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Zimbabweans left out of the Black Friday frenzy

Black Friday, a shopping event enjoyed the world over but businesses in Zimbabwe, for the most part, don’t really make a marketing push for it.

It’s Not Too Late To Get Your Preferred Udemy Course For $9.99

Thanks to a number of local business a lot of Zimbabweans are now aware of the existence of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is in direct contrast to all our Golden years (2009-2015) when sellers jacked up prices prior to the holiday season despite the fact that we were using the US dollar. What’s […]

[Press Release] TechScene Offers 50% Discount For Black Friday Sale

We rarely have any Black Friday sales in Zim but this year TechScene is trying to change that culture. The electronics company will be selling certain products at 50% off and this might be a great time to look out for some of the products you’ve been eyeing all year. Get Ready to Shop (And […]

Black Friday is here, you might be interested in this…

For those who still have some means of making international payments, here’s something for you. By the way, Black Friday is the day which is regarded as the first official date of Christmas shopping. It comes on the day after Thanksgiving (an American holiday celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November). Anyway, here’s the catch: […]

Black Friday deals, Econet in court, Seldon closed, Zim’s domain issue – Podcast

In this podcast, we discuss some of the Black Friday deals, including some that will last over the next few days. We also discuss Econet’s court case, the return of Ownai, Zimbabwe’s domain issue and the closure of Econet Global’s Seldon.

Here are some great Black Friday deals Zimbabweans can participate in

Thanks to the internet, traditions once restricted to just a few countries are now relevant to more people anywhere in the world! Nothing says this more than the excitement around Black Friday amoung techies even here in Harare. People are expecting deals and some tech shops are flowing with it. So we thought we’d post the few Black Friday deals we […]

Black Friday, a weak rand and getting your hands on that cheap iPhone

If you have a reasonable amount fo money, the energy for some online bargain hunting and can pull off a bit of coordination with the odd friend or family member crossing the Beitbridge border post this festive season, you can take advantage of some of the Black Friday deals.