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Bitcoin’s surge stalls as prices fall by 17%

Bitcoin’s fourth quarter rally has stalled as the crypto’s price has fallen by 17%.

Bitcoin hits US$32K as the surge continues into 2021

It took Bitcoin 10 years to cross the US$20K mark but the crypto has surpassed that and more as it now stands at US$32K as the surge continues.

Pornhub could push Bitcoin price even higher than the current USD22 577

Adult entertainment website Pornhub after being ditched by VISA and MasterCard is now only accepting payment in cryptos. What could that do the already climbing price of Bitcoin?

Over US$11 Billion Has Been Hacked In Crypto Exchanges Since 2011

When the merits of cryptocurrencies are raised one point which is heavily stressed is the fact that these digital currencies remove the need for banks. Whilst this is attractive (more so if you’re Zimbabwean) very rarely do evangelists of cryptocurrencies speak about how the removal of financial institutions and by extension authorities meant to protect […]

Add Qatar To The Countries That Have Banned Cryptos…

If you thought the dawn of a new year would mean less animosity from governments towards cryptos, think again. Qatar has become the latest country to ban crypto trading. Qatar’s financial regulator – QFC (Qatar Financial Centre)- blocked trading of all crypto asset services: Virtual Asset Services may not be conducted in or from the […]

BitClub Network Turns Out To Be US$722million Scam…

In August of 2018, we authored an article titled Bitclub Network Is Running A Large Scale Bitcoin Mining Pool And They’re Now In Harare. Invest At Your Own Risk. 15 months later, 3 men connected with BitClub have been arrested for allegedly defrauding investors out of US$722 million. A number of people in the comments […]

Golix CEO Breaks Silence

It’s been a pretty eventful week for Golix since we asked whether or not Golix had finally given customers access to their cryptos and fiat. That story resulted in a number of sources revealing to us information that the Golix CEO – Tawanda Kembo- refused to openly discuss with us despite reaching out to him […]

Researchers Working On Bitcoin Alternative That Uses As Little Energy As Sending Email To Do A Transaction

Despite offering a secure and decentralised alternative to other currencies, one of the downsides of Bitcoin is the vast amounts of power it consumes. Due to the large amount of electricity it requires to mine and complete transactions, Bitcoin creates a large carbon footprint. In the conventional Bitcoin model, someone wishing to make a transaction […]

$1 Billion Dollars In Bitcoin Mysteriously Moved To One Unidentified Crypto Wallet

Last week, a cryptocurrency whale (a collection of large scale Bitcoin owners) moved 94,504 Bitcoin, worth over one billion dollars. This huge number made cryptocurrency headlines, as investors and investigators speculated where the Bitcoin (BTC) came from and who owns it. According to Twitter-based Whale Alert, the transaction did not involve known wallets or those […]

Scammers Already Claiming They Can Sell You Facebook’s Libra Currency, Though It Isn’t Out Yet

You might have heard about Facebook’s grand plans for a global cryptocurrency – Libra. Whilst there is a lot of excitement surrounding this cryptocurrency, scammers are already coming out of the gate and claiming they will sell you the crypto, though it hasn’t even been launched as of yet. Fraudsters are creating fake websites that […]

Did You Know Utopia Exists? Well, Sort Of And It’s Powered By Blockchain

Liberland has a passionate leader, a committed populace, a working draft of a constitution, and huge plans for what’s to come. Vit Jedlička , the President of Liberland, a small self-proclaimed microstate on a patch of land between Croatia and Serbia, is looking to use a new cryptocurrency called ‘Merit’ to underpin his vision for […]

“Beware Of Scammers,” EcoCash Warns Users

EcoCash has warned users of fraudulent scammers exploiting investment schemes. We’ve all heard that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, people still fall for schemes that promise quick and huge returns. The warning from EcoCash reads: Fraudulent Investment Schemes Beware of FAKE investment schemes operating in the market. Some […]

You Can Now Buy HTC’s Exodus Blockchain Phone With Fiat Money Too, Instead Of Cryptocurrency Only

HTC has announced that you can now purchase its blockchain-powered Exodus 1 smartphone using your hard earned cash. Until now, the HTC Exodus 1 could only be bought using cryptocurrency but now it can be bought with U.S. dollars and other fiat currencies. The HTC Exodus 1 made its debut last year as “the world’s […]

Zimcoin Is The Newest Bitcoin Exchange For Those Of You Who Still Have An Appetite For Cryptos

So the crypto space has been understandably quiet of late. RBZ made sure they put an end to that earlier this year. In the world as well the first phase of hype has also died down. Bitcoin prices have now settled down as well and there’s generally less hype. Zimcoin is launching their own Bitcoin […]

Study 263 Just Turned One And They Are Shaking Up Their Remittance Business

Some of you may remember Study 263 -the remittance company that was making it possible to send money from Zim to SA or vice-versa using Bitcoin. They recently turned 1 this past weekend and they have been working on some interesting new packages to keep their business relevant. How did it work? Well Study 263 […]

Mastercard Might Have A Solution To Make Blockchain-Based Transactions Faster

One thing cryptocurrency enthusiasts usually forget to mention is the fact that blockchain-based currencies such as Bitcoin are disadvantaged when it comes to payment processing times. This is the real reason why even though Bitcoin (and other cryptos) made in-roads into the payments services they are still miles from being the go-to payment methods for […]

Facebook Hits U-Turn On Cryptocurrency Ads

In January this year, Facebook banned cryptocurrency and ICO adverts on its platform. At the time Facebook cited that “there are many companies who are advertising binary options, ICOs and cryptocurrencies that are not currently operating in good faith.” At that time Facebook had said they would revisit the policy and I guess Facebook’s has […]

Major US Federal Reserve Bank Starts To Track Cryptos: A Signal That Cryptos Are Going Mainstream?

In a huge surprise move, The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (St. Louis Fed) announced that it is now officially tracking cryptocurrencies (cryptos) on their Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) platform.  The St. Louis Fed is one of 12 regional Reserve Banks that, along with the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., make up […]

Apple Bans Cryptocurrency Mining On Both IPhone And IPad

Apparently, Apple is coming for cryptocurrency miners on both the iPhone and the iPad. The company announced a new update to its developer guideline where it said apps may not run on unrelated background processes, such as cryptocurrency mining. In the interest of all those who know little or nothing about how cryptocurrency mining works, […]

Golix  Temporarily Takes Down Crypto Exchange As Court Case Kickoffs Later Today

Zimbabwe’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange, Golix, has issued a statement saying they will be shutting down their “exchange’s Orderbook.” The cryptic statement they sent to their customers read: Dear valued customer. Please note that we have temporarily taken down the exchange’s Orderbook. Any developments related to this matter will be frequently updated. We sincerely apologise […]

After Banning Banks From Bitcoin, RBZ Warns Public. Governor ‘Says’ He Would Rather Follow Than Lead

So after sending out a circular to banks prohibiting them from opening and continuing to hold accounts for individuals and entities that trade in bitcoin and the rest of cryptocurrencies, the RBZ has used the strongest of terms to warn all of us not to go near cryptos. This time the communique was signed by […]

Reserve Bank Acts Typically Zimbabwean: If You Don’t Understand The Technology, Fear It And Ban It

Some years ago I founded an EdTech (educational technology) startup. We had solutions for primary and secondary schools. The solution may have been not so good or maybe it was but that was not important because the roadblocks at schools that we wanted to sell the solution ensured we could not test that out even […]

RBZ Bans Bitcoin And Other Virtual Currencies In Zimbabwe

The central bank of Zimbabwe, RBZ, has placed a ban given a directive to banks and financial institutions to stop processing transactions to do with Cryptos. The measures are apparently being taken to “protect the public and safeguard the integrity, safety and soundness of the country’s financial system.” The ban applies to all financial instituions. The […]

What Makes Bitcoin Have Value?: This Is The Answer

From its introduction in 2009, Bitcoin has enjoyed a meteoric rise in price from being valued for nothing in March 2009 to being valued for $1 in February 2011 to being valued $6,813.97 as of the time of writing this article. Bitcoins trajectory in prices has coincided with debates regarding the source of its value. […]

Golix Now Has An ATM Where You Can Buy Or Sell Cryptos

Zimbabwe’s popular cryptocurrency exchange, Golix now has an ATM. The ATM Is actually One of the First Crypto ATM’s with a cash-in-cash-out facility in Africa. How will it work? The ATM will ask you for; your wallet, how much Bitcoin you want to buy and then tells you the trading rate at the time of […]

Bitcoin’s Price Swings As Twitter Considers Banning Cryptocurrency Adverts

Bitcoin’s price plunged below $7000 and then rose up amid rumours that Twitter is following suit to Facebook and Google in banning cryptocurrency related advertisements. According to Sky News, this policy change could be enacted in two weeks time. Facebook was the first of these Sillicon Valley giants to take this step in January, followed by […]

One Transaction Of Bitcoin Mining Uses Enough Energy To Power 27 Homes For A Full Day: Shocking!

With all its glamour of being a decentralized currency and appreciating in value to over $20 000, you probably didn’t know Bitcoin’s mining process consumes a lot of energy. Mining basically is a competitive process in which different users(miners) on the bitcoin network get into a race to add a transaction record to the system(blockchain). […]

Learn The Basics of Blockchain This Weekend at The Blockchain Festival

There is a Blockchain Festival the whole of this weekend aimed at educating the public about how Blockchain works. Apart from teaching the basics, the event will also focus on explaining deep concepts like writing smart contracts. Venue The event will be held in Pomona at Telecontract (Pvt) Ltd, Stand 475 Pomona Industrial Complex Fee […]

Google Bans Cryptocurrency Adverts, Bitcoin Drops Price

Bitcoin prices briefly fell below $8000 in the past 24hours in response to news that Google is planning to ban the advertising of cryptocurrencies. Google’s move is similar to Facebook’s January announcement that banned ads on binary options, Initial coin offerings and cryptocurrencies. This latest news maybe a result of cryptocurrencies that have emerged in […]

Golix User Accounts Compromised

Please note that we have changed the title of this article from the previous one which said Golix had been hacked because Golix reached out and said the platform itself had not been hacked but some of their users had their email accounts compromised which is technically different. Zimbabwe’s most visible cryptocurrencies exchange, Golix, has […]