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Tag: Brazil

WhatsApp Payments suspended in Brazil 9 days after launch

WhatsApp payments cannot seem to catch a break from regulatory pressure. A week after launching in Brazil, the service has been suspended on the basis that WhatsApp Pay is anti-competitive. Brazil’s Central Bank moved against WhatsApp payments in order to “preserve an adequate competitive environment, that ensures the functioning of a payment system that’s interchangeable, […]

WhatsApp Pay Launches In Brazil

WhatsApp Pay which has been in testing for what seems like an eternity is finally being launched and strangely the launch won’t be in India where it has been tested for over 2 years. Instead WhatsApp Pay is being launched in Brazil. Beta testers of the feature will be able to send and receive money […]

WhatsApp blocking in Brazil, Zuckerberg’s business plea, and why the MNOs are fighting a losing battle

As you’ve probably heard, WhatsApp will be blocked in Brazil by all mobile operators for some 48 hours. The reason: The operators have mourned to the government to block WhatsApp because it’s eating their revenues as people don’t call much anymore. The government, so far, had refused, but then someone (either the government itself or the operators […]

Germany’s secret weapon was technology and Big Data

  This was a very special world cup for me. It’s not every day that all your football wishes come true: a highly competitive tournament where even the minnows could bruise the egos of big teams, a humbling of the Brazilians ( I stated my dislike of them in an early article) and the team […]

Yo App: Simple, stupid, silly, useless, fun and popular

To paraphrase the Bible: There is an App for everything under the sun and an App for every activity under heaven. There is an App to App your friends with, there are exercise Apps, thousands of Bible apps, dictionaries, movie Apps and there is even an App that allows you to share leftovers with your […]

World Cup: Apps to keep you updated

  The World Cup is starting today and even if it does not turn out to be as interesting as I wanted it to be it has already taught me something: some people are just bad at Geography. Yesterday while aboard a kombi to town I heard one passenger telling his colleague that he had […]

Predictably, developing countries register highest mobile growth globally

Last week, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) released the Measuring Information Society report, a report that details the state of the telecommunications industry globally. The report shows that developing countries have registered the most dynamic growth in mobile in the year 2011. According to the ITU, the trend is evidence that many developing countries are […]

Is the iPhone headed for emerging markets?

Apple’s recent announcement that it will be selling iPhones via the prepaid carrier market raised a lot of eyebrows in the telecom industry. This is so because up to now Apple has primarily been selling the iPhone via mobile network operators (the carriers) who offer contract packages to their customers. Apple has also directly sold […]