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Meet Sika, the app to dial a barber or hairdresser from your home

Alistair Holmes spent a few months at home during that lockdown that left everyone who could not forge a letter of passage stranded at home. After a while, he started looking like Chewbacca and the ladies did not like that (his mom obviously). Now, with his barber locked down on the other end of the […]

Upgrading to Android 11 will break your favourite apps

Google engineers are sometimes like your mother cleaning your room unsolicited. You swear you left your magazines (let’s just call them National Geographic mags but we both know they aren’t) under your pillow. The spot was perfect, quick access for when you need to use them. Now comes the tricky part. You cannot ask your […]

App developers, apply for AppsAfrica Innovation Awards 2020

Entries are now open for the sixth annual AppsAfrica Innovation Awards which celebrate the best in mobile and technology from across Africa, showcasing the continents best innovations across 12 categories. The Awards continue to be a leading barometer of innovation across the continent and provide finalists and winners with global publicity, recognition and networking with industry leaders and investors. […]

Frustrated At Having To Remember USSD Codes For EcoCash? Try This App Instead

USSD menus are pretty outdated when you consider the way we usually navigate on smartphones. The fact that you have to remember the codes and then the clunky interface which is prone to user error – the experience is mostly forgetable. But since USSDs offer real utility they are not going anywhere anytime soon so […]

This App Provides Medical Workers With Ventilator Training

Several of the world’s ventilator manufacturers have formed a Ventilator Training Alliance (VTA) and partnered with Allego to create a mobile app that frontline medical providers can use to access a centralized repository of ventilator training resources. The VTA App connects respiratory therapists, nurses and other medical professionals with ventilator training resources from alliance member […]

[Update] FBC Updates Their Banking App With A Host Of Features

FBC has updated its banking app bringing a host of new features that will undoubtedly be of use to its clients. The “enhanced FBC Mobile Moola” app will bring a redesigned interface, security improvements from biometric authentication and the ability to block your card remotely giving customers more control over their safety. It would be […]

Local Streaming Service Buddie Beatz Had Already Signed Up 280 000 Customers By August 2019

Econet’s results for the half-year ending on 31 August recently came out and whilst there’s always a number of interesting points to take away – one of which was the fact that Buddie Beatz had 280 000 by the half-year point. Buddie Beatz is Econet’s streaming service and the platform is taking aim at the […]

CityParking Postpones Launch Of “Much Awaited” App To January

CityParking has announced that its app that was in development will no longer be released this year due to some challenges with in-app payments. The self-service app will now be released in January instead: Seasons greetings! The launch of the much awaited mobile app has delayed owing to challenges faced by one of the key […]

This App By The Ministry Of Education Trains Teachers To Use ICT For Learning

Whilst browsing the Ministry of Education’s website, I came across an interesting application called ICT Essentials. Whilst the application certainly isn’t new (last updated in June 2018) it was my first time coming across it and I found it interesting. Upon downloading it I realised the application is supposed to help teachers who want to […]

Instant EcoCash App Adds Local Language Support

We’ve talked about Instant EcoCash before. It’s a brilliant application that allows users to ditch the EcoCash app which requires data and gives pretty extensive functionality. Outside of all this existing functionality, Instant EcoCash is adding a new accessibility feature that will instantly make it more appealing to a wide number of users. The newest […]

Cassava Launches Maisha Medik Again, No Longer Ada But Still A White Labelled App

Last year Cassava Smartech made a lot of noise about Maisha Medik – a health assistant that was supposed to help you identify illnesses in their early stages. The app was supposed to be called Maisha Medik powered by Ada but searching in the Google Store, Maisha Medik was nowhere to be found whilst Ada […]

Standard Chartered Adds Mobile Keyboard & EcoCash Self-Service To Their Banking App

Back in July, Standard Chartered launched their SC Mobile Banking application which does a lot of the stuff you used to visit the branch for on your phone. Added to this application is a keyboard that has features which enable users to send money, pay bills & view their balances directly from any app with […]

iPhone Users, The Next Version Of iOS promises Apps That Are 50% Smaller

If you live in a country where internet data comes at a premium (Zimbabwe is on that list) you’ll be happy to know that the next version of iOS is coming with some features that’ll allow you to spend much more data when it comes to installing and updating applications on your iPhone. During the […]

EcoLedger Passes 100K Downloads Making It One Of Zim’s Most Popular Financial Service Apps

A year ago, EcoLedger was launched and though it was revolutionary I wouldn’t have pictured it growing as fast as it has. In the 12 months since the application that allows you to track your EcoCash transactions has garnered over 100 000 downloads making it one of the most popular financial service applications. In fact, […]

Econet Aggressively Pushing Us To Install Their Apps. Beneficial?

Over the past few months, Econet has been aggressively moving into a number of different fields; health, transport, and media. The respective launches of Maisha (or Ada), Kwese iflix, Vaya and Yo Mix all have some similarity. All these services are app-based which means unlike EcoFarmer or EcoCash which are predominantly USSD services, Econet is […]

Here’s A List Of Apps That Are Tracking You Even When They Don’t Have Permission

If you use an Android device you’ll notice that when you install applications there’s a set of permissions that you grant these apps. These permissions need to be checked closely because they could result in data breaches and unlawful sharing of user data without user consent. Unfortunately, there are some apps that will continue sharing […]

Bulawayo Chiefs FC’s App Is Quite Brilliant & Other Teams Should Follow Suit

I don’t follow Zimbabwean football closely, and this is something I’m working on, but when it comes to club football I have two favourites. Highlanders are and have been my main team since childhood (no I’m not Ndebele, neither have I stayed in Bulawayo) and it so happens that my second favourite team is Bulawayo […]

Instant EcoCash Is A Useful App That Makes USSD Codes A Thing Of The Past

So the official EcoCash App is a great alternative to USSD. The only problem with the application is that though it’s supposed to be zero-rated it seems your mileage will vary. On my phone it works quite perfectly but it seems all my colleagues have a hard time actually getting it to work when they […]

Have A Hard Time Putting Your Phone Down? This App Might Just Be The Answer

Just from general discussions, I get the idea that most people have a love-hate relationship with their smartphones. They love the abundance of things they can get to do nowadays because of these pocket rockets. Unfortunately -on the flip side of things- most of us seem to hate the fact that simply putting our phones […]

Google Wallpapers Is The Best Wallpaper Application On Android

Ok that’s a brave claim considering that if there’s anything that’s abundantly available on the Google Play Store then wallpaper apps are high up that list. I’ve been using Google Wallpapers for most of 2018 and a part of last year and I think a lot of other users agree with my assertion of this […]

Google Removes Irritating Conversation View From Gmail’s Mobile App

You may think you don’t know ‘conversation view’ but trust me, you do. If you use Gmail, you’ve probably opened up a recently received email and before you know it you’re going through a thread of emails with the hopes of finding the mail you just got. That, ladies and gentleman is conversation view for […]

Google Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Apps On The Play Store

When Facebook announced that they would be allowing cryptocurrency advertisements back on Facebook, I thought Google would follow suit and bring back the ads to Google ads as well. My thinking at the  time was, “Google and Facebook are rivals when it comes to advertising. Google will probably follow suit so that Facebook doesn’t take […]

Locally Developed News App Competes With Opera News And Stands Its Ground

When I wrote about the Opera News application one of the readers highlighted that they had worked on a news application that was similar to this. Once I knew this was on the market I felt I had to give this application a look. It turns out there are some advantages this application holds over […]

Apple Music Student comes to Zim. Students get half price.

  All the University/College students who use the Apple Music streaming service have reason to celebrate. Apple Music has extended its Student Membership to 82 new countries, including Zimbabwe. Right now the Student Membership is available in 79 countries. The other 3 countries will get the feature on the 26th of February. So, what’s the […]

The Apps That Hog Your Storage And What To Do.

  Videos and Photos taken on one’s mobile device are usually the major culprits when it comes to storage issues. There are also applications that are infamous for how much storage they take up. According to Sensor Tower, App demand has grown by over 1000% over the past 4 years. Sensor Tower, the leading app analytics platform, […]

A lighter Version Of Google Maps Is Now Available For Testing

Google Maps Go, the lightweight version of Google Maps is targeted at developing countries. The app works on devices with memory limitations and on less reliable connections without compromising speed, and accuracy. The introduction of Maps Go is in tune with Google’s recent approach of introducing lite apps for lower-end devices. We covered Youtube Go and now take […]

These Are The Apps I Couldn’t Do Without In 2017

We have Apple to thank for the current app lifestyle we have. That is despite the Android Market coming before Apple’s App Store. The iPhone made it so that everyone was talking about the best app, the coolest new app and so on. Smartphones made it seem like apps only came about with this current […]

WhatsApp almost half of all mobile data traffic in Zimbabwe

Last year, Techzim wrote an article titled “WhatsApp IS the internet in Zimbabwe, accounts for 34% of mobile internet traffic“. It was after the local telecoms regulator in the country, POTRAZ, had provided statistics showing the apps dominance. That dominance is only increasing. This week POTRAZ released some new numbers that show that WhatsApp now […]

ZimBorderguide: An app to ease duty stress at Zimbabwe’s borders

For those who are big on importing or export goods, here is some good news for you; a new mobile app by ZimBorderGuide known as MyTaxmate helps with tax issues at the borders. The MyTaxMate app has a number of utilities which include easy access to ZIMRA’s e-services; a duty calculator; the tax payment calendar, […]

Computer Society of Zimbabwe to host a Bulawayo Business Conference

The other time, I flagged on how tech events have lower attendance compared to other “unproductive” events, which is a cause for concern considering how tech is pivotal at both the individual and country level economically. Anyway, I won’t dwell much on that since the issue was already articulated in that article. So instead, I […]