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Google is bringing a privacy feature from Android 11 to older versions

One of the really cool things that came on Android 11 was a feature that automatically reset app permissions. The feature works by revoking or auto-resetting the permissions of apps that haven’t been used in a while. When you use that app again, it will then need to ask you to authorise access to various […]

Windows 11 is launching in October without Android App support

Windows insiders have been testing Windows 11 for months and we have heard nothing but good things. It finally looks like Microsoft is on course to break the good-release-followed-by-bad-release jinx. One feature that has everyone excited including myself is the ability to run Android apps natively on Windows. Unfortunately, it seems the feature is not […]

Google responds to WebView update that crashed apps

New rollouts are going to be different.

Why do local developers prioritise Android apps over iPhone?

Back when I was in college, during industrial attachment, I bought myself a shiny new Nokia N95 8GB. I knew I would be the kid with the coolest phone in school. We get back to campus for our final year, and the other guy showed up with an iPhone. He completely stole my thunder! My […]

Zim Development Studio Edges Towards Half A Million Downloads On The PlayStore; Here’s How They Did It

Age-X Development – a local software company recently announced that they had reached 400 000 installs since inception back in 2016. The special milestone is amazing because once again it shows how the internet can be a powerful tool to reach thousands of people on the globe from your office. We reached out to Van […]

Creating Mobile Apps Without A PC

It may sound like a far-fetched idea but it is feasible! Most people are astounded when they discover for the first time how to develop android mobile applications using just a mobile device. The idea is fascinating and worth sharing with aspiring android mobile developers in Africa and developing countries in the world. Let me […]

Google Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Apps On The Play Store

When Facebook announced that they would be allowing cryptocurrency advertisements back on Facebook, I thought Google would follow suit and bring back the ads to Google ads as well. My thinking at the  time was, “Google and Facebook are rivals when it comes to advertising. Google will probably follow suit so that Facebook doesn’t take […]

President Mnangagwa Has An App That Allows Followers To Get News Updates Directly From Him

When I first saw the President Mnangagwa application I was a bit surprised. This embrace of tech is not what we had become accustomed but looking at the president’s track record thus far it was to be expected. Thus far he has already setup a Facebook, Twitter and a website so an application only makes sense. […]

Tino & Tana app – Helping kids count from 1 to 10 and so much more

I recently came across an application called Tino & Tana made by Dream Box. The app is made for children aged around 3-5 years who are in Early Child Development (ECD) level of education. It aims to help these kids learn how to count from 1 to 10 through interaction with everyday African objects. The […]

YouTube Go, the app designed for data friendly video viewing is now available or Android

The app is essentially a faster and lighter version of YouTube. It gives you the option to stream selected videos immediately or to download them for offline viewing in standard and low-quality definition which is an extra option from the standard offline viewing feature.

TelOne scores major points with a new app, but leaves out some key features

This is a first for TelOne and the company appears to have provided a solution that resonates with the predominantly mobile Zimbabwean internet community.

SA based Zimbabwean teams up with South African to create Teta, a zero-rated WhatsApp competitor

The one major point of difference that Teta has over other IM services, including WhatsApp, is that its users can send all types of messages including multimedia (video, pictures) for free as long as they are on Vodacom, the South African mobile network.

Local bird identification app Twigle gets Android version that’s available on Amazon

Twigle for Android will, however, be available via Amazon rather than Google Play and it has been priced at $6.99 which is the same tag placed on its iOS version.

iROKO & CANAL+ GROUP partner to introduce mobile TV to French speaking Africa

iROKOtv, the Nigerian subscription Video on Demand (sVOD) service that only recently launched a global content distribution arm, has announced that is has entered into a multi-million Euro deal with the CANAL + GROUP, the largest French pay TV provider which has a leading focus on Francophone Africa.

The ZOL mobile app and good customer service from internet companies

I can’t speak on the premium internet packages that are well beyond the reach of the average Zimbabwean consumer, but anyone trying to get internet on a sub-$90 budget will have some story to tell on disrupted service, slow connections, delayed reactions to any challenges on a network and inadequate feedback when a problem is being addressed.

Soccer 24 launches Zim soccer app providing latest league scores & team info

Soccer 24, the platform dedicated to local football recently launched its own App which shares the latest local soccer results, news and team information. here’s a look at what the app can really do.

First impressions of the new GTeL Customer Care App

This is a quick look at the new GTeL customer Care App which has been designed to offer extended customer support to owners of the local brand’s mobile devices.

EcoCash related App, MobiLedger gets tweaked, now offers bill scheduling

MobiLedger the Android App that was introduced as an “accounting service” for EcoCash, has gone through some changes with a revamped User Interface and the introduction of a bill scheduling feature.

The new MVendr app: Excellent for vendors, but not for Zimbabwe.

Mvendr’s revamped app is an excellent improvement on their previous version and could have been a good solution for vendors today. It will, however, predictably, face the same challenges its predecessor faced in Zimbabwe like data affordability.

The Declaration of Rights App launched to help distil Zim Constitution

An Android App that simplifies aspects on the rights of Zimbabweans as enshrined in the constitution was launched by the Centre for Applied Legal Research (CALR). The app is set to go added changes, so the team behind it is keen on feedback and suggestions on how to broaden the impact of the app.

WhatsApp toying with the idea to let you save your messages to Google Drive

While the iOS users are just crashing into the WhatsApp calling party, those Android folks still have something to brag about to those folks who are on other platforms. As pointed out in an early article as of WhatsApp Android version 2.12.45 there is an option that allows users to back up their chat conversions not […]

The Road Angels App after 1 year – what improvements have been made?

If you listen to Breakfast Radio then chances are you have caught the Road Angels Roadside Assistance team on the show talking about the benefits its service provides to the typical Zimbabwean motorist. This isn’t where it all starts and ends with the company though. Some time last year we wrote about the Road Angels […]

Podcast: Econet Dial a Doc,MobiLedger App, m-learning & the future of telecoms

We are back with the latest edition of the weekly podcast. In this episode, we were joined by a guest from the Techzim community, Stanley Choto.  We discussed some of the highlights in the past week in local technology such as the launch of the Econet Dial-a-Doc service, the current state and future of Zimbabwean […]

NatiV: The e-learning app that wants to preserve ethnic language heritage

Every time someone says e-learning in Zimbabwe the talk almost always veers towards the way traditional learning content specific to writing and mathematics has been transferred to digital platforms. That is what we have seen from most local attempts (think EcoSchool, e-Learning Solutions or Big Brain) aimed at servicing this growing market which in all fairness is […]

How’s this for a relevant startup idea –

They say that some of the best ideas are found in the graveyard, buried with their originators. I have had my fair share of dances with hackathons and startup challenges, never seeming to crack the code that leads to winning, funding and eventual IPO! I have had my share of sleepless nights thinking of the […]

Developer creates EcoCash app for earlier Android versions

A couple of months ago Econet Wireless launched an Android app for their EcoCash mobile money service. This release came in the heels of another local developer’s attempts at solving the tedious USSD based process that characterises the service. Sadly this solo effort was blocked before Econet introduced its own version of the application. Another […]

Road Angels Assist app now live on Google Play

A week ago we announced that a local emergency road rescue services company, Road Angels is working on an Android road assist application. Today we can reveal that the application is now live on Google Play and you can download it here. It will be a couple of weeks before the app is available for […]

November App review: Some 10 useful apps for the SME entrepreneur

This month I have decided to make an app review that people who run SMEs might find useful. My mother always tells me to speak only on matters that I know so there are two caveats to this post: I own an android device so I will only be reviewing apps that I have actually […]

15 must have Android apps for your daily use

Android has reached 500 million activated devices worldwide, and slowly but surely devices running the operating system are making their way into the Zimbabwe market. There are so many options to download on the Google Play Store, I decided to make a list of apps that any Android user must have. This is a list […]