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Zim AI Expert Creates App That Helps To Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease

Babusi Nyoni is an interesting guy. From creating the “world’s first AI football commentator” for UEFA in 2016 to working with the United Nations on a number of artificial intelligence-related projects, it’s fair to call the Zimbabwean an Artificial Intelligence expert. The same man worked with triple black agency to develop an application that can […]

Microsoft’s Model Suggests 8 Steps For Businesses To Successfully Implement AI

Microsoft developed the AI 360° model to help companies trying to adopt artificial intelligence get the most out of the technology. The model was designed with 3 primary uses in mind: As a strategic model for guiding investment in AI To support digital transformation planning To identify where AI is currently being implemented in your […]

CEO Loses $243K After Fraudsters Use Artificial Intelligence To Impersonate His Boss’s Voice

When you think you’ve seen at all and have guarded against the popular fraud tricks, fraudsters invent other elusive tricks to swindle out your money.A Wall Street Journal report revealed that cybercriminals successfully stole $243,000 USD by impersonating the voice of the chief executive of a UK based energy firm, and then requesting a transfer […]

Local “Artificial Intelligence For Business” Course To Be Held In September

Information technology and software services company Softclick Investments is hosting an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business course from the 24th of September to 26 October at Batanai Gardens. The course is supposed to provide “practical, comprehensive training that enables participants to immediately and effectively partake in enterprise AI projects.” Who is the course for? The […]

Deep learning & powerful hardware – what we need for Artificial Intelligence in Zimbabwe

Your head can do 10 quadrillion calculations per second. Whatever tech will do to match this kind of human brain computational power on the road to AGI, it must match the convenience of a human brain both in size and resources which you and I have between the ears.

Artificial Intelligence is evolving right now – here’s how

Still, there’s a lot that these AI systems can do. Government and municipalities like the City of Harare which has a vision to attain world class city status should apply these systems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already here in Zimbabwe – this is what we need to know about it

Just about every industry imaginable has something AI related going in. This ranges from deep sea mining, the military-industrial complex to tech giants making sense of big data churned-out, daily, online.