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Was Mugabe Hacked Out Of Office? Spoke To Most Popular Hackers In The World And They Kinda Think They Played A Part

So when we spoke to Anonymous, we didn’t think they would mention of all things our coup-not-coup but they did. Is there any chance they played a role in Bob’s demise? For the uninitiated, Anonymous is a decentralized international ‘hacktivist group’ that is widely known for its various DDOS cyberattacks against several governments. You may […]

Ownai, the new Tengai experiences brief downtime, some suspect another hack

Ownai, the new version of Tengai wasn’t accessible for an extended interval, with visitors to the URL being directed to a page carrying a 504 Gateway Timeout error message. Usually, this is diagnosed as a network error between servers, but because of the history that Tengai had with security breaches, some people have opined that this could have been another attack.

Tengai 2.0 on the cards as startup makes plans to re-enter the market

According to some sources from Econet, the Tengai team is working on a comeback for the hacked e-classifieds site. Efforts are being put into creating a secure platform, though the sources couldn’t specify what sort of changes would be made to make the e-commerce platform more robust.

Threats to State security, Anonymous threats to Tengai & Econet and MTN Results – Podcast

Here’s the midweek edition of the Techzim podcast which touches briefly on some of the trending topics on local and regional technology. In this episode, we discuss the MTN Results and their reflection of African telecoms, the concerns on national security and privacy raised by the Ministry of ICT and the latest on the Tengai website and what the team behind the platform’s security breach had to say.

Strive Masiyiwa backed e-commerce platform which was hacked 4 days ago is still down

Tengai, a new classifieds platform that is partly owned by Strive Masiyiwa, was hacked four days ago by net neutrality proponents. While the technical circumstances of the attack haven’t been made clear, the extended downtime isn’t what most would expect from the e-commerce platform.