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Android 10 still most popular (in Zim too,) even as Android 12 is rolling out

Zimbabwe, like all of Africa, is Android country. Just over 85% of the mobile devices in the country run Google’s Android operating system. That is no surprise, Android is great. It is also helped by the fact that there are many options, at every single price point. Whatever your budget, there is an Android phone […]

Google is now 23, here is how the company has changed how we use the internet

Google turns 23 this week. I was a wee lad when Google was founded back in 1998 and the only knowledge I had of computers was from the “Demolition Man” and Angelina Jolie’s classic “Hackers”. It was only later that I touched one when I was in my last year of high school. It took […]

Google is bringing a privacy feature from Android 11 to older versions

One of the really cool things that came on Android 11 was a feature that automatically reset app permissions. The feature works by revoking or auto-resetting the permissions of apps that haven’t been used in a while. When you use that app again, it will then need to ask you to authorise access to various […]

WhatsApp is finally coming to iPads thanks to multidevice support

According to the esteemed source of all things WhatsApp-WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is finally coming to iPads. If you are an Android user like me it’s hard to contain the shock. It seems incomprehensible but it’s true, currently, the only way to run WhatsApp on an iPad is via the WhatsApp web. This means you will need […]

Google is developing an app that will make iOS to Android migration easier

According to a teardown on XDA Developers, Google is looking to make the migration from iOS to Android a little easier. The application in development is called “Switch to Android” and it will help iPhone users transition to the land of expandable storage. The information found on XDA comes from the Android 12 Beta 3 […]

Android 12 beta: new look design and privacy features

Fresh new UI and Privacy options

Upgrading to Android 11 will break your favourite apps

Google engineers are sometimes like your mother cleaning your room unsolicited. You swear you left your magazines (let’s just call them National Geographic mags but we both know they aren’t) under your pillow. The spot was perfect, quick access for when you need to use them. Now comes the tricky part. You cannot ask your […]

World’s most popular game removed from Apple & Google Play Store

Yesterday was a pretty bad day for Fortnite. The battle royale game which has been downloaded over 2 billion times from Apple and Google’s Stores respectively was removed from both platforms. What did Epic Games do? The Fortnite developer pushed an update that allowed users on iOS and Android devices to bypass Apple and Android’s […]

Here’s how Google is making all Android phones earthquake sensors

Smartphones are pretty smart – but I bet you didn’t know they were smart enough to be used as earthquakes. Well, I didn’t and I’m a pretty smart guy. Jokes aside though, Google recently announced that Android phones will now be part of what they describe as the “largest earthquake detection network”. We saw an […]

Google’s foldable Pixel phone will hit the market next year, according to a leak

In a report by 9to5Google, a leaked internal Android document revealed three Pixel smartphones in development. The codenames for these projects are “raven”, “oriole”, and “passport”. There were no specifics when it came to “oriole” and “raven”, but 9to5Google thinks that one of them could be the Pixel 6. These codenames are a deviation from Google’s […]

Kenya’s Safaricom partners with Google to launch an affordable 4G smartphone

Safaricom has launched an affordable 4G enabled smartphone in partnership with Google. The device is called the Neon Ray Pro and retails for KES5 000.00 (around US$46.43). But with this program dubbed “Lipa Mdogo Mdogo” individuals will deposit KES1 000.00 (around US$9.29) and then pay KES 20.00 per day (US$0.19) to make up the balance. […]

Sharing Your Wi-Fi Password Using a QR code (Android)

Having visitors over means they’ll sooner or later ask for the Wi-Fi password in order to stay connected. I can never always remember my Wi-Fi password and I’ll always have to rummage through my notes to find where I saved it. Android has an option to share your Wi-Fi password using a QR Code. This […]

Note 10 Impressions: Beauty & Beast

Samsung Galaxy Note 10… Where to begin? I’ve been using the Note 10 as my primary device for the past week or so and here are some random thoughts from my time with the powerhouse. Design & build quality It seems this is where Samsung invested most of their time and effort. Holding the Note […]

My Journey From iOS To Android, Review of the Samsung A30s

Since 2016 I had been using an iPhone 5s. When I got it I was making a move from a Nokia Lumia 520, which I got because I wanted to try something new. The move at the time baffled most of my friends because they all asked “couldn’t you find an android in the same […]

Apple & Google’s Contact Tracing Software Will Be Ready In A Few Days

A fortnight ago, Apple and Google announced that they were working on software that would help with contact tracing for Coronavirus; In this spirit of collaboration, Google and Apple are announcing a joint effort to enable the use of Bluetooth technology to help governments and health agencies reduce the spread of the virus, with user […]

Fortnite Mobile Finally Available On Play Store: Epic Games Finally Willing To Share Revenue With Google

Epic Games – the developer behind Fortnite chose a pretty unusual method to roll out Fornite the most popular game in the world when it came to Android. The developer chose to leave Google in the cold, offering Fortnite via Epic Games store instead since they didn’t want Google taking a piece of the pie […]

WhatsApp Dark Mode On iPhone Is Better Because It Saves Battery

Those of you who love to argue about the supremacy of iPhone over Android (and vice versa) will have a field day with this one. iPhone users finally got a taste of WhatsApp’s dark mode last week and it turns out not only is the dark mode on iPhone different from the one on Android, […]

Google Warns Huawei Users Not To Install Its Apps For Security Reasons

We all know the story by now, Huawei was placed on the US government’s Entity List which prohibits the Chinese company from collaborating with any US company. Because this is the case, Google posted an update confirming that they’ll only support Huawei devices released on or before May 16 – when the ban was announced. […]

How Malicious Applications Operate On Your Phone

Secure-D, an anti-fraud organisation that detects and blocks mobile ad fraud, has released a report on mobile ad fraud and its impacts on users. Part of the report explains how malware designed for mobile ad fraud works on our smartphones. Distribution The initial stage of mobile ad fraud is distribution. This is when fraudsters trick […]

53 Organisations Ask Google To Do Away With Pre-installed Bloatware In Open Letter

Privacy International and 52 other organisations have penned an open letter to the CEO of Alphabet Sundar Pichai asking Google to take action against “exploitative pre-installed software on Android devices”. The letter basically complains about the existence of pre-installed apps that can’t be deleted. Some of the reasons why the organisations who complained about pre-installed […]

Local Streaming Service Buddie Beatz Had Already Signed Up 280 000 Customers By August 2019

Econet’s results for the half-year ending on 31 August recently came out and whilst there’s always a number of interesting points to take away – one of which was the fact that Buddie Beatz had 280 000 by the half-year point. Buddie Beatz is Econet’s streaming service and the platform is taking aim at the […]

Hands-On With Android’s RCS Messaging Which Allows You To Use Data Instead Of Airtime When Texting

I’ll be the first one to admit it, capturing what RCS messaging does in the title without it getting convoluted is pretty difficult. Anyway, RCS Messaging improves the texting experience with a whole set of new features that take your phone out of the SMS and MMS era and into the instant messaging era (think […]

How To Activate Android’s iMessage Alternative And Send Text Messages Using Data

iMessage and default messaging services are a huge deal in the United States where WhatsApp and similar alternatives are not as big a deal as the default messaging clients that come preinstalled on the phone. How big of a deal can it be? Well, it’s big enough for people to want to have their Android […]

How To Remotely Access Your Computer From Your Phone

Google has made it possible to access your Windows desktop or your Mac from your phone, even if its an Android phone or an iPhone. And it doesn’t have to be iPhone for macOS, you can mix and match – all you need is the Chrome Remote Desktop app running on both devices. Here I […]

How To Turn Off All WhatsApp Notifications

At times, the WhatsApp notifications can be overwhelming. Of course, you won’t uninstall WhatsApp just to avoid WhatsApp notifications. The other option that’s available is to turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi. But the problem with that is that it will stop notifications from all other apps that need to connect to the internet. […]

Samsung Considering Merging The Galaxy Note And S Devices

If you’re like me, you would have seen this headline and been extremely excited. I’ve never fully understood why the Galaxy Note existed and if I had my pick I would go with Samsung’s S series of flagships any day. Apparently, these same debates are raging within Samsung if Evan Blass (a leakster who’s usually […]

Uninstall These 24 Android Apps. They Have Malware

Cyber-security researchers at CSIS have discovered a scary new Android malware that they say is designed to silently sign-up unsuspecting users up for online subscription services. Named ‘Joker’ by the CSIS researchers, the malware inserts a spyware and a malicious subscription bot that “silently simulates the interaction with advertisement websites, steals the victim’s SMS messages, […]

Huawei’s Harmony OS Finally Official

Back in 2017, Huawei started work on their own operating system – Harmony. Had it not been for Trump and tensions between his country and China, maybe the announcement of that OS would have been a surprise. Instead, the OS comes on the back of months of speculation and debate as to whether it is […]

Windows Your Phone App Will Now Show Notifications From Your Phone On Your PC

Your phone is a pretty handy application if you ask me. From being able to sync photos on your phone to your PC wirelessly, to viewing and replying to SMSs from your phone, the application does a decent job of linking your smartphone to your PC. Over time Microsoft has fleshed out the application and […]

Google Working On ShareIt Alternative & AirDrop Competitor Fast Beam

ShareIt is a pretty brilliant application but it’s become pretty frustrating to use over the past few years. With constant ads and notifications, I’ve found myself using it less and less. Fast Beam is what Google hopes will replace ShareIt and act as Android’s version of AirDrop. The application which 9To5Google got their hands on […]