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Zimcoin Is The Newest Bitcoin Exchange For Those Of You Who Still Have An Appetite For Cryptos

So the crypto space has been understandably quiet of late. RBZ made sure they put an end to that earlier this year. In the world as well the first phase of hype has also died down. Bitcoin prices have now settled down as well and there’s generally less hype. Zimcoin is launching their own Bitcoin […]

Zimbabwean Bitcoin Exchange Golix Processes $1m Monthly. Now Profitable

Over the last few months as the cash crisis in Zimbabwe continues to persist the appetite for cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin included, has increased 4-fold. Zimbabwean cryptocurrency exchange has announced that from its seemingly ambitious targets of wanting to process $1m worth of transactions in total historic value, that in the month of October 2017, the exchanged handled […]

Zimbabwean Bitcoin startup BitFinance secures new investment, plans to grow user base & raise currency awareness

According to the BitFinance team, the funds will be used to expand the reach of their service and enhance the user experience on BitcoinFundi, their Bitcoin exchange which is an online platform used by third-party subscribers to hold and trade bitcoin with other subscribers.

How to send money to Zimbabwe

So in sending money to the UK, one of the questions that people asked me was how do I send money to Zimbabwe. Why send money to Zimbabwe? I know, weird question. But there are people out there that still ask. Well, for those of you that still have relatives and friends that are still […]

Bitcoin, a currency and payments opportunity for Zimbabweans?

The money system is broken, and no one knows that better than the Zimbabwean who watched helplessly as institutions – government, politicians, bankers – they trusted to look after the value of their money conspired and eroded hard earned savings to nothing over a few years.