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NetOne Introduces e-Learning Bundles – Cheaper Than Econet?

Last week we wrote a speculative article on whether NetOne was working on eLearning bundles that would be launched soon. Well the bundles have been launched but some of the speculation that we were led to believe didn’t come to fruition. The bundle itself will have 3 tiers, Regular, Heavy, Extreme and they’ll be structured […]

NetOne To Follow Econet’s Steps & Increase Bundle Prices

Following the price review effected by Econet, many consumers were ready to jump ship and go to NetOne but it seems most will not get the chance to do so. The network operator has announced that they will also review prices of SMS and data bundles tomorrow; Dear Valued Customer, Please be advised that NetOne […]

NetOne’s Hourly Data Bundle; A Good Deal?

Expiring data bundles have always been pretty controversial. Whilst subscribers complain that sometimes they can’t use up their data during the 24 hour period, mobile networks claim these expiry dates allow them to squeeze out as much value as possible. NetOne has taken the idea of an expiring bundle to its last leg by introducing […]

Econet Says We Got Approval To Increase Price Of Bundles

Recent media reports have been suggesting that though Econet raised bundle pricing, POTRAZ did not give their approval as the regulator of the telecoms industry. Whilst the Director-General of POTRAZ warned Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) of penalties associated with increasing tariffs outside of existing thresholds: We have not authorized any tariff increase, If at all […]

As Expected New Econet Data Bundles More Expensive

Econet recently announced they would be revising the prices of their data bundles and true to their tune, they have done so. The new data bundles are more expensive than before but that what was widely expected from the moment we got word of a price change. How bad is it? The new daily bundles […]

Zambian Parliament Proposes Ban On Expiring Data Bundles: Here’s Why That’s A Bad Idea

The Zambian Parliament (unanimously) adopted a motion encouraging the government to ban internet service providers from having internet bundles that expire. The MP who proposed this motion felt that bundles should be transferable as this would benefit consumers and the current set up of expiring bundles actually benefits service providers more. Earlier this year, there […]

Telecel Reviews WhatsApp & Social Media Bundles

In what must be one of the slowest announcement of new bundles, Telecel is still announcing bundle reviews and it seems today the focus is on the new pricing for social media bundles. WhatsApp Bundles will now be priced as follows: Instagram bundles: Facebook bundles: Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: […]

Econet SMS Bundles Get Second Revision In As Many Months

In early June, Econet made their SMS bundles a tad bit more expensive; $1 went from getting you 250 SMSs to getting you 125 (Weekly) $2 went from getting you 500 SMSs to getting you 300 (Weekly too) Yesterday when Econet raised data tariffs, SMS bundles got a slight shift as well. This is the […]

NetOne Brings Back Night Bundles For $1

Late last year, NetOne announced O’Nyt browsing and though it’s not clear when they stopped offering that, they have announced a similar program once again at a time when subscribers seem to be desperate for cheap connectivity options. The bundles have one option going for $1 and that will net you 1GB between the 10 […]

Econet vs NetOne vs Telecel: Who Has The Least Expensive Data After The Changes

So “smart data bouquets” are now official and that means we can compare all 3 mobile networks to see who has the best offering. We had already made a comparison between NetOne and Telecel as they announced the new prices last week. Anyway, let’s get right into it. We will be comparing the daily, weekly […]

All 3 Mobile Networks Increased Data Prices, Twimbos Are Not Happy

The past 6 days have been darker than a Game of Thrones episode (seriously, those guys need to fix the lighting on their show!). On the 24th, NetOne announced their new OneFusion bundles and it’s safe to say everyone was pretty alarmed at how expensive the internet was getting. Everyone except Telecel and Econet who […]

Is YoMix Finally Open To All Ages?

If you’ve met Econet agents who prompt you to sign up for Econet apps such as YoMix, Kwese iflix, Vaya and Maisha (Ada) you may have gotten the idea that Yo Mix is now open to all ages. The agents have been asking people to download and sign up for those 4 applications and they […]

[Updated]Is Econet Working On New Bundles?

Mobile network operators have had a quiet year thus far, with no launched products yet to be announced. However, if a picture circulating on social media is to be believed then Econet is allegedly working on a new set of bundles to add value to their existing offerings. Apparently, this set of bundles will be […]

Econet Promises To Credit Subscribers Who Had Bought Bundles Prior To The Internet Shutdown

One glaring question many initially had with this internet shutdown was whether or not they would be getting credited for the days of internet access  had lost. Some had bought bundles and they never got round to using them and I suspect people went out and bought bundles again the following day under the encouragement of […]

[Updated] You Can No Longer Buy Econet’s Yo Mix Bundles Using EcoCash

So we’ve talked about Yo Mix and how much value for money their bundles tend to offer (your mileage may vary it seems). I’ve been using the bundles for quite some time now and when purchasing the bundles you could either do so through your EcoCash and your airtime balance. It seems the EcoCash option […]

Yo Mix Bundles Actually Offer Excellent Value Compared To ‘Normal’ Bundles

So Econet recently gave Elevate members the ability to buy custom bundles and after taking a closer look at what’s on offer, I think this is the best offering when it comes to bundles. What you can get? For $5 you can get 2.5 GB weekly on Yo Mix vs 650 MB + 650 MB […]

Why Econet Should NOT Be Allowed To Create A Vaya Bundle Or Zero Rate Vaya

Some folks have been calling for a Vaya bundle or for Vaya to be zero rated. The drivers mostly were calling for this. This is water that has to be treaded carefully. Lets’s start by clarifying a misconception: Nothing wrong with monopoly or dominance There is a misconception that exists out there. A lot of […]

Econet’s YoMix Custom Bundles Need You To Have Data To Purchase Them? Why?

So Econet introduced a custom way for people to buy bundles. As a matter of fact, it was actually Elevate which introduced these customised bundles and they are only available to people who’ve registered for Elevate (though it will be unlocked for Econet customers soon). Technicalities aside, these custom bundles are quite cool and they […]

NetOne Revises OneFusion Bundles Again

So NetOne has revised their OneFusion offering once again! A few months ago the network operator made the data bundles less appealing after a scandal and this was followed by a mass exodus! They have done it again and whilst there are some improvements it seems like there’s bad news for the most part. Here […]

Telecel Introduces Weekly Data Bundles

Telecel has introduced weekly data bundles in addition to the already existing Megaboost data bundles and Power Hour Data Bundle and Daily bundles. Its surprising why Telecel took so long to introduce the weekly data bundles when all of its competitors introduced them a long time ago. The smallest Mobile Network Operator will to some […]

NetOne Revises OneFusion…Again! Stay Tuned For ‘Super Data’ Bundle

NetOne has begun notifying subscribers that OneFusion is being revised…again. From the 4th of March 2018, there will be separate Whatsapp and SuperData bundles. We are not yet aware what this SuperData bundle is but let’s wait and see. The message from NetOne reads: Dear subscribers, kindly note that from 4 March 2018 OneFusion is launching […]

Are You Considering Leaving NetOne Because Of OneFusion? Here Are Your Options.

Over the past few days, the popular OneFusion product that was being offered by NetOne has caused an outcry due to ‘disappearing data.’ What’s changed? The uproar has come about due to major changes that have caused Facebook and WhatsApp to stop working as advertised under the OneFusion banner. The complaints are Pictures and videos on […]

Bundles, Zero-rating and Net Neutrality in Zimbabwe’s #BroadbandEconomy. A critical issue unprioritised

One of the key issues discussed at Techzim’s just ended Broadband Economy Conference was that of Bundles for third party sites & apps, Zero rating and net neutrality. After a net neutrality discussion at previous Broadband Economy Conference had established that the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, didn’t consider net neutrality a critical issue, we decided this […]

Popular Zambian publication, Mwebantu, shuts down website, publishes on Facebook & Twitter exclusively

A popular general news publication in Zambia, Mwebantu, shut down its website in November 2016 to experiment with publishing exclusively on social media. The publication now posts its news on Facebook and Twitter only. Websites, Mwebantu told us, are like landlines in terms of the disruption by social media that they have suffered. With a following of about […]

Comparison of mobile internet data bundles: NetOne takes the Cup

Recently NetOne released its  “The One” mobile internet data bundle product. It is arguably the best mobile internet data plan available right now. We realized the impact of NetOne’s product after some of our WhatsApp group‘ members expressed interest in migrating to the “One” family. We were also shocked to witness one our TechZim team members […]

Powertel’s bundles a bad idea

  I have been a member of the Powertel mobile family since 2010. My three friends and I were fourth year Accounting students at the University of Zimbabwe. Econet had just scrapped their $25/month unlimited package as they moved from what was perhaps a testing phase into the big leagues. As poor college students we […]

Powertel ditches unlimited mobile internet plans, introduces usage based bundles

Powertel notified its subscribers today that starting 1 October, all mobile internet will be usage based. That is: subscribers will have to buy Gigabytes of data to use at a time. This is a departure from their daily, weekly and monthly unlimited bundles which they had come to be loved for. Here are the Gigabyte based […]

The death of the postman

When I was a young man in our rural home there were only two households with landline phones. These doubled as phone shops and people would queue for hours to make brief calls over poor lines that buzzed like bees due to static. If you think today’s mobile operators are ripping you off then you […]

Econet slashes international tariffs. Fails to compete with its own App bundles

Over the last several days, Econet announced through its website a promotion reduction of international tariff rates by up to (emphasis ours) 25% for countries in the region and to 20 cents a minute for calls to the UK, the US, China and Canada. Before this, the last reduction was in February last year. This latest round goes lower. Ads published […]

WhatsApp accounts for 23% of all internet traffic on Econet’s network

WhatsApp now constitutes 23% of internet traffic on Econet’s network since the introduction of WhatsApp bundles in February. This is according to a press released published by Econet’s technical partner in the implementation of the app-based bundles, Sandvine. The release says Econet has experienced tremendous success with the WhatsApp bundles thanks to “Sandvine’s Usage Management solution implemented […]