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Zimbabwean Bitcoin Exchange Golix Processes $1m Monthly. Now Profitable

Over the last few months as the cash crisis in Zimbabwe continues to persist the appetite for cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin included, has increased 4-fold. Zimbabwean cryptocurrency exchange has announced that from its seemingly ambitious targets of wanting to process $1m worth of transactions in total historic value, that in the month of October 2017, the exchanged handled […]

Press Release: BitFinance changes name to Golix

BitFinance the bitcoin company is rebranding as it moves away from just being a bitcoin company to be a digital currency company. The previous name BitFinance was appropriate when they launched as a bitcoin company. Golix is the new name. Hey there, We’re thrilled to have you as an integral part of our vision and […]

Bitcoin Fetches 85% Premium In Zimbabwe

Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency, reached a high in Zimbabwe today as more people look to convert their bank balances to “real money” as well as getting their money out the country. Today, Monday 25 September 2017, on BitcoinFundi, the local Zimbabwean cryptocurrency exchange BTC traded for as much as $7,200/BTC translating to an 85% […]

“Everything you wanted to know about the contentious Bitcoin upgrade” but were too afraid to ask

You may have heard bitcoin likened to a currency or commodity. It’s both of those things actually. Bitcoin is also a third thing – a payment network. What confuses most people that are new to bitcoin is how the word ‘bitcoin’ is interchangeably used to refer to all these 3 things: a currency, a commodity […]

Local Bitcoin exchange says it processed US $100,000 in 2016. Targets $1M by 2018

Local Bitcoin exchange BitCoinFundi says it processed about US $100,000 worth of transactions in 2016. The exchange founder and CEO, Tawanda Kembo, says they have been growing their total transaction value by about 16% month on month and are looking to reach $1 million annual transactions by 2018. Kembo was speaking at an event hosted by the Computer Society of […]

Bitcoin value continues to fluctuate, price fails to go beyond year’s early high of US$1,000

Depending on which Bitcoin exchange you are using, it’s currently worth between $885 (that’s Coindesk’s latest rate for it) and $924 (that’s the value you’ll get for it on Bitcoinfundi, a Zimbabwean Bitcoin exchange).

Zimbabwean Bitcoin startup BitFinance secures new investment, plans to grow user base & raise currency awareness

According to the BitFinance team, the funds will be used to expand the reach of their service and enhance the user experience on BitcoinFundi, their Bitcoin exchange which is an online platform used by third-party subscribers to hold and trade bitcoin with other subscribers.