China. As part of the all-cash deal, Google will own 27 million shares or about 1 percent of at $20.20 per share. Both the internet biggies will work together to better retail infrastructure in China and other […]

We could be watching the English Premier League legally on Facebook soon, DStv should be worried

The English Premier League (EPL) is probably the most popular league in football. Scratch that, the most popular league in sport. It is so popular that even here in Zimbabwe entertainment buffs will judge any aspiring entertainment provider on whether or not they provide the EPL. We saw this when Kwese was launched, banned, relaunched […]

Strive Masiyiwa’s version of the founding story fails to check out

Finding content on the internet from authoritative people is difficult. Those that we’d love to hear from either haven’t caught on to the internet or just don’t have the time. However, there is one person who delightfully takes his time to chronicle his experiences and share with us tips on how to perfect the art […]

How To Buy Goods On Amazon From Zimbabwe…

In the Techzim WhatsApp groups almost on a daily basis someone asks where they can buy the cheapest cellphones or tablets. My usual response to this is AliExpress, where I’ve written numerous posts on how someone can go about it. There are a few minor setbacks with buying using this model though: your package takes between 6-8 […]

Amazon’s latest tool for thrifty developers & lean startups is a $5 virtual private server

One example is Amazon Lightsail the new virtual private server (VPS) line that is designed to give users the option to set up a VPS in the cloud for as little as $5.

Looking for employment? Here are 5 places where Zimbabweans can make money online

I personally think digital skills export should really be a mass government initiative supported by a right policy framework. It has the capacity to turn out to be a big foreign currency earner for this economy. Here are 5 places where this is demonstrated.

Black Friday, a weak rand and getting your hands on that cheap iPhone

If you have a reasonable amount fo money, the energy for some online bargain hunting and can pull off a bit of coordination with the odd friend or family member crossing the Beitbridge border post this festive season, you can take advantage of some of the Black Friday deals.

Conversations with Zimbabwean startups: Mazwi & its play on book publishing

In the latest installment in our Conversations with Zimbabwean Startups series, we had a discussion with Taf Makura, the founder and CEO of Mazwi, the online publishing platform. He offered his perspectives on the challenges with running a Zimbabwean startup and some thoughts on issues like net neutrality and piracy.

Wetting your beak with the Dreamhost cloud

Cloud services mean huge advantages for the modern business, but some solutions seem suited for enterprises and deep-pocketed operations. Here is a look at how Dreamhost, a less glorified cloud service provider, has solutions that can actually accommodate small startups, even humble concerns here in Zimbabwe.

We need an accessible cloud in Zimbabwe

I don’t know when it began, but it has been going on for a while now in the boutiques and other indigenous clothes stores. As soon as you enter the store you notice that all the clothes have no price tags. A creepy guy or lady follows you around as you go around the racks. […]

Techzim Podcast: Interview with Mazwi – Could it be Zimbabwe’s Amazon?

The last time we wrote about local startup Mazwi, they were clearing misconceptions around EcoSchool’s alleged “theft” of their concept. They went to great lengths to explain how they had a different model from what Econet was driving at. Months later, we managed to catch up with Tafadzwa Makura, the founder of Mazwi to find […]

Are developers missing an opportunity in gaming?

I am beginning to realise that there is a massive gap in the IT industry in Zimbabwe. Everywhere I look I see people churning out mobile apps and business related software. I agree these are easy essential “commodities” (so to speak) in IT. However I think we are missing another platform of interest, GAMING! There […]

Why African e-commerce startups need to be wary of Alibaba

Earlier today it was reported that two of the largest South African e-commerce retailers Kalahari and Takealot, that have been rivals for a long time are going to merge. The value of the deal has not been disclosed. The deal, which is yet to receive approval from the South African Competition Commission, comes after Takealot recently […]

How to send money to UK

There are instances when you are either travelling or have a friend or relative in the diaspora and need to send money to them. Yes, the flow of funds is not just one way, but undoubtedly more funds come into Zimbabwe than go out (I’m not referring to payments for goods here, but rather peer […]

The Alibaba success story: 5 lessons for African startups from Jack Ma

Last Friday Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba raised $25 Billion through a successful initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange. This gave the tech startup a market capitalisation of $230 billion, a value that exceeded giants like Facebook, eBay and Amazon. For anyone tracking this Chinese internet business this looks like the final […]

Websites to complement the Zimsec website

The missionaries who founded my high school had a particular fondness for Jacarandas. At the beginning of every spring these trees would clothe themselves in purple flowers – a beautiful site to behold. My high school headmaster, Mr Mukoyi, was one for symbolism and every time this happened he saw it as an omen that the […]

We’ve figured out payments, so what’s next for Zim e-commerce?

Last Saturday Paynow, a local e-payments integration service, hosted a developers’ day at the Hypercube Hub. The event was attended by several developers and designers with some of them eager to integrate Paynow with their online services. Matthew Hood, the technical lead at Paynow, was pleased with the turnout at the Developer day, largely because […]