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Google is seeking to copy Apple with its Pixel lineup

Say what you want about Apple but those guys know how to make good products. Pick an iPhone, any iPhone and no matter how much it hurts to admit it, you will have to concede it’s a good phone. That is mostly down to the solid control the company has over hardware and software. It’s […]

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max to feature 1TB storage option

Another Apple event and we have a new iPhone and iOS operating system. The stars of the show were undoubtedly the new iPhone 13 Mini, Standard, Pro and Pro Max. It looks like Apple decided not to mix things up too much with the new iPhone because it looks almost identical to its predecessor. However, […]

Apple releases important security patches for its devices in a bid to thwart the NSO group

If you are a regular reader of Techzim or just love to read and know about tech then you are probably familiar with the Israeli company known as NSO Group. No? This security company has a product known as the Pegasus suite which it sells to governments and authorities around the world. The software allows […]

Social media networks should copy TikTok’s new notification model

Social media sites can be entertaining, useful for work and downright exhilarating but like any other drug, they can be exhaustive and addictive. For most of us our phones, tablets and laptops are an extension of ourselves. We cannot live without them, put them down or ignore them. That can be very unhealthy and TikTok […]

Apple is apparently giving the Chinese govt control over local user data

Is Apple cozying up to the Chinese government?

4 tech gift ideas for your Valentine

Here are 4 tech gift ideas to spoil your Valentine on the 14th.

Apple, the iPhone and the BatteryGate

Battery & CPU throttling and being phased out of the update ecosystem, one of the many ways Apple & other smartphone makers get you to upgrade.

Apple reportedly working on its own search engine

Apple has reportedly stepped up efforts on its own search engine. In a report by the Financial Times, Apple has started to show search results and link directly to websites when users type queries from its home screen. This was revealed in the latest version of iOS 14. “In a little-noticed change to the latest […]

World’s most popular game removed from Apple & Google Play Store

Yesterday was a pretty bad day for Fortnite. The battle royale game which has been downloaded over 2 billion times from Apple and Google’s Stores respectively was removed from both platforms. What did Epic Games do? The Fortnite developer pushed an update that allowed users on iOS and Android devices to bypass Apple and Android’s […]

Big Tech needs regulation and why you should care

Four of the biggest tech companies in the world were dragged before American Congress recently to testify on abuse of their power with regards to anti-trust. Well this sounds American so why should any of us care when we have our own problems at home? I will give you a tip, you can become geo-independent […]

iOS apps crashing on launch

According to multiple reports a number of iOS apps are crashing. Tinder, TikTok, Pinterest and many others according to Downdetector are all crashing when ever users try to open the apps. Although the cause of the problem is not yet known, according to The Verge, one theory is that the outages are being caused by […]

Video: Apple & Google installed a COVID-19 tracker in everyone’s phone

In a bid to fight the spread of COVID-19, Google and Apple partnered up to add a COVID-19 contact tracing feature into Android and iOS. Here is how you can find it as well as how it will work. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney […]

Apple devices that will get iOS 14, iPadOS 14, WatchOS7 and Big Sur

Last nights Apple Worldwide Developer’s revealed a host of new and exciting features that will come with their new operating systems. Apple hasn’t yet confirmed a release date for when the new software will roll out. Till then, here is a list of devices getting the new software: iPhones iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone […]

Apple WWDC 2020 highlights, new features coming to iPhones, iPads and more

Here are some highlights from Apple’s WWDC 2020. iOS 14 iOS 14 looks just the same as the iOS13 except the reworked widgets, these widgets are richer and filled with more data. Widgets in iOS 14 can be part of the regular apps in your pages, and they can also be resized. There is a […]

Apple’s WWDC Is Happening Today, Things To Look Out For

Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference is happening today at 7pm Local Time. The conference, because of the global pandemic is now going virtual. You can stream the event on Apple’s YouTube account. Here’s what to look out for Operating System Updates This event is usually where Apple announces updates and new features to their operating systems. […]

Apple & Google’s Contact Tracing Software Will Be Ready In A Few Days

A fortnight ago, Apple and Google announced that they were working on software that would help with contact tracing for Coronavirus; In this spirit of collaboration, Google and Apple are announcing a joint effort to enable the use of Bluetooth technology to help governments and health agencies reduce the spread of the virus, with user […]

Apple Considering iPhone 12 Delay Because Of Coronavirus Impact

Every September, Apple releases a new iPhone series. This September expectation was they would launch again but that has now been cast into doubt due to the novel Coronavirus’ continued spread across the globe. Apple is reportedly preparing for a delay of the iPhone 12 phones – though a final decision is yet to be […]

Sales Of Galaxy S20 Affected By Corona Virus – Samsung

Samsung has said that the first day sales of their Galaxy S20 series of devices were heavily affected by the Corona Virus. The S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra were announced earlier this month with the sale commencing in South Korea last Friday. Whilst the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series managed to sale 140 000 […]

Apple Brings Free App With Coding Basics To Macs

Apple’s Swift Playgrounds is now available for free on Macs. Though the application was developed for the iPad and released back in 2016 it will now work on Macs. The application is meant to make it easier for aspiring Apple developers to learn the basics of the Swift language. According to the app description users […]

Apple Fined For Slowing Down Older Phones & Not Informing Consumers

For a long time iPhone and tech enthusiasts believed that once Apple announced a new iPhone device, older devices would slow down and start working less efficiently. In 2017, this was proven to be the case after a US teenager discovered that Apple was slowing its devices down in order to preserve battery life. Not […]

Trump Says We Helped Apple With Trade, They Should Help Us Catch Criminals

President Trump… What can I say about the fella that hasn’t already been said? He loves Twitter tirades and it seems his next target in that regard is Apple. We are helping Apple all of the time on TRADE and so many other issues, and yet they refuse to unlock phones used by killers, drug […]

Apple’s iOS 13.3 Allows Parents To Limit Who Their Kids Can Text & Call

Apple’s newly released iOS 13.3 has built-in parental controls giving parents the ability to limit who their children can call, text and facetime (video call). Parents can also manage their children’s contact list. Parents can also apply a different set of limitations on calls and messaging during the child’s permitted screen time and their downtime […]

iPhone 6S Component Failure Leading To Failure To Turn On The Device

We all know how popular second-hand phones – especially iPhones are in Zim. Unfortunately, if you have an iPhone 6S that was manufactured between October 2018 and August 2019 you might run into serious trouble. The Apple devices manufactured during this period might be affected by component failure which leads to failure to turn on. […]

Why Is The iPhone 11 US$699?!

I mean how does it even make sense? WHAT IS APPLE DOING? Considering the fact that Apple has bumped up the price of their iPhones at every launch. Why do this now? Let’s slow down a bit. In fact let’s slow it waaay down. In the days of yesteryear when the late Steve Jobs was […]

Google Working On ShareIt Alternative & AirDrop Competitor Fast Beam

ShareIt is a pretty brilliant application but it’s become pretty frustrating to use over the past few years. With constant ads and notifications, I’ve found myself using it less and less. Fast Beam is what Google hopes will replace ShareIt and act as Android’s version of AirDrop. The application which 9To5Google got their hands on […]

Apple & Other Global Companies Request US Government Not To Impose Tariffs On Their Products

A number of tech companies in the US have written to the Trump Administration this week asking the government NOT to hit the products they produce with additional tariffs as the US-China trade war seems to be on the verge of escalating. When Trump’s administration put Huawei under a trade ban a few weeks ago, […]

iPhone Users, The Next Version Of iOS promises Apps That Are 50% Smaller

If you live in a country where internet data comes at a premium (Zimbabwe is on that list) you’ll be happy to know that the next version of iOS is coming with some features that’ll allow you to spend much more data when it comes to installing and updating applications on your iPhone. During the […]

Apple’s Most Recent Event Shows The Tech Giant Has Some Similarities To Econet

How many times have you heard the phrase, “The world is a global village.” Probably a lot. When Marshall McLuhan, who Google search credits as the originator of that saying, uttered those words he was describing how the world has been shrunk by modern advances in communication tools. This simple and overly used phrase – […]

Apple Unveils Its Own Credit-card: The Apple Card

Apple announced on Monday that it will be rolling out a new product called Apple Card. It’s an innovative and fully functioning credit card that will work worldwide and be built directly into the Apple Pay wallet app on the iPhone. The Apple Card will also come as a physical titanium card which will have […]