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World Health Organization Now Recognizes “Gaming Disorder” As An Illness

The World Health Organization (WHO), the has officially added “gaming disorder” to its registry of officially recognized diseases. All 194 members of WHO unanimously agreed on this resolution. According to WHO, the disease (gaming disorder) is characterized as “impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming […]

Slide & Smash: This Little Game By A Local Developer Is A Neat Time Waster

Who has not been stuck in a queue and whipped out their phone to tinker with, only to find that there is below par network service. Or maybe you just don’t feel particularly social at that moment but are bored stiff. That’s when those light little games like the cult favourite Candy Crush Saga shine. […]

Stunner’s online drama inspires its own video game – Olinda’s Revenge

The online drama involving Zimbabwean Hip Hop artist Stunner and his wife Olinda created a lot of buzz online. It started on Facebook Live and recently led to Ruveheneko Parirenyatwa’s widely publicised interview on Facebook. Now the latest development related to it – a mobile video game. N-Sho Tech a developer (likely Zimbabwean) with a list […]

Zimbabweans miss another opportunity as game developers cash in on Cecil The Lion

Well after Cecil The Lion became an American Dentist’s victim and just when we thought we’d moved past it, it turns out in the world of tech, specifically mobile gaming, others are keen on making something out of the Lion.