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Tag: Area 120

Gaming On A Low-End Phone? Google’s GameSnacks Has The Solution For You

If you’re a gamer but you’re relying on a low-budget smartphone you’ll know the pain of not being able to run games on your phone. Area 120 – Google’s workshop for experimental projects has released a library of games that are meant to work on low-end smartphones. The name – GameSnacks – is of significance […]

Google Has An App To Help You Learn Programming And It’s Free!

Area 120 -the internal incubator of Google- has released a mobile app for beginner-coders, Grasshopper. The app is meant to teach beginners JavaScript. The best part of all this is it’s entirely free. Free to download, and the courses are free as well so this is a perfect way to learn and see if this […]

You can now signup for experimental products from Google’s Area 120

Google has just announced that it their in-house startup incubator,¬†Area 120, is now open to the public. You can visit the website to sign up for you to be able to test and access some of the experimental products that they come up with. The company has also announced a new project called Advr which […]