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Facebook Messaging Apps (including WhatsApp) & BlackBerry In Patent War

BlackBerry recently obtained a number of patents injunctions against WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook regarding chat features. A patent based injunction prohibits an infringer from stepping on the rights of the patent owner. Effectively this would mean BlackBerry could get WhatsApp and the other violating apps banned in the territories in which they have been judged […]

BBM Shutting Down On May 31…

The fall of BBM is a pretty great example of how quickly things can change in the world of tech. Blackberry Messenger was the service that everyone wanted to have but it was only available to a select few. Eventually, BBM was opened to the masses but if you used it then you’ll probably know […]

Blackberry Passport: the (old) new entrant for the enterprise

Picture this. A large phone, a really large phone. With a wide, physical keyboard. A rather squarish body with nothing else going for it except it only looks weird. Runs Android apps, sans Google apps, Snapchat and Instagram. That, is the Blackberry Passport in a nutshell. It doesn’t hail itself for being your everyday Android […]

WhatsApp’s latest milestone: 600 million active users,1 billion in sight

Yesterday co-founder and CEO of IM platform WhatsApp, Jan Koum tweeted that the application now has 600 million active users. The figure affirms WhatsApp as the world’s most popular instant messaging application ahead of rivals like WeChat (438 million users), Line (235 million users) and Facebook Messenger; a position the app has held even in the […]

Three reasons why PayPal won’t work in Zimbabwe

As Zimbabweans we have been a deprived lot. If it is not one nation introducing Visas so that we can’t visit them, then it is another banning the use of our ETDs (Emergency Travel Documents) when going to visit. Our misfortunes have also been prominent online. Facebook did not allow us to advertise to followers […]

The Zimbabwe government needs to allow BlackBerry? Really?

During this past week at the Huawei & ICT ministry’s public sector ICT forum in Zimbabwe, apparently someone asked when the government would relax current restrictions on BlackBerry Internet Services in the country. That question resulted in this article on ITWeb Africa. We’ve always thought it strange that as a country, we still talk about BlackBerry […]

Bitcoin acts up again, BBM coming to Nokia: Regional & Global round up

Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox mysteriously disappears Bitcoins largest exchange MtGox went offline in unclear circumstances yesterday. This new fiasco added to the problems affecting the already volatile crypto-currency. A dip in confidence was quickly felt after the MtGox went offline as the currency fell to below $500. So does this spell the end of Bitcoin? […]

Does anyone in Zimbabwe use BBM at all?

There was quite some expectation when BlackBerry launched their BBM mobile chat service on IOS and Android platforms last year. We remember we were as excited as any regular Zimbabwean who’s had their South African relatives speak highly about BlackBerry and its services. And we rushed to install it too and added a number of friends, […]

Telecel introduces a too-many SMSs promo to encourage people to text more

One day in the future, that we ever paid 9 cents to send 160 characters of SMS text will just be a total joke. SMS needs to die. Has needed to for a while now but refuses to yield somehow. Thanks to WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, BBM and other such internet apps though, millions of people […]

Zimbabwean BlackBerry phone owners left in the cold, as BBM rolls out to ‘everyone’

When BlackBerry announced they’d open up BlackBerry to everyone other platforms, the concern immediately was that in Zimbabwe, where BlackBerry Internet Services is currently blocked by regulation, the messaging app would be closed to its own device customers while open to Android and iPhone users. Now with the app now available in the Play Store and […]

Here’s how to get BBM immediately if you don’t have a Samsung device

If you live in Africa for example, and tried since yesterday to get yourself BlackBerry’s BBM messaging app, you hit a wall. BlackBerry and Samsung have a deal to have BBM available only to Samsung owners for a week before everyone else. But if you are Android user, here’s a step by step to get […]

BBM finally arrives, but only to Samsung device owners. Here’s a workaround

Like most of us, you’ve probably been waiting for BBM to launch again after the false start about a month ago. So like most of us you probably signed up on the BlackBerry website to be first in lines when they finally launch. And the email did come to notify you the app is ready. But […]

You know a company has issues, and you understand their decline when…

…a whole week after the promised launch of an app that’s supposed help them salvage some relevance, the app is still not available, and executives are not even comfortable saying when it will come. Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount: EcoCash number: {{error_message}} {{error_message}} If anything goes wrong, […]

No BBM this week as BlackBerry struggles with leaked version.. Acquisition!

Now three days after the promised launch date, BlackBerry has come out to say its facing serious challenges launching BBM on Android and iPhones. A A challenge serious enough the company has ruled out launching this week. “This will take some time and I do not anticipate launching this week” said the head of BBM […]

Leaked BBM Android version downloaded 1.1m times, causes rollout delay

A leaked version of BlackBerry’s BBM mobile instant messaging app was apparently downloaded 1.1 million times and it being an unreleased version has caused problems resulting in a delayed rollout of the app to both iOS and Android. BlackBerry made the announcement on its Inside BlackBerry blog yesterday. The company had already rolled out BBM to […]

BlackBerry’s BBM now live for iPhones, Android users to wait a bit longer

For iPhone users in a number of regions around the world, BlackBerry’s much anticipated BBM is finally here. The BBM Twitter account tweeted in the past few hours that iPhone users in New Zealand, India, Malaysia, UAE and Australia can now download BBM. The Android version of the IM app is still to come though; […]

The irony of the Android BBM messaging app in Zimbabwe

You might have heard that after years of making BBM exclusive to BlackBerry device customers only, and then watching the WhatsApps and what nots run with the prize, BlackBerry finally woke up. Well, not really, since they are all but yielding the ghost. Anyway, life onwards or not, BlackBerry decided to open up BBM to other platforms, chiefly Android, and maybe later IOS and Windows.

Samsung says BBM will be on Galaxy devices in Africa ‘soon’

Yesterday, the news of BBM coming soon to your Android device came from a unlikely source, well likely actually for the marketing machine that Samsung is.

Android & iPhone users: BBM to come to a device near you

Apparently BlackBerry is just discovering now that if they could have looked beyond just inside their ecosystem 1for the growth of its much loved BlackBerry Messenger, they could have made it to the top messaging position WhatsApp occupies today.

Dark week for BlackBerry Internet Services. RIM explains outage.

It’s been a bad week for Research in Motion. And the issues are not even over yet. The company’s BlackBerry platform experienced an outage on Monday that disrupted the service for users in users in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and India. Yesterday, when everyone expected the outage to be fixed, it spread to Latin America.

SA comms minister says government will not regulate BlackBerry services

Yesterday, we posted that the South African government was considering allowing the police access to the BlackBerry encrypted messenger service (BBM) in their operations to catch criminals. The article was based on reports that the South African deputy communications minister, Obed Bapela, had said BBM posed a security risk that the government needed to “address with urgency”. The deputy minister said that the SA government wants to review BBM.

South African government apprehensive about BlackBerry encryption

Reports coming out of South Africa yesterday suggest the country’s government is apprehensive about BlackBerry services. The South African government is proposing allowing the police access to the BlackBerry encrypted messenger service supposedly in a bid to help catch criminals.