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Using Emotional Intelligent Robots to detect lies.

According to Dr Paul Ekman, clinical psychologist who is an expert lie detector, our facial expressions for emotion are innate, universal and nearly impossible to conceal. When we’re lying about emotion, pretending to be happy when we’re sad, for example-microexpressions can flash across our faces before we can get a hold of them. These involuntary […]

Facebook set out to curb suicide using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Over the years, our socialisation skills and tendencies have changed. As we have all witnessed in this age, social has been translated to digital and no doubt the internet is playing a significant role in all that. Now you can literally follow through people’s lives through social media. You can know where they traveled to, […]

Should potential job losses from automation and artificial intelligence worry you?

As technology advances, the mixed feelings are getting real. The excitement of progress and man’s self-satisfaction is coming at the expense of things like “ethics” and jobs. I’ve been following some conversation on this matter, but because ethics have become extremely subjective, let me talk about jobs briefly instead. We’ll talk about issues revolving around […]

Online dating in a world that has chat bots that really sound like humans

This is a different world from that lived by our grandparents or our parents in their childhood either. People no longer expect to only meet their soul mates at church or such and definitely not at the well. There are now several places to ‘hook up’ or to meet and build strong relationships. These places […]

AI now being used to make social media safer and friendlier

The battle against Internet troll, bullies and cyber terrorists has turned in favor of social media applications as they start using artificial intelligence to make the Internet safer and friendlier for all ages. Recently, Instagram announced that their comments sections are now being monitored and maintained by AI. Some people say that the feature had […]

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning – Why should you care?

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In the tech space, these terms have been used a lot and sometimes interchangeably without understanding what they mean. So what is all the fuss about? Before we get to why you should care, let us first clear up the confusion of what each is all about and […]

PRESS RELEASE: African tech startup creates robot that automatically wrote AFCON stories…

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already here in Zimbabwe – this is what we need to know about it

Just about every industry imaginable has something AI related going in. This ranges from deep sea mining, the military-industrial complex to tech giants making sense of big data churned-out, daily, online.

Zimbabwe doesn’t need apps, it needs bots instead

Using the same third party integration to maximise on the attention that is given to these specific services, developers catering for Zimbabwe need to create solutions around WhatsApp and Facebook instead of independent applications that would otherwise be overlooked.

Zimbabwean developer creates a way for users to access the internet through WhatsApp

A local developer and tech security buff, Trevor Sibanda, decided to develop his own bot service, called Zimbot. He has fashioned it around content that is specific to a Zimbabwean audience. So far he has been trying out its demo version and gathering feedback from the pilot users to fine tune the bot service.