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Zimpapers’ HY results and the challenges of a digital future the company faces

When Zimpapers, Zimbabwe’s largest media company, announced its half year results two months ago, it reported a US $20,000 loss. Shortly after, the company apparently uncovered an error in its tax accounting for the period and had to adjust the accounts, effectively pulling itself out of the loss all the way up to a US $1.9 million profit. The company […]

Zimpapers’ gamble on digital news looks set to pay back millions

Zimpapers CEO Pikirayi Dekete reports in an Zimpapers AGM sideline interview that digital content is generating 3% of their annual revenue and they have at least 300,000 subscribers on their SMS and MMS mobile news and classifieds platforms.

Zimpapers embraces digital with new online platforms

Today the country’s largest news and print media house, Zimpapers, launched an online media platform for all its titles. Under the name Zimpapers News Hub, it offers access to complete copies of the Zimpapers publications and it will be available for a $10 monthly subscription. Accompanying the news hub was the launch of an online sports […]

Zimpapers’ BH24 gives in to the internet. Readers won’t pay for news online?

Recently, Zimpapers, the largest media news organisation in Zimbabwe,  sent out an email to its BH24 newsletter subscribers advising them the email news service was changing from a subscription model to free. BH24 launched last year in July as a subscription and advertising supported newsletter (and website). This shift means the revenue model has now changed to advertising only. We’re not […]

Zimpapers introduces internet only business news service, blunders ad timing

Like many of us, you probably saw the teaser ads in the Zimpapers papers these past two weeks for a product called BH24. On Sunday, the paper finally revealed in a full page ad the introduction of a service providing “daily business updates on your phone, tablet or laptop”.