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Telecel workers demand 733% salary increment

Telecel employees informed NewsDay that they had demanded a salary increment from the meager ZW$1200 they are currently getting to a more respectable but not outrageous ZW$10 000. A 733% increment that will be hard for Telecel to meet considering their financial standing. It’s reported the Telecel workforce met with CEO Angeline Vere after the […]

Telecel CEO Responds To Allegations Of Mismanagement

Earlier today we published an article regarding the alleged state of affairs at Telecel Zimbabwe. A source reached out to us and claimed that there were a number of issues affecting the telecommunications company and whilst Telecel were yet to respond to our request for comment at the time of publishing that story, they have […]

Telecel Profits Fell From US$55m To US$1m

Telecel has been in a never-ending downward spiral for a number of years now. Subscribers who would expect to get new services and products and innovation from their mobile network have instead gotten board room squabbles, poor network delivery and now it’s alleged shareholders are getting dwindling revenues and no profits. An anonymous source with […]

Telecel Managements To Give Employees Extra ZW$5 In Response To Protest

Telecel employees recently conducted a sit-in protest to engage with management over their low-wages. Whilst wages at the telecommunications company might be staying the same in the short term, the employees will be getting a slightly adjusted transport allowance from ZW$20 to ZW$25/day. A statement released by Telecel’s CEO Angeline Vere reads: We acknowledge receipt […]

Telecel Ownership Back And Forth Goes On And On

Fourteen days ago, we had two stories on the Telecel ownership issues and these articles couldn’t have been more contrasting. In the initial article we reported that James Makamba had been booted out and the Telecel issues had been resolved. Later that afternoon statements released by Makamba’s lawyers and a statement sent to Telecel CEO […]

Telecel here to stay, says CEO

Telecel Chief Executive Officer, Angeline Vere Telecel Zimbabwe, despite the problems it has faced in the past couple of years, is here to say, the CEO of the company, Angeline Vere, declared yesterday in Harare. Vere was speaking at a cocktail organised by the company to assure the market that it has a solid future ahead. […]

Girls In ICT Day – 27th April 2017

TelOne Managing Director- Chipo Mtasa This guest post was authored by Eng. Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi. The 27th of April is the day that the world celebrates Girls in ICT (Information and Communication Technology). International Telecommunication Union’s Girls in ICT Day is a global initiative aimed at raising awareness among girls and young women about the importance […]

Telecel CEO officially advises staff of company takeover by government

Telecel CEO, Angeline Vere We’ve just received an email that was sent to Telecel staff this morning by the company CEO, Angeline Vere. In the email to all staff, the CEO confirms that Telecel Zimbabwe has been sold to the Zimbabwean government. She however declined to take any questions from staff saying that the sell is a shareholder […]

Government to buy Telecel through NSSA?

According to sources, NSSA will either front the funds on behalf of ZARNET or be a guarantor for the ISP. Should ZARNET fail to reimburse the pension fund then NSSA will take over the 60% shareholding in the entity. Little has been said of the involvement the Empowerment Corporation (EC), Telecel’s minority shareholder, will have.

Telecash-Mukuru remittance facility tweaked, subscribers to receive money instantly

Unfortunately, the Telecash-Mukuru facility hadn’t been providing instant transfer of funds. Recipients had to wait for hours before the money reflected in their wallets. Now, Telecash and Mukuru have improved the system and once the money is sent it will be recieved instantly by the holder of the Telecash wallet.

Telecel awarded for best customer service in mobile telecoms

Telecel Zimbabwe was recently honoured at the Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe (CCAZ) Service Awards with a number of accolades that included one for being the best mobile telecoms operator in terms of customer service excellence.

Telecel to introduce LTE in 2016, downplays the service’s immediate relevance in Zim

According to Angeline Vere, the CEO of Telecel, the operator has been piloting LTE in parts of Zimbabwe and will be activating it in the first part of 2016. However, she pointed out that the service isn’t immediately relevant in Zimbabwe because of a limited smartphone penetration.

Interview with Telecel CEO Angeline Vere: What are the mobile operator’s plans?

Recently, Techzim interviewed Telecel Zimbabwe CEO, Angeline Vere. In the interview, she highlighted some aspects of Telecel’s plans for the short to medium term, as well as some aspects relating to the investment from its current owners.

Telecel introduces Super Voice Bundles, offers $1 for 60 minutes talktime

Telecel is en route to getting back in the game with its latest Super Voice Bundles offering which avails 50 and 200 voice minutes from a $1 and $2 airtime purchase respectively.

Telecel continues to put up fight for survival, pays POTRAZ’s licence installment

In an interesting development Telecel has issued a statement assuring subscribers and stakeholders that they have met the June installment for the Licence Renewal Agreement with Government. This installment is part of the money that will go towards a 7 year plan to satisfy the $137,5 million required for a Mobile Network Operator’s licence.

Telecel Zimbabwe announces appointment of Angeline Vere as new CEO

Telecel Zimbabwe has announced the appointment of Angeline Vere as its new CEO. She has been with the operator since 2004 and was more recently working as Telecel’s General Manager. As the new CEO, she has to lead the operator as it figures out its way around its ownership and licence.

Govt explains position on Telecel, why Employee Ownership was dismissed

There’s a lot to be said about the issue surrounding Telecel. One could actually say it’s playing out like a soap opera of sorts really. So far, it’s been a mashup of politics, corporate mismanagement, betrayal, greed and the cries of a new age business that is trying to maintain its place in the Zimbabwean […]