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BAZ & POTRAZ merger delayed because ICT & Information Ministries are at odds

The merger of the Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) and the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) is being delayed by Government indecisiveness. In the 2020 mid-term budget review, under the section reporting on “Progress on State Enterprises and Parastatals Reforms”, the merger between BAZ & POTRAZ is addressed albeit briefly; The merger […]

Bankers Association Wrongly Says Mobile Money Services Have Unfair Advantage Over Banks

During the recently held Parliamentary Portfolio Committee meeting, Bankers Association of Zimbabwe raised concerns regarding mobile money services and the unfair advantage they have over financial institutions. Dephine Mazambani, BAZs Chief Economist said the advantage stems from EcoCash and other mobile money services being regulated by POTRAZ and not the RBZ, which simply isn’t true: […]

[Breaking] Paynet Suing Banks For US$100m

Paynet do not want to walk away from their feud with the banks empty handed if their recent actions are anything to go by. The service provider has taken to their Facebook account to announce that they will be suing the banks and their association for a substantial US$100m. The Facebook post reads: Payserv Africa […]

New Challenger To DSTV And Kwese? Trevor Ncube’s AMH Gets Content Distribution Services Licence

AMH has been granted a Content Distribution Services licence. The media house now has three licenses considering they were already awarded a VoD and Webcasting licence. The content distribution services licence allows AMH to compete with DStv, Kwese and whoever else set up camp in that field. There are a few contenders mind you; Azam, […]

Prophets And Sangomas Banned From Radio And TV, Phew, Thanks BAZ

I don’t know if this was as big a problem on all radio stations but I do know it was crazy on Star FM. It’s like they created a product just for prophets and funny guys who are full of miracles. It was annoying and disturbing. Every few minutes there would be some advert, infomercial […]

Strive Masiyiwa Goes To Hollywood To Acquire Some Content For Kwesé TV

Is this the part where we say watch out DStv? On a post on social media, Strive Masiyiwa (founder and Executive Chairman of Econet Global) mentioned how he was on his way to Los Angeles to sign some content deals for Kwesé TV. I’m sure by now you know what Kwesé is, I mean with all that […]

Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe Inviting Applications For Licenses For Some Stuff We Didn’t Know Needed Licensing

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) has published an invitation for those interested in being licensed for what they called ‘classes that do not require allocation or use of frequencies.’ They went on to define these classes as: Video on Demand Services (VOD) Webcasting services Content Distribution Services In fact, here’s the advert quoted below […]

URGENT: This is your chance to nominate candidates for Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Board (BAZ)

Parliament is calling on the public to nominate candidates for Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) board. This notice is to be treated as URGENT since the deadline for submission is tomorrow, the 30th of September 2017. If you have not submitted your nominations yet, time is running out. By now most of us know what […]

Econet sued for stealing ideas, Kwese sent to supreme court, TelOne applies for broadcasting licence

Econet is being sued to the tune of $870 000 for stealing a business idea, Speaking of lawsuits, BAZ is sending Kwese to the supreme court over the Broadcasting licence issue. While on the subject of licences, TelOne applied for a broadcasting licence for a DEOD (Digital Entertainment On Demand) streaming service and Pirate Bay, […]

For the second time, Kwese TV operations suspended

Kwese TV has been suspended again. As you may already be aware, the Broadcasting Authority appealed to the Supreme Court to challenge Kwese TV’s high court ‘win’. Legally, that meant Dr. Dish, the company that distributes the Kwese TV service, had to stop operations. Techzim noticed however that a day after the BAZ appeal was filed, […]

Kwese TV: The Full Dr Dish letter to BAZ demanding reversal of license cancellation

25 August 2017 The Chief Executive Officer Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe 27 Boscobel West Drive Highlands HARARE Dear Sir Re: Invalid Notice of cancellation of License No. CD0004 held by Dr Dish (Pvt) Ltd Introduction We act for Dr Dish (Pvt) Ltd. We have been instructed to respond to your letter of 22 August 2017 […]

Zanu-PF politicians on Kwese TV: Sudden progressive thinking or just usual politics?

Yesterday, through an article in The Herald, some unnamed people (who are probably just either the media & broadcasting services ministry, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe, or a media parastatal under the ministry) accused Dr. Dish of lobbying politicians in their drive to establish Kwese TV services in Zimbabwe. If you have been following the stories around the […]

Exclusive: Kwese TV distributor demands reversal of licence cancellation by government. Threatens legal action

Techzim can exclusively reveal that the company distributing Kwese TV in Zimbabwe has written to the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) demanding that the cancellation of its licence be reversed within 24 hours. Kwese TV in Zimbabwe is providing satellite television broadcasting through Dr Dish, a licensed (or not depending on who you think makes […]

Full BAZ statement declaring Kwese TV license ‘cancelled’

PRESS STATEMENT BROADCASTING AUTHORITY OF ZIMBABWE The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe wishes to advise the public that the Authority has not issued any licence for the provision of Kwese TV In Zimbabwe. This follows media reports suggesting that Kwese was now officially in Zimbabwe and did not need a licence after all. In terms of […]

#BreakingNews: Econet suspends Kwese TV in response to licence cancellation announcement

Just a day after launch, Techzim can confirm that Econet has suspended selling Kwese TV in Zimbabwe. The suspension follows a statement issued by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe last night which said Kwese does not have a valid satellite TV broadcasting licence. Techzim went to 3 Econet shop branches in Harare this morning – […]

Zim Government’s ownership of Multichoice Zimbabwe and why it’s reluctant to license Kwese TV

The statement by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe yesterday announcing that Kwese TV is not legally licensed to provide satellite TV services came as a huge disappointment to a lot of Zimbabweans. The interest in an alternative to DStv, which has so far enjoyed a monopoly on TV entertainment is quite huge in Zimbabwe. The […]

Some notable Zimbabweans speak on the Kwese TV license rejection by BAZ

As you may have heard already, earlier today, the government though the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe, issued a statement today saying that Kwese TV is not licensed and therefore cannot legally provide satellite TV services. The statement disappointed many Zimbabweans who took to social media to express their displeasure. Here are some things mentioned by a […]

Kwese TV not licensed, says Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe

Barely a day after Econet Wireless Zimbabwe announced that customers can now subscribe to the new Kwese TV service, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) has released a statement saying that Kwese TV is not yet licensed to operate in the country. BAZ has also said that the licence Kwese TV has used to launch its […]

Zimbabwe misses digitisation deadline – $27 million required urgently to meet 2017 target

The digitisation project is now expected to be completed by mid-2017 and progress is anticipated if an injection of $27.2 million is made urgently.

Latest on Zimbabwe’s digital migration – we are 400,000 decoders closer

According to the latest information released on Digital Migration, George Charamba from the Ministry of Information and Media told people that Zimbabwe has ordered 400,000 set top boxes from Huawei in China. According to Charamba, this is four times the penetration rate of TV sets in this country.

Isn’t it time we did more than mobile and internet banking in Zimbabwe?

Most banks have Internet and Mobile banking solutions but the industry is heavily dominated by Mobile Network Operators. Banks have not gone beyond the ATM cards to develop solutions that are in tandem with today’s consumer’s technological socialisation.

Reality Check: Myths about the digital broadcasting regulation in Zimbabwe

After the highly informative and enlightening discussions and presentations that I witnessed at the Digital Future Conference I am still in shock at the reality on the ground. The reality being that our “Digital Guru’s” are generally not aware of the legal issues relating to broadcasting in Zimbabwe. It was interesting to note that there […]

Forget Netflix, ZBC is launching Web TV

The digital migration deadline is less than 3 months away and while there are a lot of issues around what that will mean for local content creation and broadcasting, the unanimous agreement is that it is a very positive step that will help local broadcasting to at least catch up with modern trends. One of […]

BAZ opens airwaves to more competition, licences 8 new radio stations

image credit – Last night the ZBC reported that the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) announced the eight successful applications for radio broadcasting licences. This follows the acceptance of 21 applications last year as part of a move to open the airwaves in smaller towns to private operators through the issuing of local commercial […]

Zimswitch ATM cash withdrawal charges increased

Local banks are set to raise the cash charges on Zimswitch ATM withdrawals by 50%. This increases the charge from the current $2 to $3 per transaction starting next month. This adjustment in charges applies to any customer taking advantage of Zimswitch interoperability and withdrawing money from a non- native ATM, which is another bank’s […]

GOtv says little on blackout and offers subscribers refund on decoders

  DStv’s low cost service GOtv issued a statement last week Tuesday on the blackout on service, but the statement fell short and left more questions than answers. The statement only announced to subscribers that they could now get a $75 refund upon return of their GOtv decoders but falls short of explaining what’s exactly […]

BAZ receives 21 radio station license applications

New radio stations are hopefully set to open up in Zimbabwe’s smaller town after the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) has received 21 applications for commercial licenses from 8 towns, according to a report in the Herald today. Although Harare and Bulawayo had 5 applications each, there were 11 other applications from Vic Falls (2), […]

EcoCash vs Banks: Econet is trying to confuse everyone, says FBC’s Mushayavanhu

As you may know, Econet came out yesterday to publicly accuse CABS, ZimSwitch and Kevin Terry of using the Bankers Association of Zimbabwe to fight Econet’s mobile money product EcoCash. The CABS MD, according to campaigning against EcoCash so he can push his own mobile money/banking product, Textacash. Textacash you will remember is basically an implementation of ZimSwitch’s Shared Services platform. And Zimswitch is owned by more than just CABS.

Mobile Money: Zim banks moan about unfair competition from mobile operators

A report today by financial news and analysis service FinX says the Bankers Association of Zimbabwe have proposed that mobile money services be included in new banking reforms for the country. This, the bankers say, would create a level playing field in an sector facing significant disruption from mobile phone operators.