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[Updated] Econet Launching Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt On 12 February

Econet has just announced that from 12 February, subscribers will be able to take part in an Augmented Reality (AR) treasure hunt. Those of you who follow tech trends may know Pokemon Go the extremely popular AR game that drove a large part of the world crazy a few years ago and that’s what I […]

Digital Lab Africa Opens Applications For Its Accelerator For Content Creators

4th edition of Digital Lab Africa: DLA is calling all African creatives to submit their projects in animation, video game, digital art, immersive realities and music. On January 13th, 2020, Digital Lab Africa (DLA) – the reference platform for next-gen content in Africa – launched its call for applications #4. Any creatives and cultural entrepreneurs from […]

Wanna Kicks Is An AR App That Lets You Try On Sneakers

There are things that are certain in life. The sun rises from the east. We drink to quench our thirst and smart rinotangira kutsoka. Don’t ask me why that’s the case – I don’t make the rules. Whilst the first two certainties I mentioned don’t need much mulling over, the third one requires that you […]

Local Artists To Host Free Digital Painting & Augmented Reality Workshop

You probably haven’t heard of Wada Collective but this group of artists is doing seriously cool things in the world of art and after attending one of their Augmented Reality artist talks earlier today I was left in awe. Basically, Wada collective is a group of Zimbabweans artists focused on bringing forward art in new […]

You Can Now Add “Cartoons” In Videos Thanks To Google

Google has followed in the footsteps of Facebook in adding an augmented reality mode in its Motion Stills application. Motion Stills is an app that enables you to take short videos and transform them into GIFs and fast-forward videos with an advanced stabilization feature. The app is basically a GIF camera with fancy software tricks. In the default […]

Facebook Opens Up AR Studio For You To Create Augmented Reality Experiences

You know those cool effects you can use to add a wizard hat on your head or breathe fire out of your mouth? Well, now you can make them yourself and showcase your creative powers on Facebook. Facebook recently announced that they’re opening up their AR Studio which will allow you to create these augmented […]

Hey Creative, Snapchat Wants To Showcase Your Art In Their App

Snapchat recently introduced a new feature which uses augmented reality (AR) to showcase art from various creative people. You’ve probably seen augmented reality working in Snapchat when you select the dog ears face filter or any other face filter. Now, with Snapchat’s new implementation of AR, you are able to walk around the world and […]

Snapchat adds Sky Filters that transform the sky in your pictures

Snapchat recently a new feature to their social media app. The feature is called Sky Filters and it automatically detects the sky in your images and then adds a filter on top to completely alter the look of the environment and the sky. Sky Filters uses augmented reality to do all that. If you use […]

A new kind of smartphone: the holographic media machine from RED

Yesterday, RED announced their new device which is a smartphone that promises to be a holographic media machine. The camera manufacturing company which is well known among cinematographers has decided to take a try at providing a device which allows people to view 3D images in addition to the usual 2D graphics that many devices show.  […]

What is virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality? – Let’s take a look

Just like artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning; the terms virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality have been used a lot in the tech space. Whenever you see something being mentioned a lot or being done by a lot of the major tech companies, it must mean something more than just playing around. […]