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Another Cryptocurrency Startup Launches in Zimbabwe: ZimboCash

Although the central bank, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) succeeded in banning cryptocurrency trading, they failed to kill the cryptocurrency fanatic’s spirit, or rather their entrepreneurial spirit. Now a certain start-up has upstaged ‘RBZ’s ban’ by launching a cryptocurrency called ZIMBOCASH. Obviously, that’s much to the chagrin of the RBZ. Here is their press […]

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Defends Ban On Cryptocurrencies In Court

Here is the latest chapter in the Golix vs RBZ (Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe) saga. The RBZ filed its opposing application with the courts. Summary of how we got here:┬áthe RBZ banned the trading of cryptocurrencies, ordered banks to freeze Golix’s accounts and then ordered Golix to cease operations. Golix sued and got an interim […]