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Opportunities presented by Zimbabwe’s rollout of a National Electronic Health Record system

Since February 2015, the Ministry of Health and Child Care with help of funding partners has been designing, developing, and testing an electronic health record (EHR) system, named “Impilo”. This is meant to reduce the current burden of paper data collection for health workers and ultimately improve the quality of care in public health facilities.  […]

Why Is Google Translate So Terrible Translating Shona/Ndebele?

If you’re on Twitter, you might have come across Tweets with users questioning what Google translates before translating a local language like Shona to English. If you’re in the camp that’s not at all familiar with how terrible Google Translate is at translating shona/ndebele let me get you upto to speed. I’ll need you to […]

African AI Platform To Host Webinar On How Machine Learning Can Be Used To Fight COVID-19

Zindi the data science platform that connects data scientists and people who need their problems solved is hosting a free webinar titled “From Models to Medical Care: in conversation with epidemiologists on the scientific frontlines.“ The webinar will see 3 epidemiologists; Prof Wim Delva, Dr Brooke Nichols and Dr Elaine Nsoesie discuss how machine learning […]

Google’s Teachable Machine Makes Artificial Intelligence Accessible To Everyone

Google’s Teachable Machine is a pretty exciting concept. If you’re interested in Artificial intelligence but you’ve never dared wander into that realm because all that sciency stuff is… well, sciency, then Google’s Teachable Machine description will provide relief when you read it: A fast, easy way to create machine learning models for your sites, apps, […]

Zim AI Expert Creates App That Helps To Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease

Babusi Nyoni is an interesting guy. From creating the “world’s first AI football commentator” for UEFA in 2016 to working with the United Nations on a number of artificial intelligence-related projects, it’s fair to call the Zimbabwean an Artificial Intelligence expert. The same man worked with triple black agency to develop an application that can […]

Alibaba Claims They’ve Developed A 96% Accurate AI That Detects Corona In Seconds

China’s tech giant Alibaba is claiming they’ve developed an Artificial Intelligence system that can diagnose the Coronavirus within seconds with 96% accuracy. The AI system allegedly detects the virus in CT scans of patients’ chests, only taking 20 seconds to be able to tell whether or not a patient is positive for the virus. Usually, […]

Microsoft’s Sketch2Code Turns Whiteboard Sketches Into Code

I’m not a coder so I’m not entirely in-the-know when it comes to coder workflows but what I do know is that a significant portion of guys and girls who code value their whiteboard. That’s where a portion of the magic happens apparently. According to Microsoft what happens on the whiteboard needs to get translated […]

Applications For 2020 Facebook AI Residency Program Open

Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Residency Program is a one-year research training position designed to give participants hands-on experience with artificial intelligence research while working in Facebook AI. The program will pair you with an AI Researcher and Engineer who will both guide your project. With the team, you will pick a research problem of mutual […]

Why Cybersecurity Is Vital For A Driverless Future

Driverless cars are, without a doubt, the future of mobility. They will help us unlock potential in the auto as well as transportation industries.  Of course, artificial intelligence (AI) has been tested in other industries and has shown great potential in making the world a better, more functional place and because autonomous vehicles are built […]

China Now Has a Robot Traffic Police Force

China has taken its expertise in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to the next level by deploying traffic robots in the real world. Those living in Northern China would probably be caught by robots for overspeeding on the roads next time. These traffic robots are made possible by the combined application of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, […]

CashBot Promises To Save You As Much As 62% On EcoCash Charges

If you go to the Google Play Store and search for CashBot you’ll be met with a pretty humble description that doesn’t fully explain the impact of this application. The store description reads: The CashBot app allows you to save money when transacting on Mobile Money in Zimbabwe. Our algorithms find the optimum amounts you […]

African Data Science Platform Hosting US$8 000 Competition In Partnership With Microsoft

We’ve written about Zindi before, the platform puts up AI/Data science problems that they pay African’s for solving. It’s quite the platform and if you’re an AI professional (or fanatic), it’s something you need to closely follow. The platform has partnered with Microsoft and Wazihub to advance the use of tech for agricultural resilience and […]

Users Training WeChat’s Image Recognition System Without Knowing

Some research published has brought to light the fact that WeChat users are unknowingly contributing to a database of blacklisted images as part of Chinese efforts to censor the internet. Due to the fact that Chinese companies have to monitor content on their platforms to avoid getting in the government’s bad books, once you consider […]

Strive Masiyiwa Says Don’t Listen To Nonsense About AI Taking People’s Jobs

You may know of a popular fella by the name Strive Masiyiwa, he’s done some pretty significant things in telecoms both inside and out of Zimbabwe. Recently, Mr Masiyiwa took to his Facebook and reflected on the impact that software and subsequently programming and AI have had on our lives over the past few years. […]

Microsoft To Build Development Centres In Africa Over The Next 5 Years

Microsoft has shared their plans to construct development centres at a cost of more than 100 million in the next half-decade. The development centres in Africa are supposed to work with Microsoft’s local partners and government. Microsoft also hopes to hire engineers from these centres. The initial sites for the development centres will be in […]

Standard Bank Closing 91 Branches, The Robots Are Here To Take Our Jobs!

Dramatic title aside, automation has been a very touchy subject over the past few years and recent developments at Standard Bank SA won’t do anything to halt people’s animosity towards the digital transition the world is going through right now. The bank has announced that they will be closing off 91 branches and this is […]

Google Translate Is Getting Much Better At Translating Shona

Most of Google’s technologies have always been awesome but if you speak a language that’s not as popular as the likes of French, Spanish, Hindi and a bunch of other “significant” languages then you may feel a tad bit left out. We’ve all seen hilarious translations of English to Shona on Google and apart from […]

The Potential Of Artificial Intelligence In The Retail Market

With the advancement of scientific technologies, we have come across a various scientific contribution in recent times. This scientific approach has surely influenced human nature and with recent studies show that the decisions we make are influenced by the technology around us. A strong example of this is the retail industry and the latest integration of […]

How Foot Analytics Can Help Retailers In Developing Countries Understand Customer Behavior

Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the most common buzzwords that are often thrown around even by some novices in the tech industry just to sound smart or to evade having to explain the things they don’t even understand themselves [ I hope it’s not the case with me here 🙂 ]. Nevertheless, […]

Podcast On AfricaCom 2018 Covering Artificial Intelligence, A Smart Feature Phone, Startups And 5G

From 13 – 15 November, AfricaCom 2018 was held at the Cape Town International Convention Center. What did the 21st edition of Africa’s largest telecoms conference have in store for delegates? Here are some of our highlights from the event covering artificial intelligence, a smart feature phone, startup funding and 5G in Africa. Quick NetOne, […]

You Shouldn’t Trust Artificial Intelligence With Making Big Decisions, Thoughts From AfricaCom 2018

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic here at AfricaCom 2018 in Cape Town and we just took a look at whether you would trust artificial intelligence to be your lawyer? That discussion left me with a fundamental question. Should we entrust artificial intelligence to make big decisions? AI is quite amazing, you give it data, […]

AfricaCom 2018: Would You Trust Artificial Intelligence To Be Your Lawyer?

So day 1 of AfricaCom 2018 has officially wrapped up and kicked off the Artificial Intelligence Summit which is already proving to be thought-provoking. Some of the talks that were held as part of the AI Summit day 1 were: “Going beyond business – how can AI help to digitize Africa’s communities?”, “Building an autonomous […]

7 Talks I’m Looking Forward To At AfricaCom 2018

It’s that time of the year again, AfricaCom is back in Cape Town from 13 – 15 November for its 21st edition. Just like in 2017, the 3-day event promises to bring a wide range of talks covering FinTech, Internet of Things, 5G and smart cities among other topics. Unlike the previous year, AfricaCom 2018 […]

So You Want To Learn AI And You Don’t Know Where To Start?

I’m probably sure you have seen or read a jillion articles that have a similar title to this one. So what makes this one different? I know what I’m talking about! Not only that, it will give you a direction if you decide to start learning AI; and if you want links to tutorials, we […]

This Platform Pays Africans For Solving African Problems Using Data Science

We’ve heard the craze surrounding big data, AI and data science as a whole, but we haven’t seen is the effects of data science being felt in Africa the same way other continents are embracing the tech… Zindi is a startup looking to change that and I believe their initiative will go a long way […]

Econet Introduces Digital Health Assistant To Help You Identify Illnesses Earlier

At the end of May, Econet released their financial results and included in the results was a sneak peek of products to come soon. Among the products promised was a car insurance service and a digital health assistant that would identify the symptoms of sickness. The health platform came about as a partnership with German […]

Developers Are An Important Part Of The Data Science And Smart Cities Conversation In Zimbabwe: Thoughts After The FB Developer Circle Meetup

So the last time the Harare Facebook Developer Circle held a meetup, it was an artificial intelligence masterclass and well as the name says it was a bit too technical even for the seasoned developers who attended. Now, the meetup held today at Impact Hub catered for everyone regardless of skill level. The meetup was […]

Google Teaching Machine Learning and AI For FREE

Google is now offering an Introductory course on Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) for free on its new Learn With AI site. Google hopes the site will be a hub of information for AI and ML. The site is intended to be a resource for everyone from beginners to advanced researchers. Google claims the site […]

Harare Facebook Developer Circle Hosts An AI Masterclass And Virtual Reality Demos

Today at Impact Hub Harare, the Harare Facebook Developer Circle held the second workshop of AI Masterclass, a program of 5 workshops on artificial intelligence created by the amazing experts at AI Research Lab of Facebook (FAIR). The workshop continued on from where the first workshop left off, which was held last year in November, […]

Using Emotional Intelligent Robots to detect lies.

According to Dr Paul Ekman, clinical psychologist who is an expert lie detector, our facial expressions for emotion are innate, universal and nearly impossible to conceal. When we’re lying about emotion, pretending to be happy when we’re sad, for example-microexpressions can flash across our faces before we can get a hold of them. These involuntary […]