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Tag: Bulawayo Chiefs FC

Byo Chiefs FC at it again as the club unveils WhatsApp store

Zimbabwe’s most forward-thinking football side, the undisputed Zimbabwean football Twitter kings and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say “a national treasure”, has done it again. Bulawayo City Chiefs a couple of months ago opened an online merchandise store. Well, they have made that store even more accessible by opening unveiling a WhatsApp store. Now […]

Byo Chiefs FC launch online merch store. The kings of Zim twitter keep pushing on

Bulawayo Chiefs FC have launched an online merch store. The undisputed Twitter champions of local football tweeted yesterday: This local social media sensation has done what most clubs in the PSL have been unable to do. They have made themselves into social media brand that goes beyond the city of Bulawayo to becoming national treasure. […]

[Interview] How Bulawayo Chiefs Became The Kings Of Sports Social Media

[Image Source: Bulawayo Chiefs] A few weeks back, we compiled social media statistics to determine which local club was most popular on social media. Bulawayo Chiefs is not known for high-calibre performances on the pitch but they’ve managed to foster a huge social media community and becoming the most popular club on Twitter and Instagram… […]

Bulawayo Chiefs FC’s App Is Quite Brilliant & Other Teams Should Follow Suit

I don’t follow Zimbabwean football closely, and this is something I’m working on, but when it comes to club football I have two favourites. Highlanders are and have been my main team since childhood (no I’m not Ndebele, neither have I stayed in Bulawayo) and it so happens that my second favourite team is Bulawayo […]