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Gonyeti Narrates Her Ordeal

Bustop TV has posted a series of tweets describing how Gonyeti’s abduction happened yesterday according to her. Samantha/Gonyeti says they forced her to drink sewer water and threatened to kill her mother if she reports about her abduction. — #struckbutnotdestroyed (@bustoptv) August 22, 2019 Her sister was beaten and they had guns pointed at her […]

Comedian Gonyeti Abducted, Later Found Beaten And Bruised

Yesterday evening, popular comedian was reportedly abducted from her home by a bunch of masked men who were armed with guns. Gonyeti has been taken by masked and armed men from her house. They beat up her family and broke doors. — #struckbutnotdestroyed (@bustoptv) August 21, 2019 Like Kevin Hart or Trevor Noah, Gonyeti makes […]

MISA Zimbabwe Condemns Attack Against Rights Of Content Creators

After the arrest of online content creators Samantha Kureya (Gonyeti) and Sharon Chideu (Maggie) by CID officers, MISA Zimbabwe has released a statement defending the online content creators and called out the government for using such tactics for censorship purposes. The two content creators were charged with criminal nuisance for disturbing public peace by wearing […]

Online Content Creator Gonyeti Arrested By CID Detectives Over Video(s) On Social Media

Popular comedian and digital content creator Gonyeti of Bstop TV has been arrested by CID operatives from her home in Mufakose. Gonyeti was picked up earlier today. The video that is largely believed to be the reason for the arrest is one in which Gonyeti (real name: Samantha Kureya) and fellow comedian Maggie (real name: […]

Kwese(iflix) Finally Walk The Talk Of Promoting Local Content By Collaborating With Bustop TV

Kwese-iflix has partnered media company, BusTop TV in coming up with a comedy series, Comic Tick, on the Kwe-iflix platform. Bustop TV has already aired the first season. with 10 episodes, of the comedy series Comic Tick without Kwese-iflix’s patronage.  But now Kwese-iflix is chipping in by funding the production of the second season. Bustop TV […]

Bustop TV’s  Facebook Account Gets Hacked

Popular internet comedy platform Bustop TV is crying out for help as their Facebook account was hacked. The hackers also went on to remove all the admins of that page. You have been removed from Bustop TV by Jessy Miller on Facebook Business Manager. This means you won't have access to any ad accounts or […]

$3,500 From YouTube For Zim Internet Commedians, Bustop TV. Not Much But They Have A Good Business Going On

The monetization of the popular YouTube comedy channel Bustop Tv resulted in the guys making $3500. With a subscriber base of almost 22 000 people, it makes sense that Bustop TV decided to monetize their YouTube channel. The monetization program has been going on for a while and enables uploaders of content to make revenue […]

Top local Facebook comedy show Bustop TV launches independent site

The creators of the Zimbabwe’s popular social media comedy show, Bustop TV, have launched an independent site, Essentially instead of going to Facebook to watch their shows, fans can go to the site directly. The site is also a way to show more information about the show and to attract possible sponsors for their videos and booking for […]

Zimbabwe’s 10 most influential in Technology 2016

In the same retrospective spirit, we took a look at what happened in the local technology space and came up with our list of the 10 most influential in this space.

From Facebook to the stage – Bustop TV taps into offline revenue, starts monthly standup comedy show

Seeing that Bustop TV has been one of the early – and in a lot of respects – successful implementers of a model that monetised online content in Zimbabwe (some of their skits are branded entertainment) the move to tap into other revenue streams is worth noting.

The Great Zimbabwean internet durawall, cyber terrorists & disappearing likes

With all the stuff happening around us lately; WhatsApp ‘mysteriously’ blacking out in Zimbabwe for several hours a few weeks ago, then an increase of the price of social media, and then more recently a hunt for a new type of terrorist, it’s good comedians can help us take a break and laugh. Here’s something for the laughs from the Bustop TV crew;   Quick […]

Bustop TV launches web based satirical news show, responds to need for content variety

A show like Dear Africa, much like another online show like Zambezi News, has a more deliberate approach to these topics. However, it also represents an opportunity being explored by Bustop TV to offer a different flavour of comedy which will help ensure relevance through content variety.

Zimdancehall dominates & comedy is the most lucrative – Our findings on the Zimbabwean internet video economy

We spent a full month exploring Zimbabwe’s internet video economy and in that period, we uncovered a lot of information that has helped shape our understanding of this unique sector. We discuss those findings in this podcast.

Beneath the Surface – Interview with Bustop TV Co founder Lucky Aaroni

For our Beneath the Surface feature, we sat down with Lucky Aaroni. Along with Bhutisi (Admire Kuzhangaira) and Kedha (Rolland Lunga), he was the co-founder of the original P.O Box TV and now works with Bustop TV which he also co-founded.