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Strive Masiyiwa Gets More Interaction Than Zuckerberg & Bill Gates On Facebook

Recently published data from analytics company Crowd Tangle shows just how popular Econet Wireless Global CEO Strive Masiyiwa is compared to other business leaders on Facebook No other business leader gets as many interactions Because Mr Masiyiwa is constantly posting and interacting with his followers on the social media platform he ranks first for interactions […]

A List Of COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories & Misinformation You Should Avoid & Never Spread

This is a list of the most popular conspiracy theories making the rounds regarding the Coronavirus. We’ve made this list and will continue to update it because people continue sharing falsehoods in relation to Coronavirus. Please share this with your loved ones and remember before sharing any theories you hear regarding the virus (and other […]

Bill Gates Surpasses Jeff Bezos To Become World’s Richest Person Again

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has claimed the title of being the World’s Richest Person. Yeah, Gates has surpassed Amazon co-founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, with a total networth of around $110 billion, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index. This title was once held by Gates for 24 years before Bezos overtook him 2 years ago. Bezos […]

You Could Have Been Using Windows Mobile Instead Of Android – Bill Gates

Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates thinks that people would have been using Windows Mobile today instead of Android had it not been for the antitrust investigation from the US Justice Department that distracted him and the company. The Microsoft founder made these statements while speaking at The New York Times’ DealBook conference (interview below). Gates said […]

Bill Gates: The Days Of Learning From Texbooks Are Over

[Source] Founder of Microsoft and everyone’s favourite philanthropist (Ok, my favourite philanthropist), Bill Gates, has come out and declared that he doesn’t think learning from textbooks is still ideal in this day and age. In a joint letter written by both Bill and Melinda (his wife) the billionaire expressed his doubts with the old-school learning […]

Mark Zuckerberg Now Third Richest Person In The World

Facebook Chief Executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has over taken Warren Buffet to become the third richest person on earth (now worth $81.6 billion) according to Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index. This also marks the first time that the top three is solely occupied by tech titans as first and second place belongs to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos ($142 […]

Bill Gates Kind Of Changes His Mind On ‘Bitcoin.’ Of Course He’s Right And Wrong At The Same Time

A lot of people who have been pushing for the adoption of cryptocurrencies including sheer scammers who want to convince unsuspecting people to join their ponzi schemes have often quoted Bill Gates as having expressed belief in cryptocurrencies Of course when the second richest man in the world (yes, he was recently surpassed by Amazon’s […]

Microsoft drops support for two more Windows Phones, only 4 Lumia models still getting updates

The Windows Phone community, though small, is a very passionate group of people. All this talk about Windows Phone being dead because Microsoft announced there will be no features added to the OS won’t sit well with them. That a Microsoft VP mentioned that hardware is not the focus does not matter, they are holding […]

Zimbabwe’s new shortage: Will the real programmers please stand up?

Talent shortage is a big problem in tech, and if you ask anyone in Zimbabwe who’s cared to find the best man for any particular tech job, they quickly agree. Even here at Techzim, we’ve felt it. It’s sad that not enough has been done to fix the situation. One area that seems to be […]

The reason why most startups fail

So now you have quit your job and finally gotten around to actually starting your dream startup. Maybe it’s that irresistible website, the app that is going to be the next big thing or whatever million dollar idea that has been brewing in your mind for a while. You have gathered up enough courage and […]

Steve Ballmer’s obituary

When Steve Ballmer came to the helm of Microsoft on that January morning in 2000 the IT market was one simple monolithic mass. Windows was everywhere on PCs, in government,in schools, in churches, in space,on planes and just about everywhere except perhaps on Linus Torvalds computer.Only James Bond had a smartphone.

The bill to Bill; Does SaaS subscription model spell trouble for emerging markets?

I remember some time ago reading an article which alleged that the then CEO of Microsoft, William “Bill” Gates, envisaged a world where people would pay Microsoft for the use of software every month. In the pre-broadband (well broadband was in its infancy) pre-cloud days this seemed far fetched, difficult if not impossible and downright ridiculous.