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US Tells Britain If You Let Huawei In, We Are Out

The United States wants to use Britain’s anxiety regarding post-Brexit trade partnerships as a way to influence the country to cut ties with telecoms company Huawei. The telecommunications company which Britain allowed to be part of their 5G network roll-out, is accused of being unsafe by the USA and with US Secretary of State suggesting […]

UK Government Considering Social Media Laws After “Instagram Fuelled” Teenage Suicide

Following the death of a teenager who had viewed some content about suicide on social media online, Britain’s Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has come out and said the country must work together with social media companies to stop such incidents from occurring. If this can’t be done then there’s the threat […]

IMF To Send Mission; US, Britain And China Ready To Work With Zimbabwe

It’s all happening. The international community is ready to engage Zimbabwe again. Powerful nations and organisations in both the west and the east express optimism in the future of our nation. IMF In order for the country to rise again funding is needed and this is where organisations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) come […]

Should Zimbabwe Accept A Loan From Britain To Pay Back Its Creditors?

No country is an island. Okay, some are literally islands but no country is an island, figuratively. Still, some appear to be islands. Let’s leave the analogy then, what we are trying to say is that a country needs other countries to succeed. Zimbabwe has been in trouble for the last couple of decades because […]