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Govt seeking developers for biometric authentication API tender

APIs are good and all but…

Facebook Blocks Thousands Of Apps From Accessing Its User Data In Attempt To Protect People’s Facebook Information

Facebook continues to fight back against application developers that have bypassed whatever controls they had in place before. Facebook just announced that it’s shutting off access to its Application Programming Interface (API), the developer platform that lets app makers access user data, for hundreds of thousands of inactive apps. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica […]

Local Developers Petitioning For Telcos To Give Them Easier Integration With Payment Platforms In Order To Grow The Economy.

Local developers have created a petition on asking Telcos to create a tool that helps them better integrate their apps with local payment services in order to create better applications that are more tailored to Zimbabweans. The petition by developers is directed to; Econet Wireless through the EcoCash platform Zimswitch NetOne through the OneMoney platform […]

Press Release: Bots For Messenger Challenge event at Moto Republik

For many years Facebook has been promoting innovation across the Middle East and Africa, providing startups with the tools they need to build, grow, monetize, and measure. Facebook grew out of a hacker culture, and thrives on seeking out and promoting innovation on new platforms. That’s why they are launching the Bots for Messenger Challenge, […]

Lessons for African operators as Safaricom opens M-PESA API to developers

Recently, there was a lot of excitement stirred up when Safaricom, Kenya’s largest mobile operator, released the Application Program Interface (API) for its mobile money service M-PESA to local and international developers. This is a step forward for Kenyan mobile commerce and e-services, but also shines light on the importance of startup and developer engagement.

E-commerce needs a payment API

Lately, there has been a lot of noise over how classified sites could lead to a boom in e-commerce,yet online peer-to-peer marketplaces (classifieds) do not quite qualify as electronic commerce. The payment method is agreed upon between buyer and seller, and might as well be good old fashioned cash: the ‘place of commerce’ for those […]

The TeleCash mobile money API: Here’s how to get access

When we posted yesterday’s article on the launch of the Telecash mobile money API, a lot of comments and requests came in with developers asking for the API documentation and how they could get start working with it right away. Telecel Mobile Financial Services IT Manager, got in touch with us this morning to provide some details. Here’s part of his email: […]

The official EcoCash API is live, but only for some developers

The issue of the EcoCash API has been elusive. First, it was a rumour last year. EcoCash itself denied it officially, but those inside told us the company was indeed working on something, or at least had got some people to work on something to enable merchants to process payments online. Then came what appeared to be Econet’s own […]

Econet working on an EcoCash internet payments API

Information we have suggests that Econet has been working on an internet payments component for EcoCash which was schedule to be released this month. The release has however, as we have been told, pushed a further and its not clear when it will be available to web developers and eCommerce companies to use.