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Tag: BPO

Econet Launches Omni Contact Which Does Sales & Customer Support For Any Company That Wants

Omni Contact is Econet’s new Business Process Outsourcing company aiming to handle businesses call centre solutions along with other business needs. The gist of their pitch is that by taking these services off the hands of your business, your business will be able to focus on its core activities. So what will Omni Contact take […]

Corporate Social Responsibility With Teeth Not Cheap PR, Here’s Idaishe’s Story

Image: Tinashe from Techzim with Idaishe from Skilled Staff There is a reason why corporate social responsibility (CSR) feels empty sometimes. Could it be because it is most associated with the marketing, PR and corporate communication functions of business? It is understandable that the Marketing Manager will just do good works and not let the […]

UK Company Looking For Zimbabwean Developers. Here’s Their Story And How To Apply

I recently called on Zimbabwean developers to be ready for a lot of jobs from around the world. We have interacted with a few companies from Europe and North America who are interested in recruiting techies from our backyard to outsource jobs to them. We already told you you about Secret Source who are recruiting […]

Zimbabwean Developers PLEASE Get Ready For A Lot Of Jobs Coming From Overseas

You might have noticed that Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has been some kind of a running theme here on Techzim lately. BPO is just a fancy term meaning getting to do jobs for companies without being part of their internal team. Most times this term is used in reference to cross border outsourcing of jobs. […]

As Zimbabwe announces Bond Notes, how can tech help

If you witnessed the sorry state of the Zimbabwean economy in the 100 trillion dollar note days,  it’s hard to not be skeptical when the same government introduces a new note. That the note comes with the word “Bond” becomes just a technicality because the trust factor, which is very important in financial matters, is significantly eroded. So when the […]

Zimbabwe Broadband Forum Preview: How Kencall pioneered Kenya’s BPO sector

The year was 2001 and the world was still recovering from the dotcom crash. Amidst such instability, a Kenyan executive working in America was crafting a plan so audacious that everyone he told dismissed him for a dreamer.

Get Ready: Zimbabwe will be a competitive BPO hub

In an increasingly globalised world, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has taken developing countries by storm. By consistently underpricing developed markets, thousands of jobs and opportunities are being created at breakneck speeds everyday. This article seeks to provide a bird’s eye view of the sector with regards to Zimbabwe’s shot at becoming a competitive hub on the continent and within the greater Southern Hemisphere. We’re not quite sure when exactly the BPO boom began, we are more than certain however of the fact that it’s a very lucrative sector to enter for entrepreneurs and this nation.