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ZTN among 6 applicants to be awarded TV licences

ZTN and Fairtalk TV are among six broadcasters who have been awareded TV licences by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe

BAZ & POTRAZ merger delayed because ICT & Information Ministries are at odds

The merger of the Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) and the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) is being delayed by Government indecisiveness. In the 2020 mid-term budget review, under the section reporting on “Progress on State Enterprises and Parastatals Reforms”, the merger between BAZ & POTRAZ is addressed albeit briefly; The merger […]

Zim Content Creators Association Challenges Media Accreditation Law

Zimbabwe Online Content Creators (ZOCC) has filed an urgent chamber application challenging the effected accreditation criteria by the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC). ZOCC is arguing that the new regulations disadvantage online content creators and will result in a failure to attend certain events for those in this category. ZMC is only empowered to accredit local […]

Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Calls For TV & Radio Licence Applications

Last week, the Perm Sec for Information Ministry Nick Mangwana promised that soon Zimbabweans would have 10+ channels on their airwaves by August. The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe has followed that up by making a call to interested parties to apply for licensing of 6 TV stations. The call by BAZ is for 6 free […]

ZEC Instructs Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe To Provide Equal Coverage To All Political Parties

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has written to Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) and Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe(BAZ) asking them to grant equal coverage on all media platforms to all participating political parties for the upcoming 2018 Elections. Since the past 20 years or so Zimbabweans have been ‘force fed’ to watch just one television channel, that […]

Telone Granted Broadcasting License

As easy as 123, the state-owned telecommunications company, Telone has been awarded a Video On Demand (VOD) broadcasting license by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). Video on demand (VOD) is an interactive TV technology that allows subscribers to view programming in real time or download programs and view them later. The VOD license is […]

Kwese Has Been Licensed For VOD, I Wonder If Netflix And YouTube Are Licensed Too

So Kwese has been licensed finally, yaay! They have been given a total of three licenses. Content distribution license, webcasting license and video on demand license. Only one of those licenses makes sense and I am being generous… I believe this whole licensing stuff is not progressive and has been overtaken by technology. I believe […]

Finally Kwese Is Now Licensed In Zimbabwe

After months of court battles and periodic suspension of broadcasting in Zimbabwe, Kwese has finally been awarded three broadcasting licenses through Econet Media by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). Yes, you heard it right, three broadcasting licenses. The three licenses are for Web Casting, Video On Demand and Content Distribution. The content distribution license […]

Zimbabwe Government Please Read This Before You Think Of Following Tanzania And Uganda In ‘Censoring’ Online News

So looks like Uganda is following Tanzania in ‘outlawing’ online news publications. Well, of course the authorities would not call it outlawing the news. In Uganda, the equivalent of POTRAZ has directed internet service providers to block ‘unauthorised news websites.’ Uh, wait, what on the earth is an authorised news website let alone an unauthorised […]

Potraz And BAZ Are Getting Married, Probably An Unintended Great Idea

Working under the banner of implementing widespread reforms in Parastals and State Enterprises, the government has decided to merge Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) and Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). Potraz’s function of overseeing the telecommunications sector and BAZ’s oversight function on broadcasting will be vested into a single regulatory authority. Government’s […]

Strive Masiyiwa Goes To Hollywood To Acquire Some Content For Kwesé TV

Is this the part where we say watch out DStv? On a post on social media, Strive Masiyiwa (founder and Executive Chairman of Econet Global) mentioned how he was on his way to Los Angeles to sign some content deals for Kwesé TV. I’m sure by now you know what Kwesé is, I mean with all that […]

Point Of Correction: The Licences Kwese Is Applying For Are Sufficient BUT They Have Much To Explain…

We have just covered the fact that Kwese is applying for three broadcasting licences from the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). However, we implied and explicitly expressed that the licences they are applying for are not sufficient to cover their satellite broadcasting service. This is not true at all. One of the three licences they […]

Econet Media (Kwese) Applies For Broadcasting Services Licences

You probably know by now that Kwese (Econet Media) terminated their contract with their partner Dr Dish. It was interesting news because Dr Dish has a broadcasting licence and it is that licence which Kwese was utilizing to be able to broadcast in the country. If one is to peruse the Broadcasting Services Act, one […]

Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe Inviting Applications For Licenses For Some Stuff We Didn’t Know Needed Licensing

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) has published an invitation for those interested in being licensed for what they called ‘classes that do not require allocation or use of frequencies.’ They went on to define these classes as: Video on Demand Services (VOD) Webcasting services Content Distribution Services In fact, here’s the advert quoted below […]

Kwese Responds To Allegations Of Breaking The Law

Last Friday we published the allegations that Econet Media (Kwese)’s partner is making against the media company regarding their Zimbabwe operation. Said partner, Dr Dish is alleging that Kwese is currently operating without a license which is a criminal offense in Zimbabwe. Of course when Econet Media came into Zimbabwe they did not have a […]

Kwese Partner Threatening To Report Econet Media (Kwese) To Anti Corruption Commission

It came to light that Kwese might not be licensed to broadcast in Zimbabwe because they had cut their relationship with their licensed Broadcasting Partner. The important question to ask is that how is Kwese still available in Zimbabwe if they no longer have a partner that is licensed to broadcast in Zimbabwe? Are they […]

Kwese License: When We Thought It Was Over, It May Just Have Started

So if you just want the current conclusion, here is it: Kwese is not currently licensed to operate in Zimbabwe. Now, let’s backtrack a bit and bring you up to that conclusion. At First Econet Media (the Kwese guys) did not have a license to broadcast in Zimbabwe and did not really apply for one. […]

NMB, ZB and Steward bank going paperless, BAZ is on Kwese again, Google expands its portfolio

Banks are now ditching paperwork for RTGS transfers and moving exclusively to online banking but is Zimbabwe ready for it? BAZ is making an appeal to the high court to go and contest their decision to allow Kwese to resume trading. Google expands its portfolio introducing 2 more Google Home devices, a Pixel Book, and […]

Forex trading now illegal, BAZ seeking 12 board members, Golix offering jobs in fintech

It has been gazetted that trading in forex on the black market will face arrest and your cash seized by the police. BAZ is in the process of selecting 12 individuals to be in the board. Golix has vacancies for people looking to work in a fintech company. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge […]

Kwese TV is back! High court says they can continue selling

So the High Court has permitted Dr Dish to continue selling Kwese. Remember the story was that they could not sell the service because the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe had gone to the Supreme Court to contest the earlier ruling by the High Court that confirmed that Dr Dish still had a valid license to […]

BAZ sending the Kwese licence issue to the Supreme Court, Dr David Gracey donates an ultrasound machine to the Harare Hospital, Apple launches the iPhone 8

Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe is challenging the Kwese ruling and they want to take the licensing issue to the Supreme Court. Dr David Gracey donated an ultrasound machine to Harare Hospital. Apple announces some devices that include 3 iPhones, a watch and Apple TV. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime […]

Kwesé TV continues selling inspite of BAZ appeal

Kwesé TV recently became available to Zimbabweans after many hurdles. First, the licence they were using was owned by Dr Dish as the two had partnered to bring the service, however, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) suspended the licence within 1 day of Kwesé TV initially launching. Once the licence was suspended, the matter […]

[BREAKING NEWS] “Kwese” wins court case!

Information that Techzim has received is that Dr Dish, the licence holders of the broadcasting licence for the Strive Masiyiwa owned initiative Kwese TV, have won their urgent court application against the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe. This effectively means that Kwese Tv will be going back live on air any time now, as the cancellation […]

High Court reserves judgement on urgency of Kwesé TV application

Last week, Dr Dish, would-be Kwesé TV content distributors in Zimbabwe took the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) and its CEO, Mr Muganyura to court. This was after BAZ cancelled Dr Dish’s licence and prohibited them from providing service in this country. Dr Dish, through its lawyers challenged the cancellation and made an urgent chamber […]

Kwese TV launches in Botswana with no hiccups

At the end of June 2017, Kwese TV and three other TV providers were licensed in Botswana. This was after they applied for licences when public notice for bidding was released early this year. The four companies join Star Times and Mediacore Botswana to make it six TV providers licensed in just two years. It […]

Kwese had already registered 24,145 customers and had 7,259 applicants

Dr Dish who struck a deal with Econet Media to distribute Kwese TV content made an urgent chamber application demanding the High Court to reverse BAZ’s decision to cancel its licence. It is in the chamber application where those figures came to light. If you remember, Kwese was only officially available for a few hours […]

At the heart of the Kwese story is the Dr Dish licence and its cancellation

The Herald ran a story announcing that Kwese TV never applied for a licence which we have known from the beginning. They cited various ‘players in the industry’ who gave their opinions but did not want to be identified. Who are these players? Could it be BAZ or maybe the Ministry of Media, Information and […]

As BAZ blocks Kwese, South Africa moves to break DStv monopoly

It’s not just us, Zimbabweans, who are concerned about the dominance of DStv. In countries across Africa entertainment lovers crave alternatives. Here in Zimbabwe we almost got a competitive alternative until the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) yanked that from us. In South Africa though, despite DStv being a South African offering, the broadcasting regulator […]

Are there any good reasons why Kwese should not be licenced?

So we finally got Kwese but only for less than a day. The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) just had to clip it’s wings. What does not make sense in this whole debacle is that Econet actually announced that decoders were on sale at their shops. Would they have done that knowing that they did […]