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An overview of fibre in Zimbabwe: What can we expect in 2015?

Let’s take a second to look at what the Zimbabwean broadband internet landscape was like around 2009 and 2010. We didn’t have as many options as we have now for internet access, largely because of the limited infrastructure developments. Home internet packages hadn’t been snapped up by a large part of the population that was […]

YoAfrica drops broadband internet price to $50 uncapped

There’s some good news we’re discovering as the year comes to an end. YoAfrica, one of the biggest internet service providers in Zimbabwe, has slashed its home broadband internet offering to US $50 a month. And if a customer pays for a whole year (which we don’t advise by the way) the price drops further to $42 a month.

Africom and Valley Technologies to launch mobile phone networks

News tips we’re getting are all suggesting strongly that Internet Access Providers (IAPs), Africom and Valley Technologies will be launching mobile phone networks soon. “Soon” here could ofcourse mean anything from a couple of weeks (at best) to a few months. We’re guessing, from what we know so far, the most would be 2 months.

Aquiva Wireless now offering WiMax, Fibre and VSAT connectivity, to launch VoIP

We were at Aquiva Wireless in Harare the other day, talking to the founding team about developments at the Internet Access Provider. There are some interesting developments alright; it’s Mobile WiMax offerings, fibre, VSAT and some VoIP services to launch in a few months.

ZOL and Yo Africa announce strategic alliance

Today, ZOL and Yo Africa, two of Zimbabwe’s biggest ISPs have announced that they have entered a “strategic alliance” in which the two ISPs will combine some operating resources to lower the costs of service delivery.

Aquiva Closes US $7.2m Deal With HUAWEI

Today, news came out that Aquiva Wireless has sealed a telecoms deal worth US $7.2m with Chinese telecoms equipment giant Huawei Technologies. The deal itself is for the establishment of 92 bases stations for broadband Internet. This effectively sets Aquiva Wireless on a growth path to compete with Internet Access Providers that have extensive infrastructure in the country like Africom, Ecoweb, PowerTel, Telecontract and TelOne.

New Internet Access Provider Calls For Cable Trenches Construction Bids

About a week ago, we saw a call for bids for the construction of long distance cable trenches nationwide. The tendering company is called Aquiva. Virtually unknown in the telecommunications industry, Aquiva proudly asserts that they are “set to roll out services soon”. It’s not clear what kind of communication services this “nationwide cable project” […]