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BitMari To Host Mbare Musika Hackathon Tommorow

Pycon Zimbabwe 2018 is underway and the Python convention will be running over the course of two days (today and tomorrow). Bitmari has partnered with the organisers and they will be hosting the “Mbare Musika Hackathon” tomorrow as part of the Pycon convention. The hackathon is being held in collaboration with the traders from Mbare […]

How Is Bitmari Still Operating Even Though RBZ Banned Cryptos?

On the 15th of May RBZ unexpectedly made their stance on Cryptos known. Previously they had not assumed a position but when they did they assumed a controversial position and instructed banks to stop facilitating trades that are related to any cryptos. As one would expect this has been a big blow to Golix –the […]

The Fate Of Some Zimbabwean Companies And Projects After The Central Bank Bans Cryptocurrencies

The RBZ decided that they would wash their hands when it comes to cryptos. The central bank sent a directive to banks instructing them to cut all their ties with crypto exchanges and this may have grave consequences in the long run. As a nation, we had a serious opportunity to adopt a technology whilst […]

Bitcoin basics: From layman to layman

Quick question: what are your greatest fears on cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin to be precise? Maybe we can start there, but before that let’s go through 1 or 2 things together shall we? I know we’ve written a number of articles on Bitcoin here on Techzim, but whenever we do there’s always a comment from someone asking […]

Receive Money in Zimbabwe From The Diaspora in USD with BitMari

Last week, Techzim wrote about a startup called Study 263 which solves remittance issues using bitcoin. However, the startup only limits its services to from Zimbabwe to S.A and vice versa. Today, let’s talk about BitMari a bit. BitMari is a Bitcoin startup by Christopher Mapondera and Sinclair Skinner. It has several services including remittances […]

Local Bitcoin exchange says it processed US $100,000 in 2016. Targets $1M by 2018

Local Bitcoin exchange BitCoinFundi says it processed about US $100,000 worth of transactions in 2016. The exchange founder and CEO, Tawanda Kembo, says they have been growing their total transaction value by about 16% month on month and are looking to reach $1 million annual transactions by 2018. Kembo was speaking at an event hosted by the Computer Society of […]

Bitcoin now worth over US$1,000, outperformed all other central bank issued currencies in 2016

2017 has started off on a bright note for anyone holding any Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency which has so far been the leading representation of blockchain technology. At the start of the year, it jumped to over $1,000 across different Bitcoin exchanges reaching its highest peak since a crash in 2013 that proceeded […]

Bitcoin startup Bitmari introduces farmers in rural Zimbabwe to cryptocurrency as a cash alternative

In the Zimbabwean cryptocurrency space, there have been a couple of players that have been focused on Bitcoin as a currency alternative. On this list, there’s Bitmari  – a startup that has been laying the groundwork to be the country’s first Bitcoin remittance startup. While the startup wrestles with the regulatory aspects associated getting its primary service off the […]

RBZ warns Zimbabweans against Bitcoin use, says regulation for cryptocurrency isn’t ready

At the Mobile Money & Digital Payments Conference, Josephat Mutepfa, the RBZ’s Director of NationalPayments pointed out that while cryptocurrencies might be a global phenomenon and there might be a number of Bitcoin initiatives that now offer specific services in Zimbabwe, the central bank hasn’t devised regulation for cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin startup, Bitmari organises event to discuss the service’s potential in Zimbabwe

On Thursday the 28th of January 2016, there will be a Bitmari Meet-and-Greet at the Rainbow Towers in Harare. Starting at 5.30 pm the event(which is open to the public) is meant to offer interested parties an opportunity to learn more about BitMari and Bitcoin with an emphasis on exploring the opportunities that can come from using the service.

Bitcoin for Zimbabwe, Digital parking, infrastructure sharing & Google – Podcast

This is the latest episode of the podcast which explored topics like the Bitcoin remittance service Bitmari, The Google Logo, digital parking in Harare and telecoms Infrastructure.

From funding Agriculture to RBZ sentiment; Bitmari founder shares plans for Bitcoin startup

We managed to get some brief responses for the founder of Bitmari, Sinclair Skinner. In the following Q and A, he gave some insight on what Bitmari will be working on, including financing new farmers, and how much the service will cost.

A new startup, Bitmari, is launching a Bitcoin money remittance service

We’ve seen some advocacy for Bitcoin locally as well, and now some people are starting to integrate Bitcoin with other common financial services. Take Bitmari for example. This is a new Bitcoin-based money remittance service for the Zimbabwe market.