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Tag: Android vs iOS

Your next Apple or Samsung phone might not have a charger in the box

When news broke last week that the iPhone 12 might come without a charger in the box – the Android fanboy in me was smiling from ear to ear man! My immediate reaction was “Apple is anti-consumer so no surprise there.” You can therefore imagine my face when Samsung (which happens to be my brand […]

Why do local developers prioritise Android apps over iPhone?

Back when I was in college, during industrial attachment, I bought myself a shiny new Nokia N95 8GB. I knew I would be the kid with the coolest phone in school. We get back to campus for our final year, and the other guy showed up with an iPhone. He completely stole my thunder! My […]

MPs Ask For Lessons To Use Tablets

The issue of tablets in parliament has been a topical ever since the announcement was made that members of parliament would be getting the devices last year. Actually, MPs were originally set to receive tablets from the World Bank back in 2017, and that didn’t materialise and even if it didn’t it wouldn’t have caused […]