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The BBC’s 9/11: Inside the President’s War Room is a gripping must-watch Documentary

It’s hard to explain the world before 9/11 to bright-eyed ama-2000s but believe it was a different world when the new Millenium started. Even then, Iike now, I was a keen student of history and global events. There was so much hope, so much goodwill and it seemed like the world was on the mend. […]

Report shows users on Netflix and other streaming services were targetted by hackers

Streaming has redefined how we consume content. The days where we have to be drip-fed episode after episode over a long period are quickly going. The convenience of having a whole season to watch has made it easier for users to consume tv shows at their own pace. As convenient as these services are they […]

Apple Kills Off iTunes After 18 Years 

iTunes has been the talk of tech town recently, as rumours circled that the all-encompassing app was living its final days. And last evening, Apple confirmed its demise at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference event. R.I.P, iTunes. The platform was used by Apple users to listen to music and podcasts, and watch films and TV […]

Apple’s Most Recent Event Shows The Tech Giant Has Some Similarities To Econet

How many times have you heard the phrase, “The world is a global village.” Probably a lot. When Marshall McLuhan, who Google search credits as the originator of that saying, uttered those words he was describing how the world has been shrunk by modern advances in communication tools. This simple and overly used phrase – […]

Delhi Crime Is A Rivetting And Heart Breaking Story

Apple’s Apple TV+ are the new upstart crows in the game and Disney+ is expected to arrive this year. They are shiny new and exciting but I have to say Netflix is the deserved champion of the streaming wars. One of their latest originals Delhi Crime is just even more proof of this.   The […]

Apple Announces New Video Streaming Service

Last night, Apple announced their streaming service Apple TV+. Similar to Netflix it’s a subscription service but unlike Netflix you’ll only be able to watch original (exclusive) Apple content. Yuhp, no existing shows and movies will be on the service. Where will this service be available? The service will be accessible through the Apple TV […]

MultiChoice Launches DStv Now Apps For Android TV, Apple TV, and Smart TV’s

MultiChoice is launching the DStv Now App on three new platforms; Samsung Smart TV’s (from 2015  going on), Apple TV (4th gen) and Android TV. DStv Now is an add on that comes with DStv subscriptions and allows users to stream DStv content from that package on the go using their mobile phones, and laptops. […]

Bigger screens, faster phones, $99 pencils & 3D touch: Apple Event highlights

The Apple launch introduced an array of improved offering in the usuals device series at a colorful and much-anticipated event yesterday. Gadgets revealed include iPhone 6s, the Apple TV, Remote and new App store, IPad Pro and iPad Mini 2

$10,000 Watches, Game of Thrones & MacBooks; highlights from Spring Forward

We’re one month away from pre-orders for the Apple Watch and some people are going to fork out $10,000 for it. That ought to be the only story from the Apple Spring Forward event in California, but it isn’t. What were the highlights? Quite a bit was shared by Apple last night, and despite the […]

Into the Internet of Things (IoT)

The phrase “the Internet of Things” or IoT refers to a future where everyday items in your home are connected to the internet and able to interact with us and each other in the online space. Here in Zimbabwe we are used to getting a bit of a raw deal when it comes to support […]

A glimpse of Apple’s new iOS 8

Last week Apple released the latest version of its operating system the new iOS 8. Between then and now everyone with a compatible device has been downloading the OS, an awesome perk of being in the ecosystem that has justifiably given Apple users something to smile at every September. There are a lot of changes […]