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US Courts tell Apple they cannot stop developers from using alternative payment systems

Apple has just been dealt a death blow in their court case where Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, are suing them over some of their App Store policies and terms and conditions. A court in California, where Apple is located, has ruled that Apple cannot force developers to exclusively use their Apple Pay platform. […]

Wa-Faya now supports buying coupons using Rand EFT, Google Pay and Apple Pay

Last week we talked about how Wa-Faya was Simbisa brands igneous effort to tap into the all-important diaspora market. There was however one glaring oversight. The site only supported paying using PayPal and Credit/Debit cards. While that’s usually adequate in most situations there are a lot of people in the Diaspora that don’t have these […]

EcoCash officially launches NFC enabled debit card

Econet officially unveiled its NFC-enabled EcoCash Express Debit Card at its Econet beyond the Phone Expo. The card comes with no charges and is a MasterCard, which means it can also be used for Tap and Pay transactions outside the country.

$10,000 Watches, Game of Thrones & MacBooks; highlights from Spring Forward

We’re one month away from pre-orders for the Apple Watch and some people are going to fork out $10,000 for it. That ought to be the only story from the Apple Spring Forward event in California, but it isn’t. What were the highlights? Quite a bit was shared by Apple last night, and despite the […]

Device and OS review 2014: What was worth the mention

We are fast approaching the end of this year. Like every other year before it, there have been both hits and misses from the tech world. From awesome devices and software slip-ups here is a quick run through at what was worth the mention  in this device and OS review for 2014. A for Apple The […]

New tablets & iMac round up Apple’s hardware releases for 2014

Hot on the heels of Google’s launch of its Android Lollipop and new Nexus range of devices, and a month after the launch of the latest iPhone, Apple unveiled more new hardware yesterday. Part of the presentation was some insight on Apple Pay and the new iOS 8.1. The key highlights of the launch included: The iPad Air […]

More info on EcoCash’s new Tap & Go NFC Card

A few weeks ago we stumbled upon an EcoCash card payment system that was being used at an eatery in Harare. The system, which was under some form of stealth test phase, turned out to be powered by Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, as users simply tapped the cards against a merchant device. Today we […]

Econet set to introduce NFC payments through EcoCash?

Here’s something interesting that I spotted while paying for lunch at an eatery in Harare – the cashier was handling payments through a card based system that works through a tapping mechanism. No, it wasn’t the EcoCash Mastercard or telecash Goldcard. It turns out its an NFC enabled “tap and go” system that works with cards […]

Apple: good things come to those who wait…

The Apple event has come and gone, and all that can be said about the whole thing is, wow. They took their “do it late but do it right statement”, and went all the way home. Not only have they made their phone faster, but they have managed to listen to their customers and make […]

Apple Event 2014 – One more thing?

Just in case you missed it among the flurry of social media updates and countless reports, yesterday tech giant Apple held its annual fall event that has become the launch pad for new products. Its the one event that very Apple fan-boy was excited about and the expectations were pretty high. The question is did […]