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Digital Korokoza: The dark side of crypto mining

It’s diamonds that are forever, not your computer hardware. A few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised when I received a 5-minute voice note from an enterprising young man that I know from my local church. The Chemical Engineering graduate innocently elaborated his plan of crypto mining on any high-powered computer I may own. Essentially, […]

Local blockchain startup among World Bank’s Mission Billion Challenge finalists

I would not be totally surprised if you have never heard of the Mission Billion Challenge. I myself had not heard of it until yesterday, when Victor Mapunga reached out to me, explaining that the company he co-founded and is currently CEO of was one of the finalists of this competition. After exchanging a couple […]

ZIMBOCASH says they had stopped payments to counter scammers

ZIMBOCASH account holders have been unable to transact using the digital currency for over a week and a half now. Earlier today ZIMBOCASH sent an email out to the subscribers explaining the cause of downtime. It seems scammers who were creating multiple accounts were the main reason why ZIMBOCASH decided to hault payments. The email […]

ZIMBOCASH activates payment platform – 13 000 transactions in first 48hrs

A month ago, ZIMBOCASH (ZASH) listed their cryptocurrency on Bithumb Global. In our article on the listing, one of the questions we raised was where people getting the crypto would actually use the currency. A press release from ZASH yesterday suggests they are taking strides to address that. On Monday, ZIMBOCASH enabled peer-to-peer payments using […]

UNICEF avails 100k funding opportunity for blockchain startups

The UNICEF Innovation Fundis looking to makeup to $100K equity-free investments (in USD and/or cryptocurrency) to provide early stage (seed) financing and mentoring to for-profit technology startups that have the potential to benefit humanity.   Applicants have the opportunity to receive a portion of funding in cryptocurrency (bitcoin or ether) through their recently launched CryptoFund. Given the current global […]

Upcoming Tech Virtual Conventions June 2020

As we are all too well aware the Coronavirus Pandemic has greatly disrupted how we all operate. More and more industries are employing everything at their disposal to make it so that products, services and events are delivered to stakeholders and consumers in the safest means possible. This year has been a down year for […]

Facebook Libra Wallet Rebranded To Novi

Facebook’s digital currency has gone through a tumultous development and been part of a disastorus news cycle before it’s even launched. From being announced to much interest and fanfare last year. The hope and excitement was quickly replaced by uncertainty as Facebook’s partners in bringing the digital currency pulled out due to regulatory scrutiny. Whilst […]

Nespresso Using Blockchain Tech In Tracking Origins Of Zim Coffee

3 years ago, Nespresso announced the Reviving Origins program with the goal of restoring coffee agriculture in regions affected by conflict, climate and political issues. Zim is one of the beneficiaries of this program and has been part of the initiative since its inception. The blockchain platform traces the AAA Sustainable coffee from farms in Zimbabwe […]

Telegram Abandons Blockchain Project Due To Regulatory Pressure

[Image Source: Telegram Channel] Last August, we reported Telegram’s plans to launch a cryptocurrency. Well, all of that has gone down the drain because of a fight with regulators. Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov announced that they would be abandoning the US$1.7 billion dollar project because of the messaging company’s ongoing legal standoff with the Securities […]

Fintech Partnering With Zimbabwean Bank To Issue Gold-Backed Digital Currency Shares More Details

A few weeks ago, we reported on the then-impending agreement between Apollo Fintech and the government on what we were hearing would be a gold-backed digital currency. Since publishing that story we’ve stayed in touch with Apollo Fintech patiently waiting for any update they had on that front and they’ve finally shared a bit more […]

Blockchain Could Be Used In African Countries To Prevent Corruption – WEF Head Of Blockchain

The World Economic Forum’s Head of Blockchain Sheila Warren was recently interviewed by Biznews and in that interview, she talked about some of the advantages Africa has when it comes to adoption of Blockchain along with some use cases unique to the continent. Warren said blockchain could help with corruption after the interviewer suggested that […]

BitClub Network Turns Out To Be US$722million Scam…

In August of 2018, we authored an article titled Bitclub Network Is Running A Large Scale Bitcoin Mining Pool And They’re Now In Harare. Invest At Your Own Risk. 15 months later, 3 men connected with BitClub have been arrested for allegedly defrauding investors out of US$722 million. A number of people in the comments […]

VISA & Mastercard No Longer As Enthusiastic About Being Part Of Facebook’s Libra Crypto

It’s well documented that since the announcement of Libra a few months ago, very few political leaders have come out in support of the idea. If anything most political leaders are pretty apprehensive about leaving Facebook to go ahead with plans to form a global cryptocurrency unchecked. These political uneasiness has spread to partners of […]

Former FNB CEO Suggests Zimbabwe Adopt A Stable Cryptocurrency

Michael Joordan who used to be the CEO of FNB recently spoke of Zimbabwe’s ever-rising inflation and what the country can do to address these problems. Joordan blamed the government and its bad choices for putting the poor in a compromising position: Inflation forces the poor to spend their income on basic necessities such as […]

Facebook’s Libra Won’t Be Introduced In Countries That Ban Crypto’s Or Are Under US Sanctions

Whilst it looks like Facebook will have to deal with some regulatory hurdles before rolling out, another stumbling block will be the country’s attitude towards cryptos and whether or not that country is under sanctions. Techcrunch spoke to a Calibra spokesperson who cited that sanctions and hostility towards cryptos is a no-no: The Libra Blockchain […]

Calibra -Crypto Wallet- For Storing Facebook’s Libra Currency Coming In 2020

Facebook unexpectedly announced their digital currency -Libra- yesterday. Whilst there are many details regarding the currency itself, the crypto wallet for holding Libra hasn’t gotten as much coverage. Calibra is said to be launching in 2020 and the website suggests that it will be integrated with other Facebook apps, namely WhatsApp and Messenger. It’s not […]

[Infographic] How Blockchain Will Turn Industries on Their Heads

Blockchain is truly a revolutionary piece of technology. It came about in the form of Bitcoin in 2009, which was blockchain’s first practical application. As Bitcoin accumulated the massive popularity it enjoys today, eyes began turning on the blockchain platform itself. The world soon began to realize the massive potential blockchain technology has outside of […]

Malaysia Incentivizes Its Palm Oil Industry With Blockchain- Tribeni Das

Malaysia has been using Blockchain Technology in three of the country’s largest industries today, namely Renewable Energy, Palm Oil Industry, and the Islamic Banking Sector. Palm oil has been in growing demand for over the last decade has driven a lot more attention and new ventures towards the industry. Malaysia currently accounts for 39 % […]

We May Have Been Using The Blockchain Term Wrongly. Here’s What To Say Instead

It seems we have all been singing the modern-day anthem of blockchain wrongly. At AfricaCom 2018 I was schooled about how we inaccurately use the term, blockchain. And I must confess I was one of a bunch of people who used that term incorrectly. The Blockchain term More often than not we use the term, […]

{Press Release}: Digital Payments Firm, Cellulant Listed On The Prestigious KPMG’s 2018 FINTECH100

Cellulant, a leading digital payments provider that reaches 40 million people across 11 African countries has been named among the Top 50 emerging Fintech companies in the world in this year’s KPMG FinTech100 report. Cellulant is among the only three African companies representing Africa from Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa to be included in the […]

HIT To Host University Blockchain Summer School On The 9th of November

Harare Institute of Technology is partnering with XinFin – a global open source Hybrid Blockchain protocol/platform to make the Univeristy Blockchain Summer School on The 9th of November. The summer school will cover a cryptocurrency lecture – cryptos did put blockchain on the map after all. There will also be a blockchain 101 along with […]

BitHub Africa To Host Online Hackathon

The Black Blockchain Summit is hosting a Global Online Hackathon which will be hosted on the 9th – 10th of November. What’s the challenge? The aim of the hackathon is to “build solutions within the Global Black Community that address the Agenda items from the recently held Black Blockchain Summit.” What does this Agenda item […]

Africa Infrastructure Development Group: A Zim Microsoft-Linked Startup Is Set To Change The Construction Industry With Blockchain

Construction may not be the first industry that comes to mind when you think of areas ripe for disruption by blockchain technology. The construction industry is not where digital innovation has traditionally made many inroads, and it can be hard to imagine how distributed ledgers might help people whose jobs are to pour foundations or […]

UN Using Blockchain To Improve The World Food Programme Initiative

The hype around blockchain has slowed down drastically over the past few months but this doesn’t mean progress has also slowed down. Huge organisations are adopting and testing out the technology and seeing where exactly it fits (if it fits) in their organisations. One of the biggest organisations who has adopted the technology is the […]

Sony Digital Will Start Using Blockchain For It’s Content Management System

Sony Music Entertainment and Sony Global Education announced that they are creating a rights management based on blockchain technology. Though the first phase of hype surrounding blockchain slowly died down, this hasn’t stopped huge companies from jumping on-board. The platform will be used to store digital content; think music and video. Sony spoke about the […]

The Computer Society Of Zimbabwe’s Summer School Is Back Again: It Could Be Worth Your While To Attend

I think it’s worthwhile to attend the upcoming Summer School being held by The Computer Society of Zimbabwe. The Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) is the largest professional association for computer practitioners in Zimbabwe. CSZ’s summer school is a conference that is held annually and last year’s Summer School was primarily about the role of […]

Blockchain For Construction: Microsoft Partners Zim Company To Make It Possible

Global software and hardware titan, Microsoft, is partnering with Africa Infrastructure Development Group (Africa-IDG) to work on some applications of blockchain technology locally. They partnered with who? Africa-IDG is a building company and the description on their website state: A group of the best architects, builders, designers, and furnishers. We build everything from low-cost, affordable, […]

Download Liquid Telecom’s Recently Released Africa-centric Blockchain Report

Central and southern Africa Internet Access Provider Liquid Telecom recently released the African Blockchain Report. Liquid Telecom are of the belief that blockchain tech could help improve transparency and trust in a number of different sectors within our continent. They believe the technology can be used to fix our sticky supply chains, in the tracking […]

Here Is What Zimbabwe’s New President, ED Mnangagwa Wants To Do For The ICT Sector

Zimbabwe now has a new president, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. The honor comes with the task of delivering the promises he made in his party’s manifesto. He made many promises across different areas but as techies, we are more interested in the promises he made for the Information Communications (ICT) Sector. Here are the promises; Promise#1-Liberalizing the […]

My Voting Experience; More Technology Would Be Nice

Yesterday we had a power cut and my sister jokingly said they had channelled all the electricity to the polling stations but of course that is impossible because there was absolutely nothing that needed electricity at the polling stations at least there was nothing at the one I went to. The queue was moving at […]