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Finally ZIMRA Is Updating System After Losing Millions

ZIMRA’s problematic Asycuda system is finally getting updated. Asycuda(Automated System for Customs Data) is a system that is meant to automate customs processes on the importation/exportation of goods. It also compiles accurate trade statistics. The system is used in over 90 countries but Zimra’s Commissioner-General, Ms. Faith Mazani admitted that the system in use in Zim was 11 […]

Public Notice: ZIMRA Apologises For Systems Failure, Guarantees To Restore Operations

ZIMRA’s systems have been down for over a month now. Operations have been heavily affected and the most visibly at the borders, Beitbridge border post to be more precise. This unfortunately is/was the worst time for the system to be down seeing that December always has high traffic coming from South Africa (for the festive […]

ZIMRA Continues To Lose Millions Of Dollars Due To The Online System Failure (Asycuda)

Initially, ZIMRA’s e-services platform (Asycuda – Automated System for Customs Data) was experiencing glitches here and there, but we were quick to forgive seeing that there’s nothing perfect under the sun anyway. In December 2017, we reported on how the system had finally given up its ghost, and even then it seemed like a temporary situation, […]

Beitbridge Delays: ZIMRA Losing Millions Because Of Bureaucracy In Procurement Procedures

You might be aware that there are long queues over at the Beitbridge border post because ZIMRA’s Asycuda system is down. We wrote about how ZIMRA employees are having to manually record import and export documents which is slow as you can imagine. All borders are affected but Beitbridge being the busiest border in Southern Africa […]