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Zim’s Tech Village Announced As One Of African Tech and Creative Group’s (ATCG) Flagship Spaces In Africa

[Image Source: ATCG] The African Tech and Creative Group (ATCG) is announcing the launch of ten MyAfCFTA nodes located across Africa in CcHUB (Nigeria/Rwanda), Afrinolly (Nigeria), iSpace (Ghana), iHUB (Kenya), BongoHive (Zambia), HYBR Group (South Africa/Kenya/Nigeria), Sylabs (Algeria), The Tech Village Innovation Hub (Zimbabwe), Bliss Executives (The Gambia), The Innovation Village (Uganda). The ten MyAfCFTA […]

TechVillage To Host Python Meetups Every Other Month Starting This Week

This Thursday TechVillage – the Bulawayo-based tech hub- will be hosting what they are dubbing the Bulawayo Python Meetup. The Python community that TechVillage is hosting was already offering support via WhatsApp-based community groups but they will now meet every other month. TechVillage’s Community Manager Lindelwe Mgodla explained that event will involve talks and demonstrations […]

Tech Village Hosting HacktoberFest Open-Source Meetup This Weekend

Hacktoberfest – a month-long celebration of open-source software. The event is a partnership between DigitalOcean and DEV. The event will be hosted in Bulawayo in the 1st floor of the NetOne Building, Corner Fife Street and L.Takawira. Opposite Central Police Station. Maintainers -the guys/girls who build source code into a binary package for distribution, commit patches, or organize […]

Netone Asking Subscribers To Report Simbox Fraud – The Scam On The Rise in Zim?

Have you ever received an international call, whose quality was very poor, a lot of delays, and most importantly, the number calling you appeared as a local call instead of the international format? Well, some fraudster is fraudulently making that call possible using a Simbox. And Simbox fraud seem to be on the rise (or […]

Bulawayo Teachers Refuse To Use Haunted Lab

In an episode right out of the movie Ghost Busters, teachers at a school in Bulawayo are refusing to use one of the laboratories at the school claiming that it is haunted. Even after the government’s “ghostbusters” went over the lab exorcising it of spirits the teachers would not budge. What happened is that back […]

Empower Bank Offering $50K Collateral-Free Loans To Bulawayo Entrepreneurs

Empower Bank has graced Bulawayo by opening its second branch in Zimbabwe’s second largest city- and it’s not coming with bare hands. Zimbabwe’s only youth-centric bank is going to offer Bulawayo youths collateral-free loans worth $50 000. Wow! if you happen to be an entrepreneur who is based in Harare, I believe you wish to have […]

NUST Students Come Up With E-Commerce Grocery Store For Fellow Students

A group of university students studying at NUST have come up with Yonkeyonke– an eCommerce store that aims to make fellow student’s grocery shopping much easier than it’s been before. Speaking to one of the leads working on this idea -Takudzwa Machingura- it becomes clear what problem they were trying to solve. With no shops nearby, […]

Zim Government’s Stance On Internet Shutdowns Might Mean That Smart Cities Never Materialise

On January 30, 2019 Geroge Charamba -The President’s Spokesperson- said: Let’s not over dramatise. Investors don’t need the internet when they come to Zimbabwe. They just need peace. On the same day in an interview published by the Newsday, Energy Mutodi -Deputy Minister of Information- said: The Internet shutdown was not illegal as such. The […]

Econet Energy Company To Have HQ In Bulawayo As Strive Masiyiwa Wants To Stimulate Employment In The City

According to Econet Coporate Communications, Bulawayo is going to be the home of their solar energy business, Distributed Power Africa (DPA). DPA primarily focuses on rooftop solar solutions for both commercial and home consumers. As with all things Econet these days, Econet itself is DPA’s first and biggest customer. From the time they launched last […]

StudyMate Is A Bulawayo Startup That Is Doing Simple And Basic Stuff To Equip A Level Students

Image: The founders of StudyMate: Rigney on the right and Justine on the left with Tinashe of Techzim In 2016 Rigney Muterisi then a lower sixth student got frustrated by how he had to share a single textbook with 7 other students! This meant each student would only get access to a textbook a few […]

Meet Entrepreneur Kuda Dhliwayo, The Plastic Doctor

Kudakwashe Dhliwayo is a passionate 25 year old entrepreneur from Bulawayo who is working on our rubbish problems. Her business is called Vital Recycling and its quite methodical in its approach to environmental sustainability. Perhaps Kuda’s interest in plastics and such came from her education. She holds an honours degree in Applied Chemistry from NUST. […]

One Word To Describe Startups I Met In Bulawayo: MATURE

I have to issue a disclaimer right from the onset: Bulawayo has for some time now been my favourite city to LIVE in Zimbabwe. That means I am biased but like all biased people I believe my bias has nothing to do with my current assessment. Like all biased people you probably can’t convince me […]

Ministry Of ICT Launches National Cybersecurity Awareness Week: Zim Government Now Serious About Cybersecurity

The threats and attacks that happen in the digital world are no less injurious and dangerous to those that happen in the physical world. Zimbabwe (and the world) is increasingly entering the digital world and that progress equally exposes us to cyber threats and attacks. Which makes it needful to sit down and come up […]

You Cannot Take Your Bank To Court For Swapping Your US Dollars For Bond Notes: The Court Decided

Last week we ran a story of a messenger who was arrested for swapping US dollars for Bond notes. The messenger was arrested for allegedly stealing US$4 000 delivery money and replacing it with $4 010 bond notes. We then questioned why the messenger would be arrested for stealing if he replaced the USD dollars […]

Bulawayo IVF tech advances, results to show for it…

Just a little over a week ago, Bulawayo received its first good news as far as in vitro fertilisation (IVF) is concerned – a baby conceived through IVF was born at Bulawayo Assisted Reproductive Technology (BART) centre. IVF is an assisted reproductive technology (ART). The IVF process involves extracting eggs and then manually combining them […]

My thoughts on the Bitcoin adoption status in Bulawayo…

Image credit: Pixabay I will start by vehemently apologising, well, maybe not vehemently but I do apologise for not letting you know about our very first Bitcoin event here in Bulawayo prior to its occurrence on Saturday as I had promised to always do sometime back. The situation was beyond my control – typical excuse, […]

An open letter to Econet Zimbabwe

Dear Econet The management, technical and support teams. This is a letter based on experiences using Econet products by Van Lee Chigwada. I am a software developer. I have been an Econet subscriber since 2010. According to usage statistics developers get from Google, you account for over 75% of the traffic they handle. You have […]

Bulawayo: The Detroit of Africa gets a digital infusion

This article was written by Clinton Mutambo, the founder and CEO of Esaja.com where it was originally posted. The city of Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) was once a regional manufacturing powerhouse. An extensive railway network coupled with bustling factories and skilled labour churned out everything from clothing to locomotives. The unfortunate and ongoing political crisis that has defined […]

Bulawayo to get cheaper fibre internet as Liquid begins installations in suburbs

After what most have considers as a lifetime of regret, Liquid telecom has started installing fibre in some suburbs in the city of Bulawayo. If other internet providers see business value there, could this be the start of the transformation of the city into a startup capital?

Is there any good internet service in Bulawayo?

A few days ago part of the Techzim team was in Bulawayo for the ZOL Startup Challenge Meetup that was held at NUST. While the City of Kings provided a warm reception and an encouraging response from the vibrant tech ecosystem, the quality of internet service we experienced left a lot to be desired. Over a […]

Worldreader signs on more local publishers in Zimbabwe

Worldreader, a US based non-profit that distributes digital books on e-readers and feature phones (as well as the e-readers themselves) in developing countries, has signed on additional publishers in Zimbabwe. The Worldreader team, which has been in Zimbabwe in the past few weeks, signed new digital publishing deals with Bulawayo based Ama Books and Weaver Press.

Bulawayo helicopter man. Here’s to the crazy ones!

We just got pointed to this YouTube video of a Bulawayo man called Barnabas Sibanda who apparently built a helicopter prototype and was raising, back then in 1994, funds to start a helicopter factory.

The National ICT review, a participant’s view

Yesterday, 24 July 2012, the National ICT Policy consultative meeting was held in Bulawayo and it was a somewhat charged affair. The man running the show on behalf of the Ministry of Information & Communication Technology (MICT) is a consultant from the Ministry of Justice, a Mr. Mukarakate. He is a lawyer by profession and […]

The ‘dollar for 2’ Telecel SIM cards

A reader, Tatenda Dzumira, sent us photos recently of Telecel Zimbabwe agents busy on the streets of Bulawayo touting from a loud speaker the availability of “dollar for 2” Telecel SIM cards. The SIM cards are sold from the back of a pickup truck and new subscribers can buy and register for mobile services right there in the streets. “…in Bulawayo they are evrywhere” noted Dzimura, referring to the agents.

The Bulawayo ICT Expo (pictures)

Last week, the Computer Society of Zimbabwe held its first ever ICT exhibition in Bulawayo at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair center. The exhibition was organized by the Bulawayo chapter team led by Victoria Phiri, Mduduzi Gwebu and Janet Kahari. According to the organisers, the exhibition attracted 16 exhibitors; Burco Technologies, Realtime, Ministry of ICT, Compu-Pro, Nust, Info-Hut, Macqtech, Speciss College, ZimClassifieds, UCNA, Prodsoftware, Munn Marketing, IwayAfrica, Telone, Africom and the Computer Society of Zimbabwe itself.

Computer Society of Zimbabwe to hold ICT Expo in Bulawayo

We were quite pleased last week to learn that the Bulawayo chapter of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) is ready to hold its first ICT Expo on the 24th and 25th of November (Next week). Pleased because this is yet another opportunity for the industry to showcase the potential of ICT tools for existing business and more importantly for new solutions to some of the social and economic problems faced in the country today.

PowerTel launches mobile broadband in Bulawayo. Gweru & Kwekwe to follow

State owned backhaul Internet Access Provider, PowerTel has launched 3G CDMA mobile broadband in Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo. The official launch took place at the close of 2010 and the mobile internet service is now fully operational.